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The day the sun set in the morning

paris 1942,2nd world war, Alice met jasper when he whas stil in the war and the deadlyistof all new borns and vinds him self in a tuff war.


1. war in pairs

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2nd year of the war. Jasper 9 milles behinde enemy lines. (Tank petrole left side)Jasper turnd to se nazus tank broke the trees down and start to fire apon them, the shots of tank artilery fire upon them. Jasper broke one of the tanks in half(omg) ran back to the hut and took nien stung boms. Air seport arived in 9 min and saved the vampire's buts. 2 days later thy moved in the city of love where they went to hunt for BLOOD. When he accidently took Alice and just as he went to P.S alice not vampire turn hir a into a vampire, the cops came and he rand of and took her with. He took Carlayil whas on facation,wat a sirprays :) happy Jasper, Carlayil sed se whaspregnint just befor she whas turnd so there whas a 90% chance of theme having a baby. Tune in the next chapter where thy get maride