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Paradise. Unobtainable. You get closer to it each time, only to have it ripped away. He was paradise. He was ripped away from me too. Embry/OC... Yes, it's just another one of those imprint stories...


1. Prologue

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Such a cruel word. It promises a future, a life, everything you’ve ever wanted. And it’s always there. You can see it, only a few steps away from you, the sweet taste of victory is on your tongue. And for one moment, all is well in the world.

But just as soon as it appears it is ripped away. Harshly, and painfully, bringing you back to the dark wasteland that is reality.

He brought me closer to paradise. With him I could have it, the world was at my fingertips. With him I had a future, a life, everything I ever wanted.

Of course, paradise is unobtainable. And he was ripped away from me, along with my vision of freedom. Of paradise. Because that’s what he was. My very own personal paradise.