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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


20. Chapter 20

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She was near – very near. She was no farther than seven seconds away.

“Get ready,” I warned my brothers. They immediately turned to the direction I was facing. We could now hear the slight crunch of the twigs on the ground as Victoria pressed on them while running and the snapping noise of the branches as they whipped at her.
I quickly worked over several strategies in my head depending on what Victoria would choose.

If she went straight for the house, we would run after her. She was fast, but I was faster. My brother’s though, weren’t. I’d have to fight her alone.

If she fought us first, we’d be able to take her down. I hoped. According to Alice, and also Victoria’s thoughts, she was alone. I just had to hope that fact was true. I couldn’t hear anyone else approaching.

We could see her in the distance now. She was running at full speed but when she spotted us, her pace slowed ever so slightly.

How did they know I was coming? Her thoughts were confused.

Victoria was oblivious to the fact my family and I had certain abilities. She wouldn’t have known Alice would’ve had a vision of her arrival or that I would have heard her thoughts.

I sunk into a crouched position, as did my brothers. They were snarling and ready to pounce at any given chance.

She was apprehensive. She didn’t know we would be here. She was obviously counting on a surprise attack. Jasper’s tone of thought was disgusted.

Victoria’s thoughts suddenly became determined. I could see what she was seeing, and everything was completely red with anger. The rage she felt towards me over killing James was driving her to the point of insanity. But part of her thoughts confused me. She didn’t want to kill me. No, she wanted to leave me alive. She wanted to kill my Bella, my love, my soul and make me suffer with the despair of losing everything I loved. She wanted me to experience what she went through when James was killed. There was not a chance she was going to get her way. I growled, my lips curling over my teeth.

She turned direction slightly, avoiding us and kicked towards the house faster than I would have thought possible. I charged after her. I wouldn’t let her near my family. Near my son. Near my Bella.

I ran through the woods after her, speeding my way around the trees, dodging them. I could hear the footsteps of my brothers fading into the distance behind me. I caught up to Victoria, pounced, and slammed into her. The sound was like two crashing boulders, reverberating throughout the forest. I pinned her to the ground using all of my strength. She struggled underneath me, snapping her teeth near my throat. I needed my brother’s help. I wasn’t going to be able to hold her down for much longer. Being so thirsty made me weak and I could feel my arms beginning to lose strength, weaken.

We’ve got your back, bro. Emmett thought. I heard the sounds of tearing metal as Emmett ripped off Victoria’s arm and Jasper ripped off one of her legs. Victoria screamed in excruciating pain - pain that she more than deserved. The sounds of her tearing skin brought back to many painful memories. Recent memories of Bella in agony as my son ripped free from her. My concentration faltered for only a fraction of a second, but it proved just long enough as I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck.

I hissed as I ripped my neck free from Victoria’s teeth. I could feel the sting of the venom as it made an attempt to spread through my dead veins.

Jasper immediately punched her head back, making it push through a few inches into the ground. A crack appeared, lining the front of her throat. She screeched in anguish, and in one clean sweep, Jasper connected his teeth to her neck and ripped it off. He threw it to the side and her head rolled a few metres away, her fiery hair flying behind in a tangled arc.

The rest of her body was still twitching, so Emmett ripped part of her torso off, throwing it in a pile next to her head. Next was her other leg and her other arm. I shied away from the sick, familiar noise as I held the remaining parts of her down while Jasper and Emmett tore at them, shredding her into pieces.

I had relished in the fact that I would be the one to kill Victoria and make her suffer. But being as weak as I was meant I couldn’t be as much help to my brothers as they tore her into shreds.

Once there was a pile of the remaining parts of Victoria, I turned my back to get wood to help burn the pieces. Jasper placed a hand on my shoulder, sending calming waves.

“We’ll sort it out. You need to go hunt and then go back to Bella. I’m sure she needs you, as does your son.”

