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Fire and Ice

Bella has been living with the Cullen`s for 10 years and Nessie and Jake are dating. when a new creature arrives, nobody has any idea who she is or where she is from. she introduces herself as Phoenix, The first vampire and also a were-panther. but this strange new creature with wings of pure gold is in trouble. she has imprinted with Caius and is on the run from the Volturi. She seeks refuge with the Cullen`s, but will she be safe, or will her presence destroy the Cullen`s and everything they hold dear?

This isn`t my first crossover or Phoenix story, but it is my first crossover for people to read. i really hope you like it. please reveiw, i really want to know what you think

4. Chapter Four- New Look

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“Why can`t I see you anymore?” she demanded.


“I can`t see our future anymore! But I could before. How?” Oh. That. Right.

“Because before I had my shields down. I wasn`t paying attention. But they`re up now, so I`m protected.”

“Bella`s mind is protected, but I can still see her future.”

“My mind is not the only thing protected by my shield. My entire being. But if you like, I can put down that particular shield.”

“Please. I hate not knowing.” I mentally flicked a switch off. It really was that easy.

“There you go.”

“Thank you.”

“I love your top.” I said, changing the topic to avoid uncomfortable silence. She looked down.

“You like it?”

“Yeah.” I did like it. It was dark green with red flowers stitched on. Not really my sort of clothing but it was nice. She looked at my clothes, trying to find something to compliment, but apparently she couldn`t. she opted for brutal honesty instead, which I liked.

“Your clothes are covered in blood.” I looked down and saw that they were splattered with blood from my hunt. Oh joy.

“Great. I don`t have anything else.” Alice smiled. I didn`t like that grin, it was too similar to Rosalie and Meredith`s scheming grin. It never meant anything good.

“Awesome! That means I can dress you up!” she said enthusiastically. I held my hands up in defence.

“Wait, what? Slow down!” I pleaded. That`s when Bella came up the stairs, stopping in front of me. She looked from Alice to me, instantly guessing what was happening.

“Oh no, did she get you too?” she asked sympathetically.

“In what way?”

“Makeover. She got me as well. You haven`t seen my house.” She said drily. Alice`s grin got even bigger.

“Hey, you two look the same size. Why don`t we use your stuff, Bella?” she asked. Bella frowned then recovered. Apparently Alice still shocked her. I can`t say I blamed her, either.

“Sure.” She agreed. I blinked, still trying to keep up.

“What`s happening?” Bella looked at me pityingly.

“Alice has singled you out for a makeover.” I frowned.

“Should I be worried?” Bella nodded furiously.

“Extremely. When you see my closet you`ll understand why.” Gods. I was so screwed.