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“I think I was sent here for a reason, to help Jake.” Sara White knows everything that’s going to happen in breaking dawn and is convinced she is there to help Jake though the hard times that await him, but when there is a change the outcome is always different. Jacob/OC An imprint story Waning: Breaking Dawn spoilers

hey, i know i posted this up before but now i'm confident i'm going to finish is.. with a few changes Thanks

1. Chapter 1 - The chase

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Run faster. I said to myself, and I ran into the unknown. I don’t care about where I am going; I just want to get as far away as possible.

My name is Sara White, I am a runaway. Right this second I’m running for my life, I didn’t realised they existed, I thought Vampires were a legend or a myth, but never real.

I ignored my arms and legs as I run passed stick and branches pushing them out of my way, I don’t want him anywhere near me, but I knew I wouldn’t outrun him for long, Right now he was playing a game with me, like cat and mouse in the night.

“Run all you like” he whispered, but the sound was to close, like he was whispering in my ear.

It happens so fast. One second I was running feet on the ground, The next wind whipping passed my face, before I realized I was in the air, gravity took over. But before I hit the ground to my death, the surrounding became clearer, I could smell the ocean, and hear the crash if the waves and feel the breeze though my hair and one thought crossed my mind.

I’m going to die.

I waited and waited, and then I recognized that I was no longer moving through the air, I could taste sand in my mouth as I got up, I quickly spat it out.

“Hello there” said the vampire.

“What do you want?” I yelled at him.

“Well you see, there once was this very nice girl in 1934, I was in love with her, but I didn’t worked out because I ate her” he said calmly.

“What the fuck does that have to do with me?”

“You look exactly like her” he said, his eyes glowing red against the moon, he took a grab hold on my hair, getting a clear view of my neck.

I let out a shrieking squeal.


Jacobs POV

I had only been back three days, and I’m already in patrol, this sucks.

Suck it up, your no special than the rest of us. Embry said in his head, you know it punishment for you running off like that

That was true, might as well keep myself busy don’t want to think about her.

Embry was quite now, that a first.

Then a sound flowed through his head into mine, a second later I heard it.

A smell hit my nose, Blood.

My paws started to move before I knew it, I could whiff a parasite mixed with blood, and there is no way I could sound the alarm, the person would be dead.

My feet hit the sand and I could see them ahead of me, a cry filled the air as I lunged for him.