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Earthbound Lovers

A stranger has moved to Forks, and with her comes a string of horrific murders. She introduces herself as Kaliana, and she has a secret. Kaliana is not human. She is an Earth Elemental, and she has been accused of murder on her home world. The only problem is, she didn`t do it. She ran away to Earth to be safe and bumped into the Cullens and Quiluttes. They don`t know what to make of their inhuman guest, but they do know she has an undeniable connection to the werewolf Seth. The murders are happening more frequently and time is running out until the murderer finds their true target. The Cullen`s must find out just what is Kaliana`s connection to these deaths and can she stop them?


1. Chapter One- Stranger

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Forks was a small town, with a small population. It was nothing like what I was used to. Earth was a strange place, full of people who did not know me. I was safe here, I was sure of that much. what would happen when I eventually went home. Suddenly, I walked into someone. I looked up, blushing in embaressment. That`s when I was his face. He had Short black hair, and dark brown eyes. He was taller than me, but what appealed to me the most was his aura. I could see that he had a deep connection with the earth, much like mine. He grasped my arm to keep me steady and an electric shock jolted through both of our bodies. He gasped, and looked at me in wonder. I was sure that I was looking at him the same way.

"Who are you?" he asked, complete bewilderment in his voice.

"My name is Kaliana." I said, in a whisper more than anything else.

"I`m Seth. I haven`t seen you around before." he said. i nodded.

"I`m new in these parts. Just moved here. I live in a cottage in the forest." I said, lying through my teeth. I did live in the forest, but I did not sleep in a building. He shook his head.

"No you don`t I know these woods better than alot of people, and there are only two houses in the woods, and I know the people who live in them." he said. My blush deepened.

"Can we talk in private?" I asked. I was fairly sure he could disprove any lie I could come up with, and he had such a pure soul, so I was going to tell him my true identity. Maybe then he would tell me his own.

"We can go to the Cullen`s." he said. I had no idea who he was reffering to, but it sounded good to me.

"Ok." I said. He took my hand, and it felt entirely natural. When he saw what he had done, he dropped it sheepishly. I took a deep breath, and when he walked, I followed. We walked down a very long driveway and stopped at a big, white house. It was open and beautiful. I walked in, following Seth and I fell in love. If I ever had a house, this would be my house. We walked into a large room, and there were ten people occupying it. One of them, a male with redish hair, was looking at me funny and I could feel his presense invading my mind. I sent out a burst of telepathic energy in his direction and he quickly withdrew. He looked startled, but then recovered. Another male, one with blonde hair and a brunette woman by his side, walked up to me and Seth.

"Hello." he said. I smiled at him and he smiled back. He turned to Seth. "Who is this?" he asked.

"This is Kaliana." he said my name almost reverantly, a sound I had never heard from a male`s throat. He swallowed uncomforatabley and another of the males, one that looked like an older Seth in many ways, burst out laughing. Everyone turned to him for an explaination.

"What`s your problem, Jacob?" asked another brunette female, one who had her arm around the telepathic male.

"Seth imprinted." he said between breaths. Everhyone stared at Seth.

"Is this true?" asked the blonde male. Seth nodded. I looked at him.

"What is imprinting?" I asked.

"It`s like love at first sight for my kind." he said.

"Oh, where I`m from, we call this SoulMates." I told him.

"Where are you from?" asked the telepathic male. Obviously he had gotten a small glimpse into my mind before I blocked him.

"Avalon." I answered truthfully, even though they would have no idea what I meant. The blonde male spoke.

"My name is Carlisle. This is my family." he gestured to the people. A short black haired girl skipped forward with her partner. She reminded me of this pixie I met. She waved at me.

"I`m Alice, and this is Jasper." she said. Jasper looked at me. I looked back.

"Hello." he choked out. i smiled at him. The big, pale black haired boy came up to me and gave me a giant bear hug.

"I`m Emmet." he said. "This is Rosalie." he said, pointing at the blonde who was currently glaring at me from across the room. He released me and stepped back. The telepath introduced his group next.

"My name is Edward, this is my wife, Bella and outr daughter and son in law, Renesmee and Jacob. Pleased to make your acquaintance." he said.