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Singing Heartbreak

Bella moves on from Edward and becomes a famous singer that's world-reknowned. But, when the Cullens see one of her music videos on TV, and decide that they want her back, can "moving on", really be as easy as she thought it would be?


1. Getting Away

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-Bella's POV-

Ten months. It was ten months ago today that he left me. I remember it like it was yesterday... The day where he disappeared like a gust of wind. Charlie threatened to send me to Jacksonville a few times, but I kept reminding him that it was my decision, not his. Though the hole in my chest still burns like hell, I had Jacob to help stitch me back up. Though I don't see him much anymore. He imprinted on some girl named Anna.... We still talk, which is good, I guess...

I need to get away from here... Away from the pain... Away from the memories that tug at the hole in my chest... Away from any reminder of him... Maybe LA or New York, some where alive and bustling. My new life awaits, and I sure as hell can't wait to start living it...