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Undying Love

When Edward left in New Moon, Bella finds out she's pregnant. But carrying a vampire's baby isn't going to be easy! What will she do? Will she survive? Will she ever see Edward again? SM Pregnancy Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


7. Chapter 7

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I felt a cold, hard hand on my forehead. I immediately thought of Edward. Had he heard the phone message and come back for me?

I opened my eyes and saw Carlisle sitting on the bed next to me. It was his hand on my forehead.

“Carlisle,” I breathed.

“Oh, Bella...We should have never left. I’m so sorry,” Carlisle apologised.

“You didn’t know,” I reassured him. “I didn’t know.” He smiled warmly at me.

“How are you feeling?” he asked. I guessed he’d need to know the truth.

“A little sore,” I confessed.

“Do you mind?” he asked, gesturing towards my belly. I was confused by what he meant. Oh, he wanted to check my stomach. I nodded.

He slowly pulled down the covers, and lifted up my sweatshirt, along with my t-shirt to the very top of my stomach. I heard him take in a shaky breath when he saw the bruises. He gently pushed on my abdomen and I winced.

“Sorry,” he apologised. After a few more minutes of examining, he pulled my sweatshirt back down.

“Bella, do you know the conception date?” he asked me. Of course I knew it. It hurt to even think about it. That was the day he lied to me the most.

“September 12th,” I whispered.

“And you’re sure that was the date?” he asked gently.

“I’m sure,” I muttered. “It was the day before my birthday.” A sad look appeared on Carlisle’s face, but he quickly rearranged his features.

“Emmett’s just checking out. Are you ready to leave?” he asked.

“Um...Okay,” I mumbled as I swung my legs over the side. Carlisle helped steady me when I was up.

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom,” I said, inclining my head towards the bathroom door.

“Are you alright by yourself?” he enquired.

“I’ll manage,” I assured him.

“Okay. Oh, I got these for you.” He leaned over the side of the bed and picked up a carrier bag. He handed it to me.

“They’re maternity clothes,” he explained. “Emmett said you were bursting out of your current ones.” He gave a light chuckle.

“Thanks,” I smiled. “For everything,”

“It’s not a problem, Bella.” He said wholeheartedly.

I made my way over to the bathroom and shut the door behind me once again.

When I was done, I peaked inside the bag. There was some sweatpants, a cotton t-shirt and a new sweatshirt, all maternity size. Once I put them on I felt a lot better. For one, they were clean, and two, they actually fit. I noticed there was something else in the bag. I pulled them out and noticed it was a pair of new shoes. When I thought about it, my feet were feeling more squished. After I put them on, and stuffed all of my old clothes in the bag, a pain stabbed me in the stomach.

“Ahhh...!” I screamed, sliding to the floor clutching my belly. Not a second later Carlisle was at my side.

“Bella let me take a look,” he said urgently.

“Just...hold...on a...second,” I panted.

“Bella, I need to make sure nothing’s broken,” he insisted.

He moved my arms away and gently pushed my ribs to make sure nothing was broken. After a few minutes he seemed content that there was nothing fractured.

“Is the pain better?” he asked.

“Better,” I allowed.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he helped me up. “We’ll take care of this.”

Take care of this? He obviously meant helping me get through this. The pain was now a distant ache and I was able to walk.

I assured him I was alright now and I made my way towards the bedroom. Carlisle picked up the carrier bag and with the other arm, supporting me all the way towards the lobby.

As we walked out the doors, I noticed Carlisle’s Mercedes parked in the lot.

Carlisle opened the door for me and I slid in. I noticed Emmett in the back seat next to me.

“Are you sure you’re alright sitting in the back with me?” I asked Emmett.

“Of course,” he smirked. “Just in case you need to get out the car quick, I’ll be here.” He promised. I smiled.

“What about the Jeep?” I asked.

“No worries. I’ll get someone to pick it up for me. It’s more important we get you home safe.”

“Thanks,” I said as I rested my head against the head rest. Carlisle started the car and we were on our way to Forks. After a few minutes, Emmett broke the silence.

