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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


6. Chapter 6

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I slowly felt my consciousness coming back to me. I gradually opened my eyes, but had to close them again as I was blinded by the sunlight. I felt a cool breeze brush past me, and then suddenly it was darker behind my eye lids. I opened my eyes again, and noticed the curtains had been drawn shut. I turned my head and saw Emmett sitting in the chair next to me, smiling.

“Morning, sleepy head,” he chuckled.

“Morning,” My voice was hoarse. Suddenly, he was handing me a glass of water.

“Thanks,” I muttered. After I took a sip, he took it back from me. Yesterday’s events were suddenly replaying in my head.

“Did you speak to Carlisle?” I asked.

“I did, and he’ll be here in a few hours or so. Esme is coming, too. You slept for a long time,” he said, although I had a feeling he was hiding something from me.

“What is it?” I asked. He let out a sigh.

“He’s very concerned about the pregnancy. He’s never heard of a human carrying a vampire’s baby before,” he said, worry lines etching on his forehead.

I knew that, but there was another question I needed answering.

“Have um...you or Carlisle...talked to uh...” I couldn’t bring myself to say his name.

“Edward?” he asked softly. I nodded.

“He usually gets in contact with Carlisle every two weeks or so. We called his cell phone, but it’s switched off. We left a message.” he confessed. “Carlisle heard from him about a week ago.”
Even when he got in contact, would he come? He would have to come and see his child, wouldn’t he? And why was he only keeping in contact with him every 2 weeks?

“What was the message?” I whispered.

“Just saying to get in contact with us urgently, we don’t need him freaking out just yet,” he chuckled.

“Have you spoken to Alice?” I asked.

“She was the second person I rang. She can’t see you. It’s just blank. Neither me nor Carlisle know why,” he informed me. “She’s meeting us back at the house in Forks with Jasper and Rosalie, since it’s the closest to Seattle.”

“We’re going back to Forks?” I gasped. He nodded.

“Carlisle’s ordered some equipment to be sent to there,” Emmett revealed. Equipment? I guess they’d need to check that the baby’s alright.

I didn’t think that we would be going back to Forks. Someone would be bound to notice us. But what about Charlie? Forks is such a small town that even if one person spotted us, the whole town would know.

“Someone will see-” I was cut off by a stabbing pain in my stomach. I held my hand to my mouth and crouched over the side of the bed. Luckily, Emmett had a bowl underneath my chin just in time.

When I was done, I grabbed a tissue from the side table and wiped my mouth. I leaned back into the pillows.

“Sorry,” I whispered, embarrassed.

“You missed me, so no worries, Bella,” he chuckled, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

Although the sickness was gone, I was still getting sharp pains in my abdomen. I clutched my stomach and bit my lip to stop myself from crying out.

“Kicking?” Emmett guessed. I couldn’t speak, so I let out a little whimper and nodded. After a few minutes the pain was starting to subside, and I could open my eyes.

“Carlisle?” I heard Emmett ask. I looked in his direction, and saw Emmett on the phone.

“I just wanted to know if you had any advice for when the...uh...fetus kicks?” There was a pause while Carlisle spoke. A fetus? Why would Emmett call my baby a fetus? “Yes, yes I will. See you soon, Carlisle.” He hung up. He turned his attention to me.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing much we can do when the kicks start. You’ll just have to hang in there until Carlisle gets here, which won’t be too long now,” he said with a sad smile on his face. I nodded.

“You were saying before? He asked.

“Someone’s bound to notice us, Emmett. It’s such a small town” I insisted.

“Got it covered, Bella. We’ll drive back in Carlisle’s Mercedes. The windows are tinted so no one will see us,” he reassured me.

“You’re sure?” I asked.

He looked me in the eyes. “I’m sure.”

I nodded and pulled down the covers to reveal my stomach. I pulled up my sweat shirt, and we both gasped at the same time. My stomach was bigger, and had a few more bruises. You could barely see any skin that wasn’t bruised. I pulled the sweatshirt down and sank back into the pillows.

“Emmett?” I asked.

“Yes, Bella?” he answered. How would I start? I don’t want to be rude.

“Why did you call my baby a fetus?” I said, looking into his eyes.

He seemed to think this over for a few seconds. A normal human wouldn’t notice, but I did.

“It’s only because Carlisle doesn’t know what this baby is,” he said with a warm smile on his face. “It’s easier to call it a fetus.”

“Oh...okay,” I murmured.

“Are you hungry? Carlisle reminded me that you need to eat,” he chuckled.

I thought about that for a moment, and realised I was starving.

“Starving,” I breathed.

“I’ll be right back. Will you be alright here while I’m gone?” he asked.

“I’ll be fine,” I promised. He handed me his phone before he left, just in case.

After a few minutes, though, as expected, he was back.

“Still in one piece?” he sniggered.

“I think so,” I joked.

“Here,” he handed me a plastic bag. “I hope this will be alright, I’m not really sure what humans like for food.”

I emptied the contents onto my lap. There was a sandwich wrapped in packaging along with some crisps.

“They were both together when I found them, so I guessed they would go together,” he admitted.

“They do. Thanks,” I said as I unwrapped the packaging on the sandwich. I took a bite along with a few crisps. Emmett had a smug look on his face for finding something that I could eat. I didn’t realise how hungry I was, but, when I thought about it, I hadn’t eaten in almost 24 hours.

When I was done, I stuffed the empty packaging in the bag. But, before I could depose of it, Emmett took it from me.

I suddenly realised I needed the toilet badly. I guess being pregnant did that to you.

I threw my legs over the side of the bed and, using my arms, I started to get up, only to be pushed down by Emmett.

“Bella, anything you need, I’ll get it for you,” he commanded.

“But I was just-” I said as I tried to get up again.

“Bella, what ever you need, I’ll go get for you. Now, what do you need?” he asked.

I suppose I should just come out and say it.

“I need to use the bathroom,” I mumbled.

Awkwardness crossed his face.

“Umm...” he started.

“Don’t worry, I can go by myself,” I winked.

“Just call out if something happens, okay?” he asked, uncertain.

“I will,” I promised.

I started to get up again, only this time, Emmett was helping me. He helped steady me once I was standing up. Once I was up, I felt really heavily pregnant. My stomach was much bigger than I remembered it to be.

“Gosh, what do you think I could pass for now?” I joked.

“Seven months, although I know better,” he winked.

I managed to wobble my way over to the bathroom. I didn’t lock the door in case of an emergency, although I’m sure a lock wouldn’t be too much trouble for Emmett.

When I was finished, I looked in the bathroom mirror. I looked extremely thin in the face, and I had dark circles under my eyes. They were more noticeable with my pale complexion, which was more white than ivory. My hair was all messy, so I pulled the hair band out of my hair, collected all the hair that had come loose and tied it back in another pony tail. I suddenly felt extremely sick. I ran over to the toilet, and just in time, brought up my lunch.

When I was finished, there was suddenly a towel in front of me.

“Thanks,” I said, as I wiped my mouth.

“No problem,” Emmett replied.

I rested my head against the shower.

“I’m sorry you got sucked into this Emmett,” I said as I closed my eyes from exhaustion.

“I didn’t get sucked into this, Bella. I chose to help you. Now, come on. Let’s get you to bed,” he said as he picked me up. He laid me on the bed.

“Carlisle said get plenty of rest,” he said while he pulled the covers back over me. “He will be here when you wake up,” I heard Emmet say before I gently closed my eyes and fell asleep.