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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


19. Chapter 19

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*Edwards POV*

I ran out of Carlisle’s office and down the stairs as fast as my legs would carry me. In one-point-six seconds, I was at Bella’s side.

She was curled up into a ball clutching her stomach, letting out pained cries. Rosalie was crouched over her protectively.

I heard a crack. Rosalie’s thoughts were filled with concern for the child. Not Bella.

The fetus must have broken another of Bella’s ribs. Since Bella was getting stronger, so was the child. My un-beating heart sank. I knelt at Bella’s side, pushing the hair out of her face with one of my hands. I tried to keep my voice level since she was still letting out cries of pain.

“Bella, love...I’m going to take you upstairs to Carlisle. I think you’ve got another broken rib.” My voice was a broken whisper at the end.

I gently scooped her up in my arms, holding her close to my chest. I turned to the direction of the stairs, but another loud scream erupted from Bella. It stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t just a scream. It was an ear piercing shriek of agony.

“Bella!” I shouted when her body curled backwards in my arms, her head falling backwards. It was followed by sickening cracks coming from her mid-torso. She screamed out again.

Need to get out.

This was the thought that I had been dreading. The fetus was too strong and too big and was trying to get out of Bella. The fetus was going to tear itself out.

I heard Alice gasp from the other side of the room in the panic, but I didn’t concentrate to try and see what she was seeing in her vision.

“UPSTAIRS!” I yelled to Rosalie, darting up the stairs into Carlisle’s office. Bella was still screaming in agonizing pain. Hearing her in such pain tore my dead heart to pieces. Carlisle, hearing the commotion downstairs, had cleared the table in the middle of the room for me to lay Bella on. I did so without hesitation. Bella’s eyes were unfocused, staring at the ceiling while cry’s escaped her throat. Tears ran down her cheeks, landing on the cold surface of the table. Her body curled backwards on the table, like something was dragging her up by her stomach. I quickly ripped off Bella’s shirt, throwing the scraps of material on the floor.

The whole of her stomach was made up by patches of black and purple, growing darker by the second. Blood pooled underneath the surface of her skin. I stroked her scrunched up face, wishing I could take the pain away.

Rosalie stayed just outside the office, cutting off her breathing to resist temptation. There would be blood soon. She stayed out there in case she was needed.

Carlisle turned and quickly picked up a syringe of morphine, injecting it into Bella’s arm.

“Wait for the morphine to spread,” he instructed. “Edward, there’s going to be too much blood. It may be too much of a risk having you here,” Carlisle insisted as he pushed the plunger down.

“I’m staying!” I snarled, wiping some of Bella’s tears away with my thumb, trying to soothe her.

“If it gets to be too much, you must leave,” Carlisle persisted. Before I could answer, Bella spoke through her screams.

“Edward!” She gasped.

“I’m here, Bella. It will all be over soon, I promise.” If vampires could cry, I would be sobbing, “Stay with me, Bella. Don’t leave me.” Another crack sounded from Bella’s torso, making her scream out again. Her eyes scrunched up, more tears escaping.

I looked over to Carlisle who was rapidly setting up all the equipment necessary. I saw the scalpel and winced.

“I didn’t see...I didn’t know.” Alice’s voice came from just inside of the door. Her voice was frantic, mixed with confusion. Her thoughts were the same.

“What?” I demanded, whipping my head around to look at Alice. She looked terrified.

A single word escaped her thoughts the same time she spoke it. “Victoria.”

My first instinct was to deny it. Alice had seen Victoria at Bella’s house tonight. I shook my head, trying to clear my mind.

“She’s coming here, Edward,” Alice shrieked.

My head quickly spun to look at my Bella, screaming through the early haze of the morphine, and back to Alice. The words that I had said which seemed a lifetime ago played through my mind. “The future isn’t set in stone. Things change.” Victoria had altered her course.

“When?” I demanded.

“Ten minutes. Her future was blank, but then it reappeared in a matter of minutes.” Alice was getting hysterical.

