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Elissa Uley

20 years ago, Joshua Uley left La Push. Now, Elissa and her brother have returned to find Sam Uley. What do they have in common that could change the pack forever? JacobXOOC, LeahxOOC, T for violence, No Nessie! This isn't JacobxLeah compatible


3. Chapter 3

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Here you go. Yet again, my beta has done an amazing job. Seriously, I got chapter two, sent her the next one and half an hour later, poof! I've got a pretty little email with the chapter that is done with just as much meticulousness (is that a word?) as the last one. Well hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3

My brother took my arm and hauled me to my feet.

“Come on,” he urged, “We have to leave now. Dad wouldn't have been able to face all of those monsters by himself, the others will be regrouping and they will follow us.” He scooped up both mine and his bags and pushed me towards the stair case.

“Quickly change into something we can travel in while I get the car warmed up.” I nodded, unable to speak. I took the steps three at a time, my thighs aching from the transformation. I looked at the clock on my bedroom wall as I entered and I was startled to find that it had only been 13 minutes since I had first brought my brother inside.

I grabbed my hiking boots and leather jacket and threw them over the top of my shorts and singlet. I grabbed a cardigan for if I got too hot. I looked around my room, looking to see if I had left anything important behind. My eyes scanned over the useless junk and narrowed in on the picture left on my bed side table.

I picked it up cautiously, careful not to disturb the precarious pile of books including my mum's favourite, Alice in Wonderland. I looked at the family picture, stunned at how young we all looked. Dad didn't have his worry lines; instead he wore a care-free smile on his sun kissed brown face. Mum looked beautiful, the sunlight streaming through her auburn hair and making her green eyes seem as if they were on fire, contrasting heavily with her milk white skin.

I sighed; tucked the picture and mum's book into my pocket and turned and left the room, knowing that I would never see it again. I took the stairs two at a time and was back down at the car in 4 minutes, record timing for me. I thought I smelt something but I dismissed it as imaginary, caused by stress from what had happened earlier.

I studied the car for a second. It was an old car, even older than me a 1990 convertible in red with the top on. I opened the door and sat in the front seat. I released a shaky breath that I hadn't been aware I was holding.

I looked over to my brother and nodded, barely registering that he had changed into a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans covered by his favourite black leather jacket. He nodded back, just once, and his booted foot forced the pedal to the floor, almost breaking a hole in the still half closed roller door. It might have been an old car, but it certainly ran well. We were a hundred meters down the road when the house exploded into a gigantic ball of flame.

“Oh my God!” I yelled, twisting in my seat to see the remains of my childhood go up in smoke, literally. I remembered the smell and I turned sharply to my brother.

“You did this!” I yelled. “What about all the stuff we didn't have time to get, what about all the photo albums and mum's wedding dress? I thought we were going to come back and get it...” He roughly grabbed my arm and forced me to look at him.

“Lissa, enough. I grabbed the albums and the dress, but they're not important.” I stared at him, my mouth falling into a perfect 'o' shape. How could he say that? They were the only things left to remind us about her. He pulled on my arm again, forcing me to focus.

“You seriously don't understand how much danger we are in, do you?” I shook my head, not knowing what he was going on about.

He sighed and ran a hand over his face, his eyes never leaving the road.

“What has dad told you about us?” I screwed my nose up in concentration, trying to remember the time when dad had sat me down and explained what exactly happened to him and my brothers.

“That we are descended from someone called... um... Tahi Kaki? And that you all have a mutant gene that makes you transform into a giant wolf whenever you want?” My brother laughed, a really deep baritone sound that reverberated through his chest like a gong.

“Something along the lines of that, Yes. We are descendents of Taha Aki, a native American from the Quileute tribe that had the ability to transform into a wolf at will. The story goes that the Quileute tribe were spirit warriors, able to leave there bodies. Anyway, something happened to Taha Aki's body and he was trapped out of it. He asked a wolf, a larger one than normal if he could share his body and the wolf said yes. Um -” My brother paused and thought to himself for a minute, as if he too had forgotten the story. I really hadn't, I just wanted to hear it from him.

“Something happened to cause Taha Aki to feel human anger that was too much for the wolf, so the body of the wolf transformed into a man, who looked like Taha Aki, but was more powerful. According to dad, instead of the usual 23 chromosomes we have 24.” I nodded understanding what he was saying but not how it applied to me. I voiced my thought.

“What has this got to do with me?” I asked. My brother sighed.

“Lissa, you are one of the Pack now. You are a Quiluete wolf.” I stared at him gobsmacked, the truth finally hitting home. I stared out the window, watching mile after mile stretch between us and our now burnt down to the ground house.

It was a quick ride down the mountain to the little village that was nestled into its shadow. Instead of stopping in the town like I thought we would, my brother continued driving through its quaint little streets until we passed the church, the last building before hitting the countryside.

“Where are we going?” I asked, confused, tired and wanting to sleep forever even though it wasn't even lunch yet. My brother checked his watch and looked up again, his unwavering gaze focused on the expanse of trees around us as we travelled down the lonely little highway.

“The airport. We have no family left here. Everyone's gone. Dad has some family over in America and in his will it said we were to go live with them.” I sat stunned. When had dad had all the time to do this? What kind of situations did he see us going into that he would have to put that in his will? I also relised another thing:We were the only two left in our family line. Everyone else was gone. Mum, our brothers, everyone I had ever loved or cared for was gone except for my older brother.

I grabbed his and hand and squeezed it. He squeezed back, understanding my thoughts. We were the closest in our family, eldest and youngest, always working together and always helping each other.

“You should probably try and get some sleep, it's a long drive to the airport and an even longer plane flight.” I nodded and sunk back in my chair. My eyes fluttered closed and I drifted into a deep sleep.

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