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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


18. Chapter 18

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*Edward’s POV*

I watched as the sun rose, the light piercing through the small cracks in the metal shutters. The light bounced off my skin, throwing small rainbows across the room. Bella had still not fully awoken. Occasionally I would hear the thoughts of the child, as he or she would move around. Then Bella would stir after being accidentally kicked from the inside. The child’s thoughts seemed to always be apologetic when this happened. Throughout the night, Carlisle had been giving Bella blood to drink, which seemed to be making her improve a little. I was grateful for that since I had to leave the house tonight. If she had still been on the edge of death, my brothers would’ve had to fight alone.

Emmett and Jasper had returned from hunting, both ready to fight with Victoria. According to Alice, the path that Victoria was on was still leading her to Bella’s house tonight.

Laurent had not made another appearance, although had I asked Alice to keep watch in her visions in case he decided to come back. I had been on constant alert, listening out for anyone’s thoughts that we weren’t expecting. Or maybe more importantly, expecting.

It was only Rosalie and I in the living room with Bella. The rest of the family was around the house trying to block their thoughts from me. Although no matter how hard they tried, they could not block their thoughts of the worry about tonight. I felt sorry for Jasper. Him being able to sense the emotions of everyone in the household meant the feelings were stronger for him. Alice was with him, trying to comfort him.

I suppressed a sigh.

Everyone was concerned about my control. It was coming closer to a month since I had last hunted, although I couldn’t ignore the truth. There was never a single second that the dry, aching burn at the back of my throat vanished. The thirst burnt through my throat like fire. When Carlisle brought the cup full of blood in, or I got too close to Bella, my mouth would pool with venom. I could now sympathize with Carlisle with what he must have gone through when he was first changed. Although I knew he was much worse than this.

I was able to keep it under control though. I kept the monster inside of me locked away and had no plans of letting it escape. I would be hunting tonight after I had killed Victoria. I hated the focus of my family’s concern on me. I felt even sorrier for Jasper after remembering all the times we had hovered and worried over him for his low control in our “different” diet.

Bella’s lips parted and her eyelids started to flutter. I gently stroked her hair. She slowly opened her eyes and met mine. I smiled down at her. We stared into each other’s eyes for what only seemed to be a few seconds before her eyelids started drooping and she yawned.

Although she had slept a lot through the night, she hadn’t been getting much sleep for the past week. Part of me wanted her to stay awake right now. Mainly so she would sleep tonight while I was gone, and never know I was absent. But that would mean she deteriorated. She required sleep almost as much as she required blood at the moment. She needed all the strength she could get.

“You can sleep,” I murmured softly. With weak effort she shook her head and what she said almost made me jump back in amazement.

“I’m...thirsty.” A small, embarrassed smile appeared on her lips.

“That’s great!” Rosalie exclaimed, jumping up from her seat to get some more blood. Rosalie trusted me more alone with Bella now. Since I had been hearing the child’s thoughts, and I knew that the child loved Bella, I could not harm him.

“Good...Rosalie’s just getting some for you.” I smiled, inclining my head towards the kitchen, although I knew that’s not where Rosalie was going to get the blood.

“Maybe try eating something after...?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. Just then Rosalie came back into the room. The smell of blood hit me like being punched in the face. My stomach coiled with the hunger that was an echo of the thirst and my mouth pooled with venom. Why didn’t Rosalie warn me! I shouted at myself. I couldn’t afford to lose control around Bella. Although it wasn’t her blood, if I lost control, let the monster escape and had the blood from the cup that Rosalie was holding, the monster would want more blood after. The nearest blood it could get - Bella.

I stopped breathing, and clamped one hand over my mouth and nose, squeezing my eyes shut in the process. My other hand gripped the arm of the chair I was sitting in. Due to my strength, my hand crushed the arm of the chair and I was left with a palm full of splinters and pulp. Luckily Rosalie had noticed my struggle and left the room. She was thinking about trying to find a lid for the cup. She didn’t seem to be sorry. She was irritated.

I reined the monster in and opened my eyes. My hand was still covering my mouth and nose. Bella was staring at me wide-eyed, and I’d noticed she had shuffled to the side a little bit, away from me. She was chewing on her bottom lip nervously.

I cautiously released my hand and took a careful breath. The only scent left in the room was Bella’s, which although still made my throat burn, was better than the cup of blood open to the air.

“I’m okay.” I said in a strained voice. “Rosalie just didn’t give me any warning about the cup of blood.”

Bella shuffled herself carefully towards the middle of the bed, nearer to me, although her face still looked worried. Even though I couldn’t hear her thoughts, I could practically read what she was thinking through the emotions playing on her face. She had said her mother used to call her an open book, and from the very first time I laid eyes on her, I knew that was true. Although I had thought she was harder to read since I couldn’t directly read her thoughts, now I was glad that at least I could get a peak of what she was thinking, instead of hitting a brick wall every single time.

She wanted me to go hunting, I knew that much. I know she hated seeing me in pain, and she always felt guilty because her blood was a much stronger call to me then other blood. Maybe I could put her mind at ease. Technically I would be hunting tonight. I could tell her that much. If she was awake when I had to leave I would’ve had to tell her something anyway.

“I’m going hunting tonight. I won’t be gone long,” I assured her. Her face relaxed and a small smile played on her lips. I took both of her hands in mine, rubbing them gently.

“You do need to hunt,” she agreed. “I’ve never seen your eyes this black before.”

I shrugged.

I heard the footsteps of Carlisle coming down the stairs. Edward, Carlisle thought. I’ll be bringing the blood in a minute. I think it’s best if you leave, I’m sorry son.

I sighed. I knew it was for the best. I could never lose control around Bella. But now even Carlisle didn’t trust me.

