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Fire and Ice

Bella has been living with the Cullen`s for 10 years and Nessie and Jake are dating. when a new creature arrives, nobody has any idea who she is or where she is from. she introduces herself as Phoenix, The first vampire and also a were-panther. but this strange new creature with wings of pure gold is in trouble. she has imprinted with Caius and is on the run from the Volturi. She seeks refuge with the Cullen`s, but will she be safe, or will her presence destroy the Cullen`s and everything they hold dear?

This isn`t my first crossover or Phoenix story, but it is my first crossover for people to read. i really hope you like it. please reveiw, i really want to know what you think

2. Chapter Two- Huntress

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Hunting has been my favourite past time since i was cursed. it was freedom, not having to hide who i was. people were to busy admiring my body to even notice me tearing out their tyhroats. it was different with animals, they put up more of a fight. it was pointless, though, because i was stronger and more durable than they were. they never stand a chance. i walked out of the Cullen`s house and to the forest that surrounded their home. I jumped across the river and into the main forest area. emmet followed me.

"We have a deal with the werewolves, Phoenix. avoid their territory or they will rip you to shreds." he warned me. i raised an eyebrow.

"would they stop one of their kind?" i asked him.

"No, but..." i cut him off.

" exactly." i told him. I focused on my panthwer form, consentrating on the lush black fur and swishing tail. i shivered as my ears moved up my head and my organs re-arranged themselves and my wing shrivled to nothing. a few seconds later, i was fully panther. the entire proccess took little over three seconds but to me it felt like a lot longer. i looked at Emmet with intelligent green eyes. see? i told him. if he was shocked at hearing a voice in his head, he didn`t show it. i ran of into the depths of the forest, keeping my nose and ears on high alert. i smelt two other vampires apart from Emmemt hunting in the vicinity, but i ignored them. every muscle in my body was focused on the hunt. i heard a noise from the tree above me and i looked up, sensitive whiskers tasting the air. Lion i quickly and quietly jumped up into the tree, comin up right behind a young mountain lion. it scanned the ground, looking for the sleek panther that had invaded it`s territory. i shifted back into my bipedal form and jumped on it`s back. it tried to shake me off, but i dug my nails into it`s skin. it howled in pain, but i didn`t let go. it froze when i sunk my fangs into it`s throat and bagan to lap at it`s blood. it`s warm and salty life flowed over my tongue and i swallowed hungrily. the lion was dry before i had sated my thrist and i gracefully jumped from the tree to find Emmet watching me curiously.

"That was impressive.' he said. i shrugged modestly.

"I`ve had a lot of practive. how much did you see?" i asked him.

" all of it." he replied. i couldn`t belive that i hadn`t sensed his presence. i must have been thirstier than i had thought. i laughed loudly.

"catch me if you can!" i called to him, running ahead. he laughed with me and raced to catch up. he was running all out but i was way ahead of him. i smelled a heard of elk and changed course to follow them. when i stopped i saw four elk, three females and a buck. Emmet skidded to a halt.

"Dibs on the dude." i whispered. he grunted in reply. i pounced with all the grace of a perfect predator onto the unexpecting animal and sunk my teeth into it. suddenly i heard a growl of a large animal behind me. i loked around to see a very big wolf standing over me. i stood up and glared at it.

"You must have a really good reason for stopping me from feeding." i growled. the wolf nodded and bared it`s teeth at me. i did the same. "so what? yours are bigger than mine." i said sarcastically to it. i felt a wave of telepathic energy brush over me as another wolf, a big grey one lept on me from behind.

"get off me." i yelled, trying to shake it off. i turned into my black panther form. i could feel both wolves shock coming off them in waves. A thrid wolf, a skinny sandy coloured one, stepped out of the shadows.

Jacob! she didn`t do anything! the wolf cried.

she`s hunting on our land. thats a breach of the treaty. we are entitled to her. Jacob said.

Um, actually, no your not. you see, im not part of the treaty, and i go where i want. i told them. they were gobsmacked. i rolled my eyes Emmet wandered over and began to stroke behind my ears. i growled in contentment.

"we should be going. she won`t bother you again." he said. i looked at him. he looked at me. he walked off. being the idiot i am, i followed him. great. i was doing as i was told. not good.