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One day when the family goes hunting, Emmett stays behind. What happens when he gets bored in Alice's closet and Rosalie's make-up.


2. Rosalie's make-up

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Bella's POV

Yes Emmmett, fall asleep, I thought to myself. That giant bear of a thing put rotten eggs in my closet. This will tell him not to mess with me again.

"Bella, I'm tired..." He slurred.

"Good , That will teach you to put rotten eggs in my closet." I snickered. Once he fell asleep I saw that Rosalie had her make-up on the sink counter. Mwa ha ha ha. This was going to be great revenge. I grabbed bright red lipstick and smeared it on his lips. There was a hot pink eye shawdow next to the sink. I grabbed that and applied it to his eye lids.

Once I was done with his make-up I posed him for a picture I was going to take. I grabbed the tiara from by bag and placed it on his head. I snapped the picture and captioned it as Princess Emmett. I sent it to Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme. I went down stairs and waited for my big brother to wake up and my family to come home.

My phone vibrated and I saw that it was a text message from Rosalie.

Rosalie: WAT DID U DO 2 MY HUSBAND!!!!!

Bella: He was already in the dress when I found him. I just put the make-up and tiara on him... Tell Alice I said thnk u plz.

Rosalie: Fine.... And wat he do to deserve that.



Bella: Ya..... Can't wait till he wakes up.

Rosalie: Take a video of it and send it 2 me plz...

Bella: Yes ma'am.

About an hour later Emmett came down stairs. I was video taping his reaction when he past the mirror.

"BELLA!!!!!!!" Emmett screamed.

"Yes?" I said in a little sweet innocent voice. I stopped the video and sent it to my family.

It was a fun day at the Cullen house.