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Issa Marie is from a different world where vampires are slowly taking over and wiping out the human race. The vampire police type coven was killed, and the vampire world is in chaos with no one to keep the peace. Everyone knows about vampires, werewolves, and shape-shifters. The few humans left have figured out how to insert vampire genetic information to make a breed of hybrids who can kill vampires. And the race does have one weakness- after tapping into vampire power and strength for an extended period of time, the turn into a permanent form of newborn vampires that are called “Drinkers”. Esme Cullen is a vegetarian vampire, with a mate, large coven, and a good life. Then Issa Marie moves to town, and one of Esme Cullen’s adoptive sons fall in love with her. Chaos ensues. Pairings: Esme/Carlisle; Rosalie/Emmett; Alice/Edward; Jasper/Issa Marie; Note: Seeing as Edward was already mated to Alice (No, this is not one of those Eddie/Alice hater stories- that’s a different one that is still in progress), he didn’t fall in love with Bella, and James killed her and Charlie. Sorry people, but it had to happen for the plot to work.

Sorry, i couldn't find out how to post new chapters. i think i know how to now.

1. Prologue

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“You need to fear the victims the most. They might still be alive, but it destroys them slowly.” I tried to tone out the mutterings of the villagers, while crouching next to the bloodless corpse of my brother. They were scared- not that it was very surprising. My entire family had just been drained dry by a vampire, and I was the only one still alive because one of the Silver-eyes had come. But it didn’t really matter. My twin was dead. That meant half of who I am was dead as well. I couldn’t cry. But I couldn’t think clearly, either. Someone crouched next to me.

“Issa Marie? Issa, this is Suzan. I’m the one who stopped the monster from killing you. Can you look at me?” I felt cold fingers under my chin, as she gently pulled my head up to face her. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get here in time to save your family. But I do have another option for you.” I looked at her. Her silver eyes were sad, and gentle. “I could take you to the Institute, and they could train you. Would you like that?” I nodded. She looked like a mother who had lost a child. She gave me a sad smile, than stood up, gently pulling me up as well, and taking on an official, cold and determined look. The villagers froze. “If none of you mind, I will be taking Issa Marie with me to the Institute.” No one moved. “Good.” I was clutching her hand, looking at them fearfully. “Come, Issa.” She whispered to me, gently leading me away.

Suzan walked fast. She covered an amazing amount of ground during out first day. When I was too tired walk anymore, she carried me. We got to the Institute in three days.

“Issa, you need to wake up.” I could feel a gentle, cold hand shaking me. “Issa? Issa, please. I’ve lost one child, I’m not losing another.” My eyes slowly opened, to Suzan’s concerned face. I was confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked her. It wasn’t common for someone to lose a child, unless from a vampire attack. She took a deep breath

“It was a faulty birth. She didn’t survive.” I swallowed, nervous. I had just noticed the other people around me. One was one of the original members of the Volturi, Alec. He had left and started feeding off animals when his sister made a mad grab for power with the rest of the guard. The other was one of the more powerful nomads, a red-headed female vampire named Victoria. And then there were several of the silver eyes. “Issa, your training will begin soon.” I nodded, and Victoria stepped up.

“Now, I assume you know about the race that you call Silver Eyes?” I nodded. “Good. Alec will be training you. Come along, everyone, this is not a show.” Alec waited until everyone had left, then spoke.

“I understand that your family was killed by a drinker?” I nodded. I was thirteen; I shouldn’t be here. “I’m sorry to hear that. My twin was killed by one as well. Now, your training will be quite difficult, and extremely painful at most times. After nineteen months, you will be injected with the genetic material of some of my venom. It won’t turn you into a vampire, but into a type of hybrid. Soon after that, you will be injected with werewolf venom, and that will be extremely painful. You will feel like you are slowly dying, because the venoms will fight each other. At the end of about five months, you will have finished the transformation and become one of the Silver Eyes.” I nodded. “Good. Training starts now.”

Training was grilling, to say the least. To my surprise, I liked it. It took my attention away from my family’s deaths, and I could take my anger out. I was rather good at it. Time past quickly, and I was soon injected. It hurt, to say the least. But at least I had Suzan to comfort me. She would hold me on the nights that it was too painful to sleep. Finally, it was over. I woke up suddenly, to feel warm arms around me. I sighed in relief.

“It’s over, isn’t it?” I asked Suzan. Startled, I clapped my hands over my mouth. My voice sounded wrong. She laughed gently.

“Yes, Issa, it is. I’m glad. It always pains me to see people suffering.” I nodded, and caught a glimpse of my hair. It was almost white- just slightly blond. I gasped. Suzan handed me a mirror, and gently stroked my hand. I looked at myself, and almost screamed. I was paler, with startling silver eyes. They looked feline, somehow. More animalistic- not at all human. And my hair now flowed down past my waist, in gentle waves. I was an entirely different person.

“It’s time for the real training to begin.” She told me. I was scared, to say the least. If what I had been doing hadn’t been the “Real Training”, then it would probably be extremely physically, emotionally, and mentally draining.

Sadly, I was right. More right then I wanted to be. I would be battered when I finally stopped, only to go out the next day to get bashed again. But I did learn several things. I could block mental attacks, as well as physical ones; I could block out mind readers; and I could cause creatures to die extremely painfully, or heal them.

Soon enough, I had my first job. I had used to wander around, wiping out vampires as I found them, but I was now to kill a certain coven. I was to wipe out a coven in Forks, Washington, in the United States. They called themselves “Vegetarians”, because they didn’t drink human blood. It was sick. As if any vampire wouldn’t drink human blood if offered. Suzan, who had become like a mother to me, was worried, because it was on a different planet.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” She asked for the billionth time. I rolled my eyes, keeping in a sarcastic comment. She had been nice to me, and had become practically my mother.

“Yes, Suzan, I’m sure. It’s gonna be okay- if what the file says is true, then they won’t be at full strength. It won’t be that hard. Besides, I’m more likely to get hurt during the teleportation process then during the fight. It’ll be fine.” I assured her. She frowned, unconvinced.

“Suzan, say your goodbyes, than let her go. This is her mission, and she won’t give it up.” Victoria told Suzan briskly, pulling her off of me.

“All setup go!” One of the teleportation mages called. “If Issa would please step onto the chalk diagram.” I gave Suzan one last hug, then walked over to the diagram. “All right, good luck, and……Go!” There was a flash of light, and, next thing I knew, I was in a medieval/Victorian style house. That was in shambles around me, with a mage almost dead three feet to my left. Then a sickly, and oddly comforting scent drifted my way. I grabbed my claymore, and took off after the vampire. Finally, I skidded to a stop. I was near their base, judging from the smell. Then I heard a shrieking voice from inside the house. I decided to wait to kill them for a few days, and ran.