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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


14. Chapter 14

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*Edward’s POV*

It seemed like this was the endless flight. Every second seemed to drag longer and longer as each one passed. Every minute felt like hours. I was sure time was meant to be nothing when you were an immortal. I was certain a lifetime had passed when an announcement was made saying that we were landing in Port Angeles. As I looked out the window I could see the towns which I swore I would never return to again.

Luckily there weren’t too many people on this plane. Although if someone walked passed me, the fire at the back of my throat would rise and the monster inside of me would try and take control. These were the times that I wished I had hunted.

I could hear the thoughts of everyone on this plane. They were filled with excitement and wonder of travelling to a different place. Mine, however, were filled with worry, and dread of what I was going to see. Part of my mind tried to reassure me that Bella was probably fine, and all of this was over-exaggerated. But unfortunately, I knew Carlisle very well. And I knew he would never do that, and that what he said was the truth. What he described to me haunted me throughout the entire trip, and the fear that when I finally got to her, she would be worse, made it even more excruciating.

When the plane finally landed, moving faster than I should have been, I was the first one to get off. I made it through all of the agonizingly slow security tests and finally stepped foot into the airport, where I finally saw the pixie face of my little sister.

Even she looked exhausted, but as soon as she met eyes with me, relief washed over her face.

“Edward!” she cried running over to me at human speed, wrapping me in a tiny hug.

“We’ve all missed you so much!” she said as she pulled away.

“I’ve missed you all too...how is she?” My voice broke at the end. Alice’s thoughts immediately went to Bella. She was in the living room, or what I thought was the living room. It looked so different. Bella was lying on a bed in the middle of the room with an IV attached to her. I couldn’t see her clearly as she was lying down. But all my fears were confirmed when I saw the balloon shaped bump that was her stomach. Alice stopped there in her thoughts, and I could now see my horror-struck face in her mind.

“No...” I gasped.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to see that,” she admitted.

I looked towards the exit.

“Let’s go,” I said, running, again, probably a little faster than a human was capable of.

Alice had parked Carlisle’s Mercedes almost right outside the airport doors. I was about to question her, but then I saw the clouds starting to move and the sun breaking through them.
I had a vision, and it also saves us a little bit of time, Alice thought. I smiled slightly.

I opened the car door and got in. Alice started the car, and we headed off in the direction of Forks.

Although Alice was driving twice the speed limit, it still wasn’t fast enough. We were in Port Angeles, while Bella was dying.

“I’ll get you to Bella as soon as possible,” she said, sensing my anxiety.

“Why didn’t you see this happening?” I demanded.

“Edward, I can’t see her at this moment! It’s the...fetus. It’s like a bad reception on a TV!” she shrieked.

I had always relied on Alice’s visions. And now they were of no help since she couldn’t see Bella. What was this thing inside of Bella?

I was about to ask how Bella found them, but Alice had already had a vision of me asking.

“She heard on the radio that there was an over population of grizzly bears in Mount Rainier. Her mind immediately went to Emmett. She said something about the word irritable.” She shrugged.

“So, she went there and called out Emmett’s name. Emmett only heard-” she cut off mid-sentence. She was distracting her thoughts with something about shopping.

“When Emmett heard what?” I asked, irritated.

“Her scream,” she reluctantly said. “She was kicked from the inside and Emmett found her curled up on the floor.”

I tried to stay calm. I looked out the window and noticed we were in Forks.

Alice turned off at our driveway and sped down it.

As soon as I saw the house, I opened the car door and ran at vampire speed to the front door of the house. Carlisle was standing just inside the door.

“Edward, thank you for coming. We all missed you,” he greeted me.

“Where is she-” I was cut off when I heard a whimper from the living room. I ran past Carlisle and into the living room. It was very much the same as Alice’s vision, except the IV wasn’t connected to Bella...Bella.

Bella was curled up on the sofa facing me, her arms wrapped around her stomach. She was sleeping. There were dark circles under her eyes that stood out because of her whiter-than-usual complexion. Her face looked thinner, much thinner. Her skin seemed all tight – like her cheekbones might break through it. My eyes moved down and I caught site of her stomach. I had seen her stomach in Alice’s thoughts, but her stomach looked...bigger. When Carlisle said the fetus was growing quicker than normal, I didn’t think he meant this quick. Her heartbeat sounded odd. Her heartbeat throbbed and faltered, which made my dead heart sink.

I knelt down at her side. My thirst threatened to take over when her scent hit me. I held my breath for a few moments to control it.

“Bella...” I sighed. “I’m so, so sorry.” I heard Rosalie hiss quietly.

“Nice to see you, too, Rosalie,” I said quietly.

Don’t you even think of harming this baby! Rosalie spat in her thoughts.

“Rosalie, it’s killing her!” I hissed.

I made a promise to Bella.

“What promise? You don’t even like her.”

A promise to protect her baby. Carlisle wanted to remove him.

“Him?” I gasped.

We don’t know. The ultrasound didn’t work. It’s a little mystery. And why do you care about her? You left her, remember?

“I left her because I loved her Rosalie! I still do. And it’s not a mystery, it’s a monster!” I spat. “I don’t care what you promised her. I’m getting that thing out of her before it can do anymore harm!”

We’ll just see about that.

Bella’s eyelids started fluttering, but they did not open. She whimpered a little and clutched her stomach with more force. Doing so brought the sweatshirt she was wearing up a little bit. Her stomach was a mixture of black and purple. I gasped.

He’s just a little strong, that’s all.

Bella’s eyes started to slowly open. She squinted and saw me in front of her.

“Edward...?” she said in a hoarse voice.

“It’s me Bella,” I said taking her hands in mine.

“I’m...sorry,” she said in a scratchy whisper.

“Why are you sorry?” I asked.

“For making you come all the way back here,” she panted.

“Bella, you didn’t make me. I chose to come back. And it should be me who’s apologising. I’m so sorry.” I was apologising for a lot of things. I placed one of my hands on her cheek, holding both of her hands in one.

She cringed and I immediately dropped my hands. She leant back until she was flat on her back, her head facing me.

“It wasn’t...you....I was just a bit...uncomfortable,” she whispered.

“Bella, why are you doing this to yourself? Please, let Carlisle help you,” I pleaded. She shook her head.

“I won’t kill him.” She sounded like she had said the same words over and over again.

I looked over to Rosalie who was glaring at me. I looked back down at Bella.

You won’t,” I whispered.

“What?” she gasped, Rosalie hissed.

I stood up and ran upstairs at vampire speed into Carlisle’s office. I didn’t bother knocking on the door.

“Carlisle, we need to get that thing out of her!” I yelled.

“Edward, calm down.”

“It’s killing her,” I sobbed tearless sobs, crashing to my knees, burying my head in my hands. Carlisle placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, son.”

“I should have never left,” I continued to sob. “I still love her!”

“I know you do,” Carlisle whispered.

I looked up, and noticed now that his office had completely changed. It looked like an emergency ward.

“What is that thing doing to her?” I asked, getting to my feet.

“It’s not compatible with her body. She’s not getting the sustenance she needs. The intravenous wasn’t doing any good. I’m watching the fetus starve to death, as well. I can’t do anything to stop it. I can’t figure out what it wants.” His weary voice broke at the end.

He didn’t know what it wanted. It was a monster, just like me for doing this to her. It probably had the same diet as me.

“What do you think it wants...?” I spat. Carlisle looked at me confused “...Blood.” The disgust was evident in my voice.