“Get Emmett and Jasper outside. NOW!” I commanded. Alice quickly turned on her heal and ran down the hall, screaming out my brothers’ names.

Victoria was on her way to our house, while Bella was on the edge of death. I resented the wolves more now as they had blocked our only way of seeing outside this house and keeping Bella safe – through Alice’s visions.

My thoughts were interrupted by sound like tearing metal. The loudest, most agonizing scream I had ever heard came from Bella, instantly making me turn around to her.

Bella’s eyes were scrunched up in pain again, and screams escaped her throat. The child was using its own teeth to tear its way out.

“EDWARD!” Bella screeched, gasping.

“It’s progressing quicker than I thought. We need to get him out now. Edward, I need to your help. Emmett and Jasper can take care of Victoria.” Carlisle’s voice was urgent. He picked up the scalpel, but I placed my hand over it, stopping him.

“The morphine!” I growled, not wanting Bella to be in any more pain.

“There’s no time!” Carlisle insisted. I reluctantly removed my hand, but at the same time, another tearing metal noise came from Bella’s stomach. She screamed again, and curled backwards on the table. Her bloodshot eyes were wide open but unfocused, staring at the ceiling and her face was turning blue. Carlisle brought the scalpel down on Bella’s stomach, puncturing the skin and running it along the width of her abdomen. I stopped mid-breath and held it. Blood pooled over where the knife met with her skin, like a bucket being tipped over.

The monster within me thrived at the sight of the luscious crimson colour. The colour was so delicious, so appetizing. Would it really hurt to take one little breath?

No. I stopped the too appealing thought in its tracks. I forced my eyes off of the ruby coloured blood and looked towards Bella’s face to try and distract myself.

She was staring at me, wide eyed, biting her lip to try and stop screaming. Whimpers escaped instead. Her cheeks were stained with tears, while new ones appeared running down them.

I couldn’t speak, although I wanted to. If I only as much as opened my mouth and said a single word, the temptation to breathe in the heavenly scent of her blood would be too much. And I would kill her myself. My throat ached and burned to be so close to her blood.

I cupped her cheek with one of my hands, and held her hand with my other, in some small hope to soothe her from this torture. I leant down far enough so she could rest her head on the side of my chest, holding her against me.

The sounds of tearing metal rose again, and agonizing screams came from Bella’s throat as she started to thrash around. I held her tighter, and using one arm, I gently pinned her to the table, still holding her close to me.

“Stay with me, Bella. Don’t leave me,” I pleaded again in tearless sobs.

I looked over to Carlisle, and his face was against the big bulge which was Bella’s stomach. Using his teeth he tore away at the vampire skin that was separating the child from us.

I looked back to Bella who was turning a scary shade of white under the big lights above. Her thrashing about in my stone grasp suddenly came to a standstill. It was then that I knew it was out of her. I loosened my grip on her ever so slightly.

I turned my head and Carlisle was holding a small, bloody bundle in his arms.

A little boy. Carlisle’s thoughts informed me. A little boy. I had a son.

“Let me...let me see.” Bella croaked. She was weakly trying to lift her arms.

I couldn’t deny Bella anything. With what she had gone through, she deserved to see our son. With my breath still held in my lungs, I gestured for Carlisle to pass me my son. Carlisle, with slight hesitation, passed me my child. I cradled him awkwardly in my arms. He was warm blooded. The heat to my icy skin felt like fire – fire which I was willing to receive.

My son opened his eyelids and stared at me with his emerald green eyes. Eyes that I hadn’t seen in over ninety years. My human eyes. The way he looked at me wasn’t at all childlike. The look in his eyes was like he knew everything that was going on around him. Almost like an adult. He had the same bronze hair colour as me, and a similar texture. But that was all. The rest of him was all my beautiful Bella. His heart shaped face was the same as hers, along with his nose and full lips. His skin was ivory, slightly paler than a human. Rosy cheeks contrasted perfectly. His heartbeat was faster than a human’s heart. It was like a humming bird’s wings. Not a second had passed, and Bella was still waiting with limp open arms. I gently pressed him against her so she could cradle him. But I still carried his weight.