I nodded. I needed to hunt first before I returned home. My family was my first priority, nothing came before them and in that case they needed to be safe. I wasn’t in any state to be around them. I hoped with all that I had the venom had worked with Bella.

I had always dreaded Bella becoming one of us. Now I hoped that she was. Our son was also half-human. Blood ran through his veins, and he had a heartbeat. Would Bella be able to see him after she was changed? I hoped so.

There was another forest around here that had a near constant amount of elk and deer. I ran, pushing my legs as fast as they would go. I arrived five minutes later, although I should have been quicker. I felt pathetic being so weak.

Surrounded by trees, I closed my eyes and listened, breathing in deep. My nostrils flared. Three different heartbeats ringed through my ears making venom pool in my mouth. My stomach twisted with the hunger, which was an echo of the thirst. The sound was so appetizing, so delicious, I acted without thinking. My hunting instincts took over and I thundered towards the delicious smell and sound.

The detail on the trees, the leaves and the grooves on the bark were all pin sharp. But they were also blurred. I didn’t take in any of my surroundings as much as I did before. My thoughts centered on the concealed blood that I could now smell.

My throat burned and I felt like I had fire licking up the sides of my throat. It was a good burn though, as part of my mind registered that it would soon be muted.

I could now see several elk and deer ahead of me, several unsuspecting, mouth-watering elk and deer. The smallest part of my humanity that stayed with me was horrified at how dominant the monster inside of me had become.

I lunged for one, aiming for the throat. I sunk my teeth into the warm, soft flesh and let the warm blood slide down my throat. It already started cooling the flame, but only a little. I needed more.

The deer struggled underneath my grasp and I could hear the sound of footsteps running away from me as the other animals ran scared. They wouldn’t be able to run fast enough though.

I drained the animal until its heartbeat slowed to a gradual stop and there was not a drop of blood left. I dropped the bloodless carcass, and chased towards the other animals that had scattered. The smouldering burn was still the only thing I could feel. The scalding pain in my throat was overshadowing everything else, including the sting in my neck where Victoria had bitten me.

I caught up to the remaining animals and drained several more. I drank until I was no longer thirsty and it was safe to return to my family.

For what seemed like the longest time, but also the shortest, my thirst was subdued. I could feel my strength returning to me.

I started to breathe in an odd, but familiar scent. The smell was sweet but very heavy and made my nose burn ever so slightly. Not from thirst but from disgust.

I looked up into the sky and saw, from the direction of the other side of the forest, a purplish black smoke rising from the trees and engulfing them. That was where the sickly sweet smell was coming from. At least now I knew Victoria was dead.

My thoughts concentrated on Bella. I didn’t want to be pessimistic and expect her to be dead, but I didn’t want to be optimistic and expect her to be alive. Either way, one of those realities was going to be true.

I raced through the trees back to the house. I was thankful I was able to run faster than before. I kicked my legs behind me, using my strength to push me forward faster.

I arrived at the house five minutes later. I practically kicked the doors down in my way, not bothering to open them. They were only slowing me down.


Is she dead? Where’s Jasper and Emmett? Are they safe?

Little baby boy...

The thoughts of my family entered my mind. I didn’t stop to answer their thoughts. My mind was centred on Bella. I needed to know. Her life was my own. We were two parts of one whole. If one of us died, the other one couldn’t survive.

I dashed up the stairs and into Carlisle’s office. Carlisle was sitting in his chair that was pulled up to the side of the table in the middle of the room. Laid out on the table was Bella’s unmoving body.

I froze in the doorway and stared in horror. Why wasn’t she moving?

Screaming? Begging for us to kill her?

Carlisle looked up at my frozen form. “Edward?”

I didn’t know how I managed to find my voice. “Is- is she—“

Carlisle turned back to Bella. “She’s been like this since your son was born. But the important thing is that she’s alive.”


That’s when I heard it. A strong, healthy, quickening beat….

The beat of a changing heart.

She was alive!

A choked sob escaped my throat as I slid down the doorframe and onto the floor, no longer able to hold myself up.