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forever is only the begining

Renesmee is now 18 and married to jacob, little do they know they are expecting twins. when edward finds out ..well its not to good lets just say he wants to tear jacob apart limb by limb. Bella doesnt mind its only a little more time before renesmee is frozen forever as a vampire hybrid she deserves true love. but not all stories have happy endings and as we know the volturi hate happy endings.

this story came to me out of nowhere i think it was all that chocolate i ate it makes me go crazy. Anyways i hope you like this story please review!!!! it's my first story so please tell me if you like it or not! i would like to thank my friend baylee who is the best person their is!

2. stranger

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Jacob's POV - all of a sudden i heard a loud crash from the house as i turned to walk up the porch i see renesmee's body laying on the ground unconcious "what the hell" i said ihurried and grabbed my phone and called carlisle " carlisle somethings wrong with nessie i just found her on the ground unconcious" i said while picking her up and thats when i see the blood above her head and panicked "there's blood all around her head i said in a rush " don't move her jacob stay calm and keep her comfortable i'll be their in a second" carlisle said then hung up. about ten seconds later carlisle arrived relief flooded through me i was so thankful and scared what if she has a concussion she could easily slip into a coma