“A baby boy, Bella,” I spoke softly and carefully, knowing no one had spoken yet and also resisting the urge to draw in another breath. She looked down on him and new tears welled in her eyes. Not from pain, but from happiness.

“My baby...boy, so...beautiful,” she murmured, catching breaths in between her words. The morphine was finally spreading, making her eyelids droop ever so slightly.

We need to change her, son. She’s not going to last much longer, Carlisle’s sad thoughts informed me. Almost in unison to Carlisle’s words, Bella’s hands dropped and her heartbeat began to slow and deteriorate rapidly.

I backed away from Bella, allowing Carlisle to get better access. Carlisle quickly went to her throat, her wrists and the crease inside her arm. Biting and injecting the agonizing venom that would save my Bella.

“Edward?” Rosalie’s voice came from just outside the door. “Give him to me, Edward. I’ve got it under control. Go help your brothers.”

I took one last look at my son before I handed him over to Rosalie, who had her arms out ready. She cradled him against her, picking up a towel, which was on the side. She walked carefully back down the hall. I felt like she’d taken a part of me with her.

I turned back to see Carlisle doing compressions on Bella’s heart, and blowing air into her lungs. Forcing a response out of her heart.

My own heart felt as if it was in my throat.

Carlisle stopped doing the compressions and bit her again once on the neck, sweeping his tongue over the gashes to keep the blood in. Without thinking, I quickly ran to the side of Bella and placed my hands over her chest while Carlisle forced more venom into her system.

One. Two. Three. Four.

I kept the compressions steady, willing for her heart to be stronger.

“She’s going to be fine! There’s too much venom in her system not to,” Carlisle assured me. “Go help your brothers. They’ll need you. We can’t risk Victoria coming here.” His thoughts pictured Victoria getting to Bella and the baby. I couldn’t let that happen, but I didn’t want to leave the love of my existence here begging for her life.

Carlisle was a trained doctor and would do everything in his power to save Bella. I knew that. I wasn’t much help being here. I couldn’t as much as breathe or speak. Let alone help by biting Bella.

I leaned down over her, still keeping the air in my lungs, and kissed her lightly on the cheek sending my throat alight. I ignored the burn and whispered in her ear, “I love you.” I hoped with all of the hope I had that she heard me.

I sped out of Carlisle’s office, down the stairs, and out the door. I followed Emmett and Jasper’s scent easily, it leading me through the forest.

I kicked my legs behind me as hard as I could to make me faster as I ran. Their trail got stronger until I finally met up with them on the other side of the forest. Their thoughts acknowledged my arrival.

“Is Bella...?” Emmett asked anxiously, thinking the worst. I saw my horrified and distressed expression in his thoughts.

“She’s lost a lot of blood. Carlisle’s changing her now.” My voice sounded flat and emotionless. Like a robot. “She had a boy.”

Emmett and Jasper’s thoughts picked up on the detail of me having a son. They had previously wondered if the child was going to be a boy or girl.

I could see my son’s face in my mind now. It relieved a fraction of the stress and worry I felt for Bella, but only a little. My heard ached to be near her, to make sure she was fine and well – and alive.

Part of me believed when I returned, she would be dead and that we were too late in saving her. That she had died for her son. Our son. She hadn’t even named him.

Jasper, sensing my mood, spoke. “She’ll be okay, Edward. The venom will save her in time,” he tried to assure me. I nodded and changed the subject.

“When did Alice say Victoria,” I snarled her name, “will arrive?”

“Any minute now.” Emmett’s voice was anxious. “Alice thinks the wolves intercepted her course, making her come here to check first for Bella.”

I listened out for any thoughts that were around apart from my family.

Bella will get the slow and agonizing death she deserves. No one will stand in my way. Not even her precious Edward.