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Jacob and renesmee

all about a jacob and reneamee story

i thank stephani myer sooo much

1. Home sweet home

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Renesmee's POV It had been a week since the volturi came it was a big releif And i feel a lot more relaxed, i did miss the vampires that Came to stand by us they all prettey much cleared out the day after. I was thinking about if i would ever see some of them Again but i was sure i would ,just then my thoughts were Inturepted it was my dad " im sure we will see then again sometime,i mean we Do have forever and ever dont we" i forgot my dad could read minds Sometimes it was anoying ,he chuckled and i rolled my eyes at him At that moment mum walked in she was dressed in a dark blue silk Dress "OMG mum i havn't seen you in a dress for ages What's the big advent? I asked , she answed with" me and edward have been married 1 year Today we Are going ot for dinner well a few moutin lions I guess and she luaghed it made my tummy rummble I was thinking about who would be looking after me because Every one else was out hunting, my dad read my thoughts Again and replied with" jacob" i was happy about that , jacob was my best friend . As soon as jacob arrived mum and dad left he hugged me then strait to thefridge "Whats for dinner chef jacob" i asked he answered with what Would you lile pricess nessie i said" sauseges and potatoes Please he pulles ot a bag of 20 sausages 3. For me 17 for him I rolles my eyes at him. After dinner we watched a ball game on tv then he said time for bed I walked up the starires slowly and put my pjs on tgen hoped in my Large double bed and as soon as that i was fast asleep.