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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


17. Chapter 17

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Rosalie’s head snapped up from her magazine and she stared wide-eyed at me for an eighth of a second. Her thoughts were a mixture of confusion and shock at my sudden change in attitude.

I suddenly saw Alice’s vision in my head as she was seeing it. Although it was nothing that I didn’t know already from hearing his thoughts, it still made my anger flare like an erupting volcano. Why hadn’t she seen this earlier? Why was she only seeing this now?

From the sound of the thought and from Alice’s vision, it seemed we only had a matter of minutes before he reached our house. I needed to warn Carlisle, but first I had to take care of Bella. She was my first priority.

I got up from the seat and reached for the blanket draped over the couch. I held it for a fraction of a second taking in Bella’s scent. I embraced the burn at the back of my throat which was caused by my thirst. I was afraid if anything went wrong in the meeting with him, I may not see her again. I carefully laid it on top of Bella, careful not to wake her. By this time, Rosalie was standing next to Bella’s bed.

I couldn’t believe I let Emmett and Jasper go hunting. A vampire who was potentially dangerous was going to be coming to our house. Not only that, the love of my existence was here, clinging desperately to her life. I had to get Bella as far away from the house as possible safely. And without her waking up and finding out the truth of what was happening.

“Rosalie,” I said, at vampire speed. If Bella was awake, she wouldn’t know what we were talking about. Hopefully the rest of the family would hear as well. “We’ve only got two minutes at the most so I need you to do exactly what I say without question.” I didn’t give her a chance to reply. “Laurent is coming to our house. I don’t know why, but we need to get Bella out of here. Now.”

Laurent…? She growled lightly. Why is he here? Rosalie thought to herself as she gently picked up Bella, careful not to wake her. From the sound of my family’s thoughts, they heard too.

“Go out the back door. Take her far enough so he won’t be able to hear or smell her.” I looked down at Bella, her eyelids were fluttering slightly. “Don’t utter a word of this to her. Lie if you have to.” I looked up at Rosalie.

“Be careful with her.” I asked in a hushed whisper.

Rosalie nodded and ran at vampire speed out the back door and towards the forest that surrounded our house. I watched her run, knowing that she would take care of the precious bundle in her arms. I turned back and saw that Carlisle, Esme and Alice had all gathered in the living room.

“How far away is he?” Carlisle asked.

“Forty seconds.” Both Alice and I said in unison. I looked at Alice.

“Why didn’t you see this sooner?” I demanded, balling my hands into fists.

“I don’t know!” she shrieked. “It’s like he appeared from thin air, like he came out of nowhere.”
I suddenly felt guilty for snapping at her, it wasn’t her fault. I knew her gift wasn’t perfect. I ran a hand through my tousled hair, trying to think logically and calmly.

“I heard his thoughts…Victoria will be pleased.” I said, imitating his voice.

They’re in this together…Alice thought.

“Is Victoria with him?” Carlisle asked aloud, I shook my head.

The whole room remained silent. The quiet was horrible, it allowed me to think and get angry. Suddenly I had to break the unendurable silence.

“Why?” I shouted. “What has Bella done to deserve this?” Carlisle placed a restraining hand on my shoulder.

“We need to keep out voices low,” Carlisle whispered, turning his head towards Esme and Alice. “Laurent may be able to hear us.”

“What do we do?” Esme asked.

Hmmm…There’s a possibility that he may have picked up Emmett and Jasper’s scents.

“No harm will come to Bella from Laurent if he doesn’t know she’s here. I don’t know for sure what he’s doing here. When we find out, I’ll make an excuse for us, or him to leave. I need you all to cooperate.” Esme and Alice nodded. Since I could read Carlisle’s thoughts, he could still communicate with me while Laurent was here if he needed too.

“Where is he now?” Carlisle asked me. I tuned into his thoughts. All I could see was trees, and our house in the distance.

“Our house is in his view. He’s not thinking anything of significance,” I replied quietly, since he was in hearing range. Carlisle picked up on this. I looked towards the front door.

Carlisle looked in the same direction as me and composed his features. He headed over towards the door and opened it.

“Laurent, what a pleasant surprise!” Carlisle greeted him politely. “What brings you here?”

“I was in the neighborhood. I decided to come by for a visit. I hope I’ve caught you at a good moment,” Laurent replied, stepping inside the house.

I wonder if the human girl is here…. Laurent mused in thought. I had to stop myself from growling. Carlisle left the door open. Laurent nodded to the remainder of my family. I mentally sighed when I saw his red eyes. I was half expecting it when he told us he was going to live with the Denali Coven, that he would find it hard sticking to the diet. Carlisle seemed to have the same thoughts as me.

It seems he’s not sticking to the same diet as us. I’ll tell him we were going to go hunting.

“Unfortunately, my family and I were about to go hunting,” Carlisle replied. Laurent sighed, but when he took a breath to answer, something caught his attention. I tried to keep my breathing even to not give away how anxious I was.

