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Twenty-two years after the events in Breaking Dawn, Bella's halfsister Marina Dwyer is forced to come to Forks to live with Esme and Carlisle, due to their mothers illness resulting in her indefinite hospitalization. Jasper, after several years abroad with Alice, has also recently returned home to mourn the death of Alice, who died under mysterious circumstances in France. And that is the beginning of an enduring fascination.


1. Marina Sophia Dwyer.

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I must admit, I always found my older halfsister fascinating. There was something ethereal and otherworldly abut her. The times I met her, I was always struck by her. Not just her beauty, but the controlled grace with which she carried herself. I must admit I never believed it when my mother nostalgically informed me that Bella had always been a clumsy child. There was certainly nothing clumsy about the swanlike qualities of the sister I had always known.

Bella was apparently there when I was born according to my parents. She was the one who picked my name. Marina. My dad picked my middle name, Sophia. That was before he died of cancer.

Mum always tells such happy stories about him. His beaming smile. His booming laughter. His brightening presence. He was a baseball player. Which is actually the only reason that I play baseball. I generally don't like sports. Actually, that's an understatement, I hate sports, but every time I play baseball, I see my mothers face light up, and I know she thinks of dad.

Bella makes a point of visiting once a year. Usually she comes alone, though every now and again she brings her husband, and/or her daughter, Renesmee, who is two years older than me.

Edward and Renesmee are equally as fascinating as my sister. Edward seems to know everything. Which is mildly disturbing. And rather frustrating since in means he often wears this barely visible amused smirk when he's visiting. I must give it to Bella though, he's attractive. This is another of the things which Edward clearly knows. Which is also frustrating. Renesmee is... considering she's supposed to be only two years older than me, she's always been weirdly mature. Mature, but odd. She's always reaching her hands out when she's talking, and then snatching them back before she touches you. And she's scarily clever.

What am I supposed to do with a halfsister and a niece (halfniece?) who are both scarily more clever, mature, graceful and beautiful than I am?

Usually I must admit I hide. Not physically, but within myself. It always frustrates mum terribly, but when Bella (and her family members) come, because I always act all quiet and withdrawn. Not that I don;t act like that normally, but I don't at home, and mum so desperately wants Bella and I to have to perfect sister relationship despite the twenty year age gap between us. Mum would also much prefer if I dressed more like a girl, and if I could be in the drama club instead of eating my lunch in library, but if wishes were horses... mum would have a lot of horses.

Essential, however fascinating Bella may be, she doesn't feel anything like my sister. She always feels alien, unreal... supernatural in some odd way. I didn't really feel related to her. She was my mothers daughter, but she never felt like my sister.

Which is why when our mother had to be admitted permanently to hospital, I was surprised when the authorities contacted Bella about looking after me. Faster than I realised it was all organised, my mother was being transferred to the hospital in Forks, all our belongings were in boxes, and I was on my way to Forks to live with my sisters in-laws, Esme and Carlisle Cullen. And I mean fast, as in same day fast. A taxi had arrived to my house, taken me to the airport where I had been bundled by helpful staff on a plane. Mum had implied once that Bella's in-laws were well off.

It felt surreal. Like all of Bella's visits. I knew that mum's health had been taking a severe turning downhill lately. The doctors had been unable to diagnose it properly, and she had been on several medicines, had x-rays blood-tests etc. She had however fallen unconscious this morning, and had to be hospitalised. For the moment, indefinitely.

I was in shock as my home was packed around me, and I was hustled out the door with a couple of suitcases which I had packed in a daze. I sat in the airport, waiting for what came next. They had handled me thus far, what was the next step?

That was when I noticed him, a tall man, holding a sign with my name. Marina Sophia Dwyer. And he was attractive. Despite everything, I suddenly feel self-conscious of my scruffy, mud-stained skinny jeans, my baggy, bright yellow Jacksonville Suns t-shirt, messily layered over a black long-sleeve, and a pair of old hiking boots. Essentially, I felt pretty much like a scruffy wreck.

Steeling myself as I marched up to him, I figured I was allowed to look like a scruffy wreck. My mum was dying, and I was moving to someone and somewhere I had never known.

“Hi, I'm Marina.” I said quietly with a polite smile, gesturing at his sign.

Hi looked at me and his eyes widened, as did his smile.

“Nice to meet you, I'm Jasper. Bella's brother-in-law.”