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A New Start, Again

Rosalie Alice Bella and Selina are 4 vampire sisters who meet 4 vampire brothers at a private school in london. Rosalie/Emmett, Alice/Jasper, Bella/Edward, Selina/Damen


1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s POV

“You ready?” Selina asked. Selina was my favorite sister.

“Yes, Yes I am.” I grabbed my 3 suitcases and other bags.

“Come on girls, I want to get some pictures.” Esme called upstairs. She was our mother, well adoptive mother. She changed Selina, Alice, Rosalie, and Me.

“Coming!” Selina yelled, even though she didn’t need to. Once we were downstairs we all lined up next to each other.

“Perfect.” Esme snapped the camera.

“We always are.” Rosalie said. We all started laughing.

“It’s going to be lonely.” Esme sighed.

“We can always skype.” Alice suggested. I always call her a little pixie.

“Alright girls, goodbye” We all hugged her. Rosalie, Alice, Selina, and I all packed our suitcases into our designated cars. We waved goodbye and headed off to our new private school.

“Hello London Academy.” I spoke to myself.

Rosalie’s POV

My 3 sisters followed me to London academy private school. An hour later we arrived.

“How bout we get our info for school, find our rooms, then come back and bring our stuff to our room’s.” Selina suggested. She always thought through idea’s and created plans. It also helped with her power. We all agreed and headed into the administrative office.

“Hello, How may I help you girls?” A lady in about her 40’s asked.

“Were new here, so we need our schedules and paper work.” Alice answered.


“Rosalie, Alice, Selina, and Isabella Hale.” The woman gave us out paper work and we headed outside.

"Rose whats your room number?" Alice asked.

"63, you?"

"63!" She squeled,"How bout you Bella?"

"64, You Selina?" Bella asked

"64!" Selina and Bella hugged each other. We went to go and find our rooms.

"Here we go." I declared. Mine and Alices room was awesome. There was a huge living room with 2 bedroomson each side. Next to one of the hallways was a kitchen. Next to the other hallway was a study, It had 2 desk and 2 bookshelves. Each bedroom had a very, very nice bathroom. This was going to be an awesome school.

Selina's POV

Our room looked exactly like Alice's and Rose's. I'm glad I had a room with Bella. She was my favorite sister. I had the bedroom down the left hallway. Close to the study. The study was my second favorite room (My bedroom was first). It had 2 desk with computers already set up. I had my laptop with me, so I just used that for classes.

" You wanna see if Rose and Alice want to walk around campus to find our classes after we are done unpacking?" Bella asked.

"Sure." I nodded. Once we were finished unpacking, we went next door. They wanted to go around campus too.

" Do you smell that?" Rose sniffed.

"I do." I agreed. So did Bella and Alice." Ther's other vampires here," I confirmed," Lets go find them and talk." I suggested. They all agreed and followed. Once we found them we saw they were 4 guys.

" Who are you 4 pretty ladies?" The tall, muscular one asked.

" I'm Alice, and these are my 3 sisters Bella, Rosalie, and Selina." Alice introduced us.

" Well I'm Emmett and these guys are my 3 brothers, Edward, Damen, and Jasper." He introduced themselves. Damen really caught my eye. He had jet black hair. He was somewhat muscular but not much. His face had mystery written all over it, Like most vampires. Man, was he hot! Edward tried to supress a laugh but a little slipped. Was he a mind reader? He nodded. Oh, now I seriously wanted to drop kick him. He shut up right away. I smirked at him and turned to my sisters.

" Edwards a mind reader." I warned. I heard a growl come from Edward, but I ignored it.

" Thanks for the info Selina." Alice said. I smiled at my sisters.

" I'm going back to my room." Rosalie turned and walked away. Alice went to catch up with her, after she handed Jasper a piece of paper. I'm guessing it had her room number and cell number.