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Fanfiction Jacob and renesmee story breakingdawn

This is about jacob renemee

i thank stephani myer sooo much

2. School...........

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(renesmee was 5 well she looked abou 17) bellas POV I was running through the trees as fast as i could i looked Beside me edward was a bit behinde we got to the rive And jumped i landed softly. When we walked inside jacob and nessie were already Up in there school uniform ot was our first day at the local high School in a flash i ran up stairs and put my unifor On it did not look that bad i had the dress at te thigh After all it was oy a public school. Jacobs POV I was standing at the door to the garage with my schhol Bag on my back it was my first day at school Apperently me nessie belle edwardalsic jasper emmet And blondie are all Adopted by calise cullen . We all hoped in to the cars and drove to the school Renesmees POV I haf never been to school before but im sure ill Make friends fast i thought to my self.