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1. Edward's Dream's

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One day when Edward didn't know what to do he decided to day dream. In his mind all he could think about was Bella so that is who he couldnt help but dream about. He could just picture her in a beautiful flowing dress sparkling in the sunlight.He imagined her beautiful hair blowing in the air.She was wearing a beautiful flowing white dress.Edward also pictured Bella in some beautiful flats that matched her dress. Although Edward hated that Bella was a vampire, a beautiful beast he couldn't help but think she was gorgouse.When he saw her it was like everything in his exictance never happened and she was his new start.He was taken away by her beauty.This is Edwards dream, to be with Bella forever.He couldn't help but be mezmorized by the way she could resist pain towards herself.The way he couldn't read her mind made it even worse.Then Jasper walked in and realized he was day dreaming of Bella and he felt the same love as Edward towards Alice. To Jasper, Alice was his beautiful beast.The way she sparkled and her flawless walk.Edward scenced Jasper and read Jaspers mind realizing that he felt the same way about Alice.When Jasper realized Edward was reading his mind he said "sorry, I didn't mean to disrupt you' in an apolagetic way.