“Carlisle’s just coming with the...blood.” I started, looking towards the door. “As soon as you’re finished, I’ll be back.” I promised.

She was about to protest about my leaving, but then she bit her lip and nodded. I gently removed my hands from hers and stroked her cheek before I left. Rosalie brushed past me, entering the living room to be with Bella. I envied her.

I could hear Carlisle’s thoughts as he was just about to pour the blood into the cup. I decided I should go outside. I went out through the front door, and sat on the porch step. I breathed in the fresh air.

I remembered the very first time I brought Bella here. I looked at the space where I had parked her truck. I closed my eyes and remembered every moment of that day in perfect detail. She was wearing her blue blouse with the only skirt she owned and she had her hair tied back into a pony tail. I remember leading her up the exact same steps that I was sitting on. She was worried about meeting my family. Not because they were vampires, but because she was worried they wouldn’t approve of her. I laughed at the thought. It was a ludicrous idea to me that someone wouldn’t approve of Bella. Alice had already started seeing Bella as a best friend, even before she’d met her.

I opened my eyes to the sound of a sucking noise from inside the house. I tried to ignore it and concentrated on her heartbeat instead. It had improved dramatically from a couple of days ago. From when it used to falter occasionally, now it was mostly a firm beat which never failed to calm me. I listened to the steady rhythm.

Stupid bloodsuckers.

My head snapped up and I looked towards the direction of the unexpected thought. It was a few miles away. The voice was male, and not familiar. I jumped up from the step. I was about to warn the family, but I didn’t hear any sounds indicating the person was close. I listened to the thoughts more carefully.

Can’t believe those leaches have moved back into town.

I can smell them from here.

Cool it, guys. Focus. This is their territory.

There seemed to be three of them. Suddenly it made sense whose thoughts they were. It was the Quileute tribe. Or maybe more appropriate, the Quileute pack. Due to the treaty we made with them all those years ago, neither of us could go on each other’s land.

Their thoughts were drifting away into the distance.

Suddenly I remembered the treaty, and what we had agreed to. We couldn’t bite a human. Bite, not kill. I had thought of this when Carlisle first told me it was a possibility Bella wouldn’t be human for much longer. But I didn’t know there were any wolves then. If Bella were to be changed, we would break the treaty. We would start a war.

I had to inform Carlisle. I turned on my feet about to enter the house, but the sucking noise coming from inside stopped me. It had only been 20 seconds at most since I had come outside. It usually took Bella about 5 minutes to finish a whole cup. I had told her I would be back as soon as she was finished. If I talked with Carlisle before I saw her, she would know something was wrong. I would have to put on hold the worries of the treaty for now. Whatever happened, Bella was always my first priority. Much before any treaty I made with any dogs years ago.

I took a deep breath and sat back on the porch step. While I waited, I listened out for any thoughts.

I do feel bad for Edward. He must be in a lot of pain. I wish there was somehow I could help, Esme thought.

Bella seems to be improving...hopefully that will mean the baby is...I’m glad. Rosalie’s thoughts made a growl rumble in my chest. Since I had arrived at our house, Rosalie’s thoughts had always been more concerned with the child than my Bella. Although Rosalie tried to show Bella that she cared about her, I knew Bella knew the truth about Rosalie’s feelings. Rosalie was purely a bodyguard to Bella and her child – my child.

It had been difficult thinking I was going to become a father. Especially when who I was going to become a father to was potentially going to kill the love of my existence.

Although I dreaded to think about it, if the worst happened and Bella didn’t survive, there wouldn’t be a way I would survive, too. I had heard the thoughts of my family think about the very same subject. But when they did, they immediately blocked their thoughts from me, and hoped I didn’t hear anything. If the worst did happen, I would go to Italy, since no member of my family would be willing to help me.

I would provoke the Volturi. I couldn’t live in a world where Bella didn’t exist. Even thinking about it was agonizing. It was painful being away from her now, knowing that if anything went wrong, I would be losing precious moments with her.

Finally, for what seemed like a life time, Carlisle informed me by thought that Bella had finished. I quickly stood up and ran into the living room.

Bella’s scent filled the room, and my throat quickly burned. I had gotten used to the fresh air outside. Ignoring the burning sensation at the back of my throat, I returned to Bella, taking her hands in mine again. Carlisle had returned upstairs and Rosalie was sitting across from where I was standing. Esme and Alice were sitting on the couch, both reading a magazine.

“I told you I’d be back,” I murmured, rubbing Bella’s hands gently. She smiled up at me.

“I believed you.”

My anxiousness got the better of me. I needed to know what Carlisle thought about the situation with the treaty.

“And so you’ll believe me when I say it again. I’ve got to talk to Carlisle, about my hunting tonight.” I gently squeezed her hands. “I love you.”

Bella smiled back at me, releasing my hands before quickly squeezing them with little strength. “Me too.”

I quickly sped up the stairs and into Carlisle’s office. He had been researching cases such as Bella’s, but hadn’t found anything of any similarity.

Edward, Carlisle thought.

“Carlisle, I heard the wolves’ thoughts while I was outside. There seems to be three of them, as Laurent said...Carlisle, what about the treaty? If it comes to the point that we have to change Bella, we will break the treaty. We will start a war.”

I had thought of this when the possibility first arose, and with what Laurent had said. As far as everyone knows, Bella has simply run away. She left a note for her farther. If the situation arises and we have to change her, the pack will be none the wiser, although we will have to relocate soon after.

It seemed that Carlisle had worked it all out. We couldn’t go on their land, and that meant they couldn’t go on ours. They wouldn’t know Bella was here. No one did, and no one would.

“You’re sure...” I murmured, almost to myself.

I’m fairly certain.

Suddenly, I heard a loud cry from downstairs.