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Before Edward

Before Bella met Edward, she was just a clumsy girl from Phoenix. But really, what was life like for her back then?


1. Fitting In

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I was never one to particularly fit in, especially in Phoenix. I wasn't like any other blonde, tan, blue eyed volleyball player from Arizona. I was, in fact, quite the opposite. My brown hair, pale skin, and brown eyes, normally not any standout features, stood out in Phoenix. I, of course, didn't mind much. I was my father's daughter, after all. I preferred being alone.

In Phoenix, I never dated, The boys were too cocky, fake and well, without intelligence. They probably didn't want me, either. My only friend, Marie, absolutely hated the Phoenix boys. Back in freshman year, she'd dated Michael, probably the cockiest of the lot, and it hadn't ended so well. Michael was known for his serious relationships with girls, and after dating Michael, Marie came out of it branded as a slut. And so, Marie was stuck with me, clutzy Bella Swan. As for me, I didn't mind. Marie, a bubbly dancer, did most of the talking for me, and I helped her with her slipping grades. But we weren't just a bargain. We were true friends. You see, right when Marie came out of her relationship with Michael, my mother had just become engaged to Phil Dwyer. I liked Phil, a minor league baseball player, but he was a little young for my middle-aged, blithe mother, Renee. Also, Phil would have to move around a lot for his job, and frankly, I wasn't too keen on moving. I was faced with a tough decision: leave Phoenix, and go to rainy, green Forks, Washington and live with my father, Charlie, or stay with Renee and move around all the time. It was a tough situation, and I hadn't made up my mind yet. Needless to say, Marie was always there helping me try to make the right choice.

"Well, Bella? Have you made up your mind yet?" Marie asked, her blue eyes sparkling. She was a stereotypical Arizona girl, minus volleyball.

I grimaced. " Marie, I really don't know. I'm torn. And this rickety school bus isn't making my thinking much better. I.. don't know. It depends on the next few months."

"Well, I'll help you make the right choice," her face fell, "because either way you're moving right?"

I paused. "Yes.. I guess so," the thought sinking in. I really didn't want to move. If I moved to Forks, I have to make new friends, and that, as always with me took time. But if I moved around, I wouldn't have the pressure to make more friends, because I'd move every few months. I still wasn't sure, but moving around started to sound better all the time. However, I owed to my dad to visit him, so Forks felt like an obligation.

"I'm going to really miss you, Bella."

"Marie, I won't be moving until the middle of junior year. That's a year from now. We have plenty of time. And besides, you can go back to your old friends."

Marie sighed, her face bleak. "They'll want to know every detail about the breakup. And you. They think you're boring."

Boring, huh. Well better than fake blonde bitch.