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Crescent Moon

Ok, so it was all a dream. After getting back home to Forks, Bella and Edward got married, but Bella didn’t become a vampire until after the birth of their half-Human, half- Vampire daughter, Adelina Jacqueline Cullen.The odd birthmark on Addy Cullen contains the secret of unlocking the feud between werewolves and vampires

Sorry my dearies. I accidentally deleted my last two episodes. I'm trying to rcover the files but oh well. My bad. :( Please show me some support on the next two episodes. Don't hate me!

1. Chapter 1: Introducing

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My name: Adelina “Addy” Jacqueline Swann CullenBirthdate: October 31

What I look like: My dad’s pale skin and golden topaz eyes,

my mom’s caramel colored hair, curvy body and heart shaped face and

crescent shaped birthmark just above

my left eye brow.

Age: 17. The year I was changed.

I spent 16 years half human, half, vampire. When I turned 17, I begged my dad to change me.

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into!” Dad yelled.

I shrunk back into my chair. “Daddy, you promised! I hate this!” I pointed at the ugly crescent shaped birthmark on my head. My mom had a scar there when I was born, but it disappeared when she turned. I apparently got it, but as an ugly bulbous birthmark. “And I hate it when you have to be careful so you don’t crush me when you hug me!”

My dad stopped and pressed his fingers hard against his temples. I knew he was remembering my childhood, back when mom was still human. He broke my arm while giving me a hug when I was five. He hated himself for doing that, and scarcely ever touched me.

“Edward… Maybe… You promised her.” My mom said. She was hiding behind Uncle Emmett. “Bells, I can’t do this! I can’t change her! I couldn’t even change you!”

“Edward, this isn’t about us! It’s about our daughter! I don’t think you want to see her grow old and die!”

Those words were what brought tears to Dad’s eyes. “I can do it.” Grandpa came downstairs and grabbed my dad’s shoulders. Dad nodded. “I need to get out.”Grandpa Carlisle got everything ready. He said it wouldn’t be as long as it was for full humans, but twice as painful. I shuddered as I felt grandpa’s teeth press against my neck. I almost cried out in pain, but I felt an ice cold hand squeeze mine. “I’m here for you Angel. I love you.”

“I love you too daddy.”

Two days later, my eyes flew open and my usually warm skin felt like ice. My hands flew to my new face and I ran into the lavatory. My eyes twiddled over my features. Heart shaped face more gentle and delicate. My curves more defined and luscious. Lips full and red. Normally topaz eyes blacker than black. Caramel hair golden and full. I was very happy until my eyes reached my forehead. My birthmark…It was still there.


I whined. “Ugly! Ugly!” Mom rolled her eyes and laughed. I was lying of course. My birthmark wasn’t ugly anymore. It was just a smidgen darker than the rest of my skin, and it didn’t stick out anymore. I actually didn’t mind its looks anymore… just that it stayed there.“Quit complaining. When your father sees you he’d just about…” Alice’s face crumpled up confusedly. “I was about to say he’d die of a heart attack, but never mind.”

We laughed. “Edward would die again.” Grandma Esme said.

Rosalie grinned at me. “I was wondering when he’d cave in.” She playfully hit Mum’s shoulder. “It took forever with you.”

Mum probably would have blushed then.

“Bella? Addy? I’m home!” I heard Dad’s voice downstairs. I raised an eyebrow at Mum, who nodded with approval. I bolted downstairs and tackled my dad to the ground.

“Miss me?” I grinned at him.

“Oh My God.” My dad’s hand brushed the features of my face. “My Angel. You look beautiful.”

I smiled. “I’m pretty strong too!” I cast a daring glance to Uncle Emmett. He cracked a grin. Oh, it’s go time. Emmett mouthed.

I giggled. Daddy smiled wider.

“What else can you do?” Aunt Alice asked with a grin.

“Oh this too.” I started singing the lullaby Dad wrote for me. Peace swept over the room. Uncle Jasper actually looked sleepy.

“The Siren’s Voice.” Grandpa hugged my shoulders. “A truly gifted child.”I looked up and smiled at him. Grandpa always knew what everything was. I was always surprised he didn’t look how he acted; mature, wise, and… um… very, very, very old.

“Of course she’s gifted.” Rosalie smiled. “She’s one of us.”

“Say ‘uncle’ Uncle Emmett!!” I held his leg up, and pinned him to the floor.

He roared and it echoed through the woods. “NEVER!!!!!! YOU ASKED FOR IT!”He stood up and I fell to the grass. While Emmett wasn’t looking, I jumped up and hung onto the tree limb just above his head. Everyone, including me, watched in amusement as Emmett spun around in circles trying to figure out where I was.

The branch I was on cracked and I landed on top of him. He fell to the ground with a thunderous crack. All of us burst out laughing, and Emmett sighed.

I prodded him again.

“Say uncle, Uncle Emmett!!!”

“Ok.” He tapped his fingers against the ground.

“Uncle, Uncle Emmett.”

I giggled. “I KNEW you’d give in. HA!” I pointed a finger at him.

“Oh whatever.” Uncle Emmett waved his hand passively. “You Cheated!” He hissed playfully.

“DID NOT!” I yelled.






“Shut up already!” Uncle Jasper sighed. “You two are so annoying together.”

“Grr. Emmett’s just jealous that I kicked his a—“

“Come on!!” Grandma called from inside. “You need to get ready for school.”

Everyone else mumbled, but I raced inside. I loved school. Especially now. I won’t look so weird with my parents anymore.

The only reason I never liked school, was because I had to call my parents by their first names, Edward and Bella, they were my brother and sister, and pretend Grandpa Carlisle was my dad. It was weird.

Mom, Dad, Alice and I were juniors, Emmett, Rosie, and Jasper were seniors.

Grandpa walked up to Daddy gracefully and whispered, “Edward, we need to talk.”