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Issa Marie is from a different world where vampires are slowly taking over and wiping out the human race. The vampire police type coven was killed, and the vampire world is in chaos with no one to keep the peace. Everyone knows about vampires, werewolves, and shape-shifters. The few humans left have figured out how to insert vampire genetic information to make a breed of hybrids who can kill vampires. And the race does have one weakness- after tapping into vampire power and strength for an extended period of time, the turn into a permanent form of newborn vampires that are called “Drinkers”. Esme Cullen is a vegetarian vampire, with a mate, large coven, and a good life. Then Issa Marie moves to town, and one of Esme Cullen’s adoptive sons fall in love with her. Chaos ensues. Pairings: Esme/Carlisle; Rosalie/Emmett; Alice/Edward; Jasper/Issa Marie; Note: Seeing as Edward was already mated to Alice (No, this is not one of those Eddie/Alice hater stories- that’s a different one that is still in progress), he didn’t fall in love with Bella, and James killed her and Charlie. Sorry people, but it had to happen for the plot to work.

Sorry, i couldn't find out how to post new chapters. i think i know how to now.

2. Chapter 1

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Hunting with Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Edward- the most horrible thing I have ever done. I kept on being bombarded with feelings of lust, love, and mischief from them. It was getting on my nerves.

“Will you people please stop doing that and calm down!” I yelled at one point. Everyone stared at me, than Emmett smacked Edward.

“You said he wouldn’t react!” He shouted, attacking Edward. I grinned, and made Emmett faster than Edward, and he started winning. Rosalie cheered, and Alice pouted. Then she attacked Rosalie, and they were rolling in the dirt as well. I sighed. While it would have been interesting to see who won, I was thirsty.

I first caught the scent of an elk. Not my first choice, but it still worked. It took five elk for me to feel satisfied. Then I caught the scent of a human. My mind was reeling. This was an extremely high altitude, with low levels of oxygen, and there were humans living here?

“Jasper!” I heard Alice call distantly. Then I realized that I was running towards the humans. Not too good, for the humans, or for me. Finally, I broke through the tree cover, and skidded to a stop in shock. There was a giant mansion, mixing Victorian and Medieval style together. It had a giant yard, with several huge horses roaming. They all had silver, amber, or ruby colored eyes, which was quite disturbing on a horse. They all looked extremely fast, and could probably outrun Emmett in his Jeep. There was also several wolves weaving through the herd. The tower windows let out pulses of light at random intervals, and an occasional bang. There were also sounds of clashing metal coming from behind the house, and a slight scent of human blood, most likely a few hours old. And then there were several scents that I couldn’t identify. Most came from the pulsing towers.

“Jasper!” I jumped. I hadn’t heard Alice come up behind me. She plowed on, feeling confused. “We’ve been calling and calling, and I’ve been shouting in your ear for the last five minutes! What’s gotten into you?” I was confused. She had been yelling into my ear for five minutes? And I hadn’t noticed?

“I have no idea.” I murmured, taking one last look at the house, and leaving, dragging Alice behind me. There was singing coming from it, and I didn’t want to see the effect that that would have on us.

In a way, I was glad it was the weekend. That meant that we didn’t have to put up the appearance of being human all the time. But, unfortunately, we had to go back to school tomorrow.

“GUESS WHAT?!!” Alice shrieked as soon as I got back from a run.

“What?” I asked, sending waves of calm through the room.

“THERE’S GONNA BE A NEW GIRL AT SCHOOL TOMORROW!!” She yelled, jumping up and down.

“Okay, but why are you so excited about that?” I was still trying to calm her down, but still wasn’t working too well.

“BECAUSE WE’RE GONNA BE BEST FRIENDS!!! AND SHE KNOWS WHAT WE ARE!!” She was still jumping up and down. Help, Edward. I asked him silently, and he got the point.

“Alice, calm down. How does she know what we are?” He asked Alice.

“I don’t know.” Finally, she was calming down. “BUT JASPER’S GONNA SAVE HER FROM GETTING RUN OVER!!” She yelled, getting excited again. I left, deciding to go for a run. I couldn’t really handle any more of that. She’s probably going to still be jumping up and down all month. I thought grimly. I wasn’t sure if I could handle that. I heard Edward laugh. I sped up.

Soon enough, I was at the house in the mountains. But… it wasn’t a house anymore. It was just a pile of rubble, with a few corpses. I skidded to a stop for the second time that day. There was no reason for anyone to believe that this had once been a majestic castle, with what could only be described at magic pouring through its windows, if they hadn’t seen it before. I heard Alice bounce up, and she spoke.

“Wat’cha……oh.” I nodded sadly. Her emotions went from happy and bubbly to sad. “It was a really pretty house.” She commented, looking around the clearing.

“Yep.” I took a last look at the house, and left the clearing. She was running after me, when I caught the same type of scent that I had earlier.

“What’s that?” Alice called, and I shrugged, and took off after it.

After several hours of chasing the scent, Alice stopped me.

“It’s time to go back. We need to get to school.” She told me. I nodded, upset that I couldn’t find the thing that gave such an odd scent. “Oh, please. I think you’ll find out what gives the scent at school. Now, come on. Edward will be worried.” I sighed. I was the only one in my family without a mate, and the emotions I kept on getting from everyone had been getting annoying. “Plus, I think you’ll find your mate there.” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, and the likelihood that that will happen is slim to none. Alice, you’ve said that already, and I don’t need your convincing to go to school, alright? Now let’s go.” She grinned ear to ear, and took off in the direction of the house. It would look odd if we ran to school, showing up looking completely normal, if not a little windswept.