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Elissa Uley

20 years ago, Joshua Uley left La Push. Now, Elissa and her brother have returned to find Sam Uley. What do they have in common that could change the pack forever? JacobXOOC, LeahxOOC, T for violence, No Nessie! This isn't JacobxLeah compatible


1. Chapter 1

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The first thing I thought when I woke up was that my father should have been home by now. I got up and did my daily rituals, having a shower, blow drying my short, black hair, eating breakfast and brushing my teeth. I did it in a daze though, my thoughts on my father and brothers. I waited around for an hour after I got up, hoping that he would come through the front door with my band of brothers behind him. But it didn't happen. When the clock ticked over into the second hour, I got up off the sofa and decided to do some chores.

I decided to chop some wood. I went around the back of the house where my dad normally chopped wood. I wouldn't really call our house a house. It was more of a cabin in the middle of the woods. But don't think because we lived in a cabin we were poor. Our cabin was massive, three stories with large bay windows in the front. We had an indoor pool as well. We lived high up on a mountain and the view was amazing and sometimes I could sit for hours just sitting on my balcony and watching the panorama before me. We barely had any contact with the outside world except for the occasional visits into town to buy new clothes and luxuries.

I shook myself out of my daydream and walked around the corner to the clearing behind our cabin. The axe was sticking out of a tree stump and it was easy to work it out of the rotting wood. I picked up a large chunk and brought the axe down through the wood like a knife through melted butter. It was actually easier than I had expected. I picked up the next chunk and before I knew it I had a large pile of chopped wood beside me. I threw the axe down into the stump and started taking the wood inside. I was on my third trip back when my eldest brother stumbled out of the forest naked and covered from head to toe in blood.

I dropped my armful of cut wood instantly, some of it landing on my foot.

"What happened?" I asked, rushing forward to help my brother. No sooner had I put my arm around him, he was violently sick, coughing up bright red blood. I tried to walk forward but my brother was a dead weight in my arms. He had passed out from shock. I used all my strength and tugged and pulled my brother inside. I tried to put him down as gently as possible on the white leather couch but he groaned and rolled away from me, nearly rolling off the couch all together. That was going to stain, I thought as I hurried to get a bucket of warm water and a first aid kit.

I gently washed my brother down, avoiding his man parts as best I could. Once I had him as I could get him I checked him for any major injuries. He was alright in that department with only a large gash down his left cheek. I left it because I knew it would heal before the day was done. I went up to his room and brought back a pile of his clothing. Cut off jeans and a ripped tee were the best I could do. As I came down the stairs I saw my brother trying to sit up. I went past the kitchen and grabbed him a glass of water. I placed his clothes on the glass coffee table and helped him up.

"Put some clothes on and yell for me when you're done." I told him. I walked out and went to grab some aspirin from under the bathroom sink. I brought it back down and was glad to see my brother had clothes on.

"What happened?" I asked, sitting next to him on the sofa and handing him the aspirin. He took it thankfully and gulped it down. He waited a few moments before he launched into his story.

"We caught the scent around a mile west and followed it for a day. It lead nowhere in particular so we decided it was no threat. We just turned back when they attacked. There were so many! At least 5, I think. We were all fighting when Jack jumped on one. I swear it happened so quickly. One minute he was gnashing his teeth at the monster the next he was lying on the ground with his throat ripped out. We fought but they killed nearly everyone. Dad and I were the only ones left. He told me to come back here and get you..." My brother broke down, weeping into my shoulder.

I was numb all over. Everything I had ever known had just been ripped away, like an old band aid. I was in shock. I was so out of it I didn't even hear them coming. One minute I was sitting there with my brother the next I was being pushed far too roughly against the wall of the kitchen. In front of me was the single most beautiful and scary thing I had ever seen. He was tall, a good 6 foot 5 with black hair he was covered in blood, but something told me that it wasn't his. What freaked me out the most were the eyes. They were blood red. I gulped and tried to move away. He just smiled sadistically.

"Who are you?" I asked, trying to make my voice sound stronger than it actually was. It didn't work and my voice sounded as thin as a reed pipe. He pushed my harder against the wall and I actually felt the wall crumble a bit beneath the force. He brought his face towards mine and licked my cheek. I shuddered in absolute disgust at what he did.

"I am your worst nightmare" He hissed.