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Elissa Uley

20 years ago, Joshua Uley left La Push. Now, Elissa and her brother have returned to find Sam Uley. What do they have in common that could change the pack forever? JacobXOOC, LeahxOOC, T for violence, No Nessie! This isn't JacobxLeah compatible


2. Chapter 2

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Here you guys go, the next chapter, all thanks to my absolutely amazing beta, CassidieDream. She deserves a big round of applause for fixing up all the mistake I make, which is a lot sometimes. What am I saying? Iy'm a fantastiker speler!

Chapter 2

His sickly sweet breath washed over my face, making me want to barf. He pushed me further into the wall and I could hear the audible cracks. His eyes swept up and down my body, as if just noticing my shorts and singlet. He licked his lips.

“Now what do we have here?” he asked, his eyes landing on my long brown legs that weren't covered. It made me feel sick. He trailed his free hand down from my shoulder to my waist digging his fingers in; bruising my skin. I tried to get out of his strong, vice-like grip, but that only caused him to hold on tighter. I growled, a deep growl from right down in my chest which would normally scare off my brothers but just made the demon man laugh, a deep vicious sound.

“You think you can scare me?” He asked, he easily lifted me from the ground and held me above the ground by the throat. I clawed at his iron hands, desperately trying to breathe. Spots of black erupted in my eyes. From this vantage point I could see another one in a deadly game of tag with my brother.

'What did you do to my brothers?” I choked out. He gripped tighter, causing my breath to come out in wheezes.

“Why we killed them of course. Now, why don't you stop fighting me and just relax. I'm sure my masters would let me have you as a play thing.” He grinned up at me and let go of my throat, making me fall to the floor. I gasped at the sudden release and tried to stand up. He grabbed a hold of my waist and pushed me against the wall his knee nudging my thighs apart. I closed my eyes as he grabbed my shorts and ripped them up the seam, causing them to fall down. I sobbed, and waited for the inevitable. Suddenly the weight of the man was lifted and I opened my eyes, relieved. But what I saw in front of me was worse.

My father, bleeding and limping, was fighting the demon man and my brother was fighting the other with renewed vigour, both of them indistinct blurs. I cowered on the floor, before getting the courage to stand up and take a few steps. The sight in front of me angered me. I was so unbelievably angry that these men, no, not even that, these devils thought they could just come in and take away everything that I loved. I started shaking, my eye sight turning red. My arms felt heavy and I collapsed to the floor, shaking violently. My muscled ached and my bones popped and suddenly I felt different.

My eyesight was sharper, seeing reds and blues more clearly. The fuzzy images of my father and brother before were now super clear and I could see every detail, every hair on my father's lithe body. My sense of smell was better and I could smell the acrid sweet stench of the monsters. I lifted my hand and saw... well it was no longer a hand. It was a paw. A pure white paw. I gasped and instead of my normal voice, a yipping sound came out of my throat. I looked around and saw the broken window where the monsters had entered the house, I walked to the window, still on my hand s and feet and looked saw my reflection.

I jumped back because the thing I saw in the window was not me. It was a pure white arctic wolf with not a single identifying mark. At first I thought it was standing outside but when I looked back I noticed the eyes. Light brown that were more gold that brown. The same eyes I saw every time I looked in the mirror. A ripping sound behind me caused me to look behind me. My brother had finally got in a blow on the demon man and had ripped his torso in two. He quickly flashed back and yelled at me.

“Lissa, control your emotions. Think of nothing and you'll turn back.” I only just understood him with the limited speech capabilities. He phased back I forced myself to think of white as my father had taught me. I imagined myself with mum, before she had gotten sick. I instantly calmed down and I felt the same feeling I had before - only in reverse. I stood up and looked down to be confronted with the sight of my naked body. The vampire my father was fighting looked at me and snarled, licking his lips. This gave my father a perfect opportunity to jump. The vampire went down.

I didn't stay around to watch: instead I ran upstairs and quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a singlet. I grabbed the emergency bag dad made us pack just in case a situation came up. I never thought I would have to use it but a lot of things had changed. I ran to my brother's and father's rooms and grabbed their bags as well as the things they loved most, mobiles, iPods and the little blue teddy bear that my mother had gotten for me when I was a baby. I ran back down stairs and grabbed the keys to the car and dad's wallet.

I ran back into the living to see father and brother lighting the remains of the demons on fire in the 2 metre wide fireplace. Father turned around and I gasped, seeing the bite on his shoulder.

“Papa!” I cried, grabbing the forgotten first aid box that had been thrown next to the fireplace. I forced him to the arm chair, the only piece of furniture that was still intact. He pushed me away.

“No, Elissa.” he said, sitting down gingerly. His face screwed itself up in pain. “It's too late; the venom has reached my bloodstream. I have a few minutes left.” I shook my head, tears coming to my eyes.

“I can save you, I know I can!” I said opening the first aid kit. His usually warm hand felt like normal temperature for once.

“No, Elissa. I love you but you can't save me. Before I go I need to tell you something. You are a shapeshifter like your brother.” I stared mutely at him.

“How is that possible? You told me it was impossible!” He coughed violently and leaned back in the chair.

“I thought it was. There has never been a female wolf in the history of the pack.” His body began to shake, as if he was about to transform, but I knew he wasn't. He breathed in heavily and exhaled. He gripped my brother's arm and looked him in the eyes and nodded once before he released a shaky breath and leaned back, perfectly still.

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