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Elissa Uley

20 years ago, Joshua Uley left La Push. Now, Elissa and her brother have returned to find Sam Uley. What do they have in common that could change the pack forever? JacobXOOC, LeahxOOC, T for violence, No Nessie! This isn't JacobxLeah compatible


4. Chapter 4

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Here you go guys, chapter 4. This hasn't been beta'd because I really just wanted to put it up here. I might get it beta'd later. I hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 4

My dreams started off normal enough. I was bouncing through the forest, the trees a glittering silver green, sunlight pouring through the gaps in the foliage and striking the gravel on the small path I was following. I skipped along, picking up wild flowers and smelling the sweet perfume drifting up from their delicate petals. I came upon a small clearing that was filled with golden sunlight.

I stopped spying a deep purple lily with thin veins of gold and white floating up the petals in the shadow of an enormous great oak tree that towered above the lily, which grew in a dark little hollow at the base. The smell drifting up from the flower was intoxicating, irresistible. I needed that flower. I got down on my hands and knees and my fingertips closed around the delicate stem and I gentle pulled it from the cold wet ground.

I changed my grip on the flower and recoiled, looking at the tiny drop of blood beading on my fingertip. I suddenly noticed the wicked thorns that curved along the stem. The smell from the flower changed, instead of the sweet delicate fragrance that was tantalizingly delicious, it changed into a sickly sweet stench that made my nose itch.

The lily was no longer pretty. The petals had turned black and were curling up and shrivelling. The lily fell into ash and drifted away on the wind. The clearing grew dark and suddenly didn't seem as safe as it used to. All around me the flowers were curling up and dying, drifting away on the wind. All the colors slowly drained away, leaving the tiny prick of blood on my finger a brilliant red against the dull backdrop.

There was a snapping of branches behind me and I whirled around, falling down as I did so. Red eyes gleamed out of the gloominess of the bushes. I scrambled backward as the man stalked his way out of the forest. Unlike the rest of the world, the man was technicolor, his honey blonde locks vibrant against the monochromatic background. He smiled sadistically at me and advanced foreward. I continued moving backward, my hands scraping along the rocks covering the ground.

I faintly heard someone calling my name but I was too engrossed in the man to listen.

"Please don't hurt me." I begged. he smiled and lunged. I was frozen as the man soared towards me. Just before he hit me, a gigantic chocolate brown wolf met him in mid leap. i couldn't help the scream that was torn from my throat as I fell backwards into darkness.

"Lissa," My brother said, shaking my shoulder gently, "Time to wake up, we're at the airport." I breathed deeply, trying to rid myself of the horrifying thoughts that crept into my head. I shook my head, trying to dispel the thoughts. I couldn't get the thought of the brown wolf out of my head. Somehow it seemed so familiar yet so foreign to me at the same time. I huffed and pulled myself out of the seat, slamming the door behind me.

I grabbed the bag my brother held out to me and together, we walked up to the covered entryway of the Linate Airport on the outskirts of Milan.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked as we walked into the crowded entrance.

"About two hours." He replied, pulling me towards a desk. Behind the desk sat a grumpy looking 20 year old texting on her phone with her feet propped on another chair and her skirt hitched up to mid thigh. My brother coughed and the girl, whose name tag read "Amanda" ignored us, mumbling about stupid italians under her breath in french. Unlike my brother, I had learnt french from my mother when she was still alive. I was quite fluent and thanks to my super hearing I heard every sylable. I felt my self get angry for no reason.

"Pour info," I said angrily in french, causing her to look up nervously. " nous ne sommes pas italien" (FYI, we're not italian). My brother placed a hand on my shoulder and said in his accent english,

"Lissa, calm down." I immediatly calmed. The girl looked at my brother and took a double take. I understood her thoughts clearly. My brother was very good looking with his Native American brown skin and dark hair and eyes. He was tall, a good six foot nine and towered above my 5"11.

My brother coughed again, pulling the girl out of her day dream.

"How may I help you Sir? She asked in a heavy french accent in a deep voice, trying to be seductive. I wasn't working, it just made her sound like she needed a cough lozenge. It wasn't helping that I could see every layer of foundation on her face, a total of seven. i gave my brother a knowing glance and he returned it, his eyes seeming to say "Are you for real?" Go figure.

"I like two tickets to Seattle, Washington. Buisness class, please" The girl clicked some keys and I could see that she was obviously taking her time. Several minutes later she handed my brother the tickets.

"Boarding starts in 10 minutes, have a lovely day, Sir." She said, a fake smile plastered on her even faker face. My brother smiled and we moved on, heading for security. I could just see the extra slip of paper that the girl had hidden in the tickets. I made out the numbers and had to stop myself from laughing. My brother carefully slid the number out of the tickets and allowed it to fall on the floor. He kept walking and didn't look back and again I had to stiffle a giggle.

It was a short walk once we had passed security. We walked up to the gate and stood in line, waiting patiently for our turn. When we finally reached the front, the man turned to us.

"I'm sorry, boarding is over." I felt myself grow anxious.

"Please, we really need to be on this flight." The man gave me a once over, and, as if seeing how utterly desperate I was to be on the plane, he sighed. Silently he opened the door, allowing us to pass. I smiled at him, the gratitude flooding my face. We ran down the hall and slowed to a stop as we reached the flight attendant at the other end.

"Have a lovely trip" She said. My brother nodded and we walked past her into the plane. The were ushered to our seats and the flight attendants went through the safety procedure. As the plane taxied down the runway, I looked back at the airport, knowing that I probably would never see it again. I turned back in my seat, and clipped the seatbelt around my waist. I felt myself grow nervous as the plane picked up speed. I had never been on a plane before and didn't know what would happen. I gripped tightly on the rail that separated my seat from the aisle, almost denting it.

As we lifted into the air, I breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't nearly so bad as what I had thought. An hour into the flight, I finally drew up the courage to ask my brother the question that had been plaguing my mind since I had woken up in the car.

"Damien," I asked, looking up at the one person who tied me to my old life. He hummed in response. I took a shaky breath. "What are we going to do?" I whispered in a voice that sounded much to young for my 15 year old body.

He llooked down, a defeated look sliding down over his handsome young face. It made him look 20 years sighed and for a moment, I thought that he wasn't going to answer. then his deep baritone voice filled my brain.

"I don't know Elissa," He replied simply. "I don't know."

There you go. Cliffhanger, kind of. Any questions leave a review or PM me. Thanks so much for stick with me for so long.