“New clothes?” he asked, trying to make conversation.

“Yeah, Carlisle got them for me. It’s nice to have some clothes that fit,” I chuckled. Then I remembered.

“Oh, Carlisle, I never got a chance to thank you for them,” I mentioned.

“It’s not a problem, Bella. I was happy to help,” Carlisle insisted, although there was a hint of sadness in his voice.

After about an hour of driving, I was starting to feel a bit of nausea. I put both hands on my stomach. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths.

“Can you pull over?” I asked quietly.

A couple of seconds later Carlisle had pulled over and Emmett was carrying me out the car quickly, at human speed though as people could see us.

When I was done being sick, Carlisle handed me a towel.

“Thanks,” I muttered as I wiped my mouth.

“Just a couple more hours and we’ll be back in Forks,” Carlisle assured me. I nodded.

I climbed back into the back seat along with Emmett, and Carlisle set off again. I yawned quietly, but of course, being in a car with two vampires, I didn’t get away with it.

“Go to sleep, Bella,” Emmett insisted.

“I’m alright,” I tried to reassure him. “It feels like sleeping is the only thing I’ve been doing for the past couple days,” I tried to convince them, although I sounded very tired.

“Bella,” Carlisle said in a serious tone. “We don’t know what the fetus is doing to your body. The best thing you can do is to try and rest to build up your strength.”

“’Kay,” I yawned again, as I shifted myself so I was lying down on the seat, resting my head on my arms. I felt my legs being shifted. I looked up and noticed Emmett had moved my legs onto his lap so I could stretch out more. We both smiled at each other for a second before I lied back down again and fell asleep.

When I woke, I sat up and looked out the window. We were in Forks.

“Bella?” Emmett asked. “Are you alright?”

“Hmm...” I turned to look at him. He looked wary. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just can’t believe I’m...we’re...back in Forks,” I smiled sadly.

Carlisle turned off at a road, which I noticed was their driveway.

After a few miles we were greeted by their big white house. Emmett helped me out of the car, and walked me up the porch steps to the front door. I assumed Carlisle was walking behind us, but in a blink, he was in front of us, holding the door open. I smiled at him as Emmett walked me inside.

“Bella!” A whirlwind sang as she flew down the stairs, almost crashing into me.

“Alice,” I breathed as she wrapped me in a hug. “I missed you.”

“Wow.” She let me out of the hug and looked at my stomach. “Emmett said you looked big, but I didn’t think this,” she paused and gestured toward my belly, “big.”

“Emmett said you couldn’t see me,” I whispered.

“I can’t!” she exclaimed. “It’s driving me crazy! If you weren’t standing in front of me now, I’d say you were dead.” I flinched when she said dead.

“I’m sure it’s just the...fetus doing that. Don’t worry,” She tried to reassure me, although she still seemed worried. Why was everyone calling my baby a fetus?

“Carlisle, all the equipment has arrived. I’ve moved it all up to your study,” Alice informed him.

“Thank you, Alice. I’ll just go and make sure everything is in working order,” Carlisle said as he flew up the stairs.

My baby kicked again. I squeezed my eyes shut and clutched my stomach. I’m sure I would’ve fallen over if Emmett wasn’t supporting me.

Suddenly I felt as if I was being sat down. The pain was now mostly gone, so I opened my eyes. Alice was kneeling in front of me clearly shaken.

“Sorry,” I apologised.

“Bella, you have absolutely nothing to apologise for,” she insisted.

“Where is Rosalie?” Emmett asked.

“She went with Jasper since there are two cars to pick up,” she told him.

“Has there been any word from Edward?” Emmett asked Alice. I flinched when he said his name.

“None. I would go and find him, but he’s always changing his mind where he’s going. He’s never in one place long enough,” she replied, seeming slightly annoyed.

Carlisle came down stairs, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Bella, when you’re ready, we’ll start the procedure.”

This confused me. Procedure?

“Procedure?” I asked. His facial expression changed, making it obvious that this was the question he didn’t want me to ask.

“To terminate the pregnancy,” he said sadly.