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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


13. Chapter 13

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*Bella’s POV*

Edward...Edward? I thought.

I tried opening my eyes, but I could only open them into slits. I managed to lift my head a little, and saw that Jasper had now joined us. Suddenly, I started to feel extremely dizzy from straining my eyes. I gently laid my head back down and closed my eyes. Rosalie started stroking my hair.

“What about Edwa-” I heard Carlisle say before I heard an odd ringing noise which I couldn’t detect. The ringing noise cut off, and then I heard Emmett speak.

“Edward, I’ll pass you to Carlisle,” I heard him say. A quiet sigh of relief escaped my mouth when I heard him say Edward. It really was him.

“Edward?” I heard Carlisle ask. I knew everyone else could probably hear what Edward was saying, but I couldn’t. I could feel my heart in my chest beating a little louder though. I started to feel embarrassed as I knew everyone else would hear my heart as well. Waves of calm started to wash over me.

“Thanks…Jasper…” I slurred. I couldn’t even hear my own voice. I just hoped that he did. I tried my best to stay awake.

“Edward, where are you?” I heard Carlisle ask. Still stroking my hair, Rosalie took my hand in hers, and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Edward, I need you to come to Forks as soon as possible-” he started then I assumed Edward interrupted him. Even I could hear the muffling noises coming from the phone, so I assumed he was shouting. My heart sunk that I knew he was getting angry, and that it was my fault.

“Edward, it’s Bella,” Carlisle said.

“Edward, when we left...none of us knew, but...” Carlisle seemed unwilling to finish.

“She’s pregnant,” Carlisle finally admitted. And almost to confirm it, I was kicked from the inside again, although it wasn’t painful enough for it to show on my face. Rosalie’s grip on my hand suddenly became a little tighter. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Edward finally knew.

“What?” Carlisle asked confused. I heard Rosalie let out a low hiss from beside me.

“Edward...you are,” Carlisle said gently. Edward didn’t think he was the father. He honestly believed that I had been with someone else so quickly?

“Hang on a second,” Carlisle said. I felt a cool breeze brush part me. No, I needed to hear this conversation. Why had he left the room?

“Don’t worry Bella,” I heard Jasper say. “He just didn’t want to upset you.”

“Upset…me?” I croaked.

“About your condition,” he said calmly.

I thought I knew everything about my condition? Maybe Carlisle just didn’t want to upset me by saying it again.

“…Kay” I sighed, allowing my mind to rest to try and unwillingly fell asleep.

I was on the edge of sleep again, when I was kicked hard from the inside. I whimpered loudly.

“Shh…It’s okay…” Rosalie hushed me. I felt a cold thumb brushing my cheek. I didn’t even realize I was crying. The pain started to dull, and I could hear Carlisle in the room talking to Esme and Alice. I wanted to ask him so many questions, but due to the exhaustion, I fell asleep.

I woke up to the feeling that someone had stabbed me in the side. I immediately shot up, but regretted it when the pain got worse. I screamed out in agony.

“Bella, it’s okay. I heard another crack. I need to take out the intravenous drip to take you upstairs,” I heard Carlisle say. I could feel the slight sting as he pulled the needle out. I opened my eyes and saw Rosalie carrying me upstairs at vampire speed. Pain was still shooting through me while Carlisle took another X-ray.

After the X-ray was done, I wrapped my arm around me to try and stop the pain. It dulled a little but not much. Rosalie sat me on the examining table.

“Another two broken ribs on the other side,” Carlisle announced sadly.

When I was all taped up, the pain was almost gone. It only hurt if I moved suddenly.

Rosalie picked me up carefully and walked downstairs. She laid me on the bed again.

I noticed it was harder to breathe than it was before I fell asleep. Then Carlisle came into the living room.

“It’s a bit more…difficult to breathe,” I gasped. He smiled sadly at me.

“It’s the broken ribs. It was to be expected. Although, if it gets worse, let me know,” he asked. I nodded. I was finally glad I was being able to keep my eyes open without them shutting. I suddenly remembered the phone call from before I fell asleep.

“Edward…” I gasped, looking at Carlisle. Carlisle came over and crouched down next to the bed.

“He’s coming back,” he said warmly.

“How long…” I whispered. Carlisle looked at his watch.

“You were asleep for about five hours,” he started. “He’ll be about another ten hours or so…” He looked behind me where the intravenous was. I sighed.

“Do you need to put it back in?” I cringed.

“I ran some tests on you while you were sleeping. You’re not absorbing it. Your body is rejecting every form of nutrition. I don’t know if there’s any point.” He looked like he was about to say something else, but he stopped.

“What is it?” I asked. He sighed

“It’s not just you, Bella, but the fetus as well.” He admitted.

“What?” I gasped.

“I’m watching you and the fetus, Bella – starve to death by the hour. I can’t stop it.”

My baby was being starved to death? I didn’t care about me, as long as my baby survived.

“We have to feed him then…” I decided, although it seemed pretty obvious.

“With what?” Carlisle asked. “I don’t know what it wants.”

I turned to Rosalie who had been silent throughout the conversation.

“We’ll find something, Bella. Don’t worry,” she assured me. I nodded slowly. I needed to change the subject.

“What did he say?” I asked Carlisle. He knew who I meant when I said he.

“He’s…surprised, I think,” He said. “He’s mainly worried about you.”

“Worried about me?” I gasped. Why would he be worried about me? He left me. He didn’t care about me. All I wanted him to do was have the choice to be there for his child.

Carlisle didn’t answer so I looked at him.

“I told him about your condition, so of course he’ll be worried about you,” He said as if it was obvious.

“I guess…” I mumbled, looking down. I rested my hand on my stomach, tracing random circles. I felt a kick against my hand from the inside.

“Stop kicking mummy…” I sighed quietly.

“I’ll let you get some rest,” Carlisle said as he left the room.

“It’s a good thing he’s kicking, Bella,” Rosalie reasoned with me. “It means he’s quite healthy.”

I heard Alice sigh from the other side of the room.

“I suppose it is…” I agreed in a scratchy whisper, although I knew that wasn’t what Carlisle had said.

“Sleep is the best thing you can do at the moment, Bella,” Rosalie noted. I nodded and tried to get settled, closing my eyes.

I could feel my consciousness coming back to me but I didn’t want to wake up. I felt like if I just kept my eyes closed, I would be asleep again in a few minutes. I could just make out the voices of people around me.

“Alice, Edward’s arriving in an hour. Please, would you go to Port Angeles?” someone asked.

“Of course,” someone else replied, before I heard the noise of a door shutting. Not long after that, I fell into unconsciousness.