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Singing Heartbreak

Bella moves on from Edward and becomes a famous singer that's world-reknowned. But, when the Cullens see one of her music videos on TV, and decide that they want her back, can "moving on", really be as easy as she thought it would be?


2. NYC: Welcome to the "Big Apple"

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-Bella's POV, New York City-

I sighed as I stood in Times Square. The lights blinded me, the sounds pounded in my ears, the sights bewitched me... I walked down Fifth Avenue, and into some little cafe, nothing fancy. I glanced over the menu before walking up to the counter. "Hello, how may I help you?" A boy asked with looks of a twenty year old, and shaggy blonde hair and hazel eyes. "Um, yes, I would like a grande Vanilla-Bean Frappacino with extra whipped cream and chocolate syrup, please." (AN: Yes, it's the drink from Starbucks.) I said, taking out my wallet. He quickly punched buttons on teh register and gave me my total. "That would be 5.37." I gave him the cash and walked over to the other counter. The girl handed me my drink and I placed a straw inside and walked out.

I slowly walked down the street, taking in all of the sights and sounds of the bustling city. Moving here was a good thing, I thought. I'd seen that the sun was setting and I hurried home to my apartment. I unlocked my door and slid down the wall...

I shook my head, trying to be rid of the memories that still haunted me. I got up and plopped onto the couch, turning on the TV, flipping through hundreds of channels, after a few minutes, I finally settled on Ghost Whisperer. (AN: I love that show.<3) I watched intensely, listening as Melinda tried to cross-over the ones who don't belong... I thought about that. "The ones who don't belong...

" Did the-Cullens-not belong in this world either?