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forever is only the begining

Renesmee is now 18 and married to jacob, little do they know they are expecting twins. when edward finds out ..well its not to good lets just say he wants to tear jacob apart limb by limb. Bella doesnt mind its only a little more time before renesmee is frozen forever as a vampire hybrid she deserves true love. but not all stories have happy endings and as we know the volturi hate happy endings.

this story came to me out of nowhere i think it was all that chocolate i ate it makes me go crazy. Anyways i hope you like this story please review!!!! it's my first story so please tell me if you like it or not! i would like to thank my friend baylee who is the best person their is!

1. forever

Rating 4/5   Word Count 417   Review this Chapter

Renesmee's POV

I couldn't belive this, i spent a long time imagining this and now it's come true. i hurry up and run to jacob who's in the living room with mom and dad. "jacob i have to tell you something" i say practically jumping on him. he laughs and grabs my waist pulling me close "what is it nessie?" he asks with a smile. "im pregnant" i say, all of a sudden he picks me up and kisses me not a short one it was a long romantic one that shouldn't be seen in front of your parents. i hear my father clear his throat from accross the room. i laugh and jake releases me when i turn toward my parents they're both laughing i can feel my face start to heat up. my dad gets up from the couch " Oh my little girl, how much you've grown you look so much like your mother congradulations even though im not very happy about you becoming a mother this young" he says smiling. Mom chimes in from beside him " oh edward get over it you new one day she would grow up and have her own family" my mom says giving him a kiss on the cheek. " i know it just doesnt seem fair" he sulks. I laugh "dad im not a little girl anymore and soon my body will be frozen. " so suck it up dad" i say with a giggle he was acting like a two year old. soon after visiting my parents me and jake went to carlisle and esme's house where we were greeted by the whole family. of course alice already knew what we were here about she's phsycic i laugh everybody knew now it wasn't a secret i put my hand on my stomache all of a sudden i feel a slight nudge against my hand. i couldn't wait till the baby was born my very own child. i felt a flutter inside of me who would have ever thought that i'd be the one to have a child. my parents are going to be granparents its such a weird thought. After an hour of talking to carlisle about how my pegnancy would turn out me and jake headed home. As soon as we arrived i felt like something wasnt right as soon as i turned around to run i got hit with something on the back of my head and then the blackness enveloped me.