Human. A familiar scent, as well…Ahhh, their little human pet, Bella…I don’t see her though…

I panicked. How stupid had I been, not to cover up her scent somehow. He was bound to ask questions now.

He was still for a moment, his thoughts blank.

“That’s too bad, I had just hunted myself,” Laurent replied, smiling slightly.

Maybe she is at her house…I need to think of a way for me to keep them talking.

“I thought I should warn you,” he started. “On my way here I came across three wolves, although I managed to outrun them. But it was when I was nearing your house they retreated. I apologize for nearly leading them here.” His thoughts seemed to focus around three horse-sized wolves. A black one, a silver one and a brown one. I looked towards Carlisle and he met my gaze for a quarter of a second. Was it possible they were the same ones from when we first made the treaty with the Quileute tribe? Or maybe another generation?

I noticed that it had started raining outside and my thoughts immediately went to Bella. She didn’t like the wet or cold, especially not in the state she’s in. I hoped Rosalie had found shelter somewhere.

“Thank you for the warning,” Carlisle replied politely. “We appreciate it.”

Laurent nodded and casually looked around the room before he settled on me.

“How is your little human friend?” He sounded like he didn’t really care for the answer, although his thoughts didn’t say the same thing.

Lie. Carlisle thought.

“She’s fine, thank you for asking.” I replied in a tight voice. He smiled back at me.

I’ll have to alert Victoria that the human girl is most likely at her house.

“I think I will go now…I hope the wolves aren’t too much trouble,” Laurent sighed.

“Yes…” Carlisle replied.

“Thank you for introducing me to the Denali coven,” Laurent said. “I like Tanya very much.”

“I’m glad,” Carlisle replied, keeping his sentence short to give Laurent the hint.

“Farewell,” Laurent said, as he left the house running at vampire speed. As soon as Carlisle shut the door, I sped through the house and out the back door. I couldn’t see Rosalie or Bella anywhere. I looked up into the sky and watched as the raindrops continued to fall. Already, my clothes were damp.

“Rosalie!” I yelled.

I’m coming. I heard Rosalie think. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Rosalie running towards us in the distance with Bella in her arms. In five seconds she was by my side. I looked at Bella and saw she was shivering. She was drenched from the rain. I mentally cursed. I held out my arms and Rosalie handed Bella over to me, I felt relieved to have her close to me again. I ran as fast as I could into the house.

She’s sopping wet. We need to get her into some warm clothes, Esme thought.

We need to get her warmed up as soon as possible, Carlisle thought.

Unwilling to release Bella I gave her to Esme and she rushed upstairs to get her changed. A few minutes later Esme returned with Bella in some warm clothes. Although when she handed her to me she was still shivering. Esme quickly left and returned with a space heater and a few more blankets which she wrapped around Bella. I tried to keep my skin away from hers, while I laid her in the bed. She was still trembling slightly.

“Bella…” I murmured gently. She fluttered her eyes, but did not open them. The slight flush in her cheeks that was usually there was gone. I had seen corpses with better colour.

Edward, hold your breath, Carlisle demanded in thought. Without question I complied. Carlisle brought in a cup of blood with a straw again. Esme and Rosalie gently lifted Bella into an up-right position.

Carlisle took held of the straw and brought it to Bella’s mouth.

“The fetus needs blood desperately, and so does Bella,” He murmured.

Bella, without opening her eyes, began to slowly suck the straw, I watched as the blood traveled up it, centimeter by centimeter.

“You’re doing really well, Bella,” Carlisle encouraged. After about ten minutes, the cup was finally empty and I was free to breathe again.

“She needs to sleep,” Carlisle whispered. She’s worsened dramatically. I hope she will pull through.

I sat in the chair next to Bella, but didn’t take her hands in case I made her cold again, since the shivering had finally stopped. Although all I wanted to do was hold her in my arms. Rosalie pulled up a chair the opposite of the bed. Everyone else stayed and sat on the sofa. They tried their best to block their thoughts from me.

I hummed Bella’s lullaby, although I knew she was asleep. I couldn’t hear the child’s thoughts anymore, so I assumed he or she was asleep as well.

“What was that about the wolves?” Alice broke the silence.

“I believe they are a new generation of the Quileute pack. This would explain why they stopped chasing him when he neared our house. They caught our scent,” Carlisle explained.

“I didn’t see any wolves…” Alice mused. “And I only saw Laurent about the time he escaped them…I can’t see past those mutts!”

“Alice…” I sighed, inclining my head towards Bella’s sleeping form.

Sorry, She thought. Her thoughts were still irritated.

“What were his thoughts?” Carlisle asked gently.

“What I expected…he’s going to tell Victoria that since Bella’s not at our house, she’s at hers. Although I still don’t know why they want her.”

“What are your thoughts on the wolves?” Carlisle wondered. I sighed.

“Honestly, Carlisle, that’s not what I’m worried about at the moment.” My eyes never left Bella.

I understand son…I’m truly sorry.

“Has she improved any?” I sounded desperate.

“It’s too early to tell. I’m sorry.”