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Edward leaves Bella in the woods, thinking that she'd be safer if he wasn't around. Bella traverses deeper into the woods, distraught, only to be found by Victoria. (takes place after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon)

I'm not sure if this is any good, but I thought I'd give it a try. Hopefully you like it, and if you don't, then I won't write another chapter. Please review! I would like your opinions on this.

1. New

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I curled up on the sodden, mossy forest floor. How could Edward just leave me like this? I began to sob uncontrollably. My heart was replaced with a sore, gaping hole, pain gnawing at the edges. “Edward,” I cried. “Edward, Edward, Edward…”

There was a vicious laugh behind me. “He has left you, unprotected, and easily within my grasp,” Victoria’s voice cooed. A hand cupped my chin and turned my face to hers, forcing me to look her in the eyes. They were black, and filled with hatred. She grinned evilly and stood me up. “I am so very hungry,” Victoria purred, “but I don’t believe death to be the worst punishment. A perpetual life of suffering will have to do.” Her razor sharp teeth sunk into my skin, but I barely noticed. I was too wrapped up in my sorrow to care about much else.

I was thrown to the ground, a blood-curdling hiss erupting from Victoria’s mouth. A deeper snarl echoed through the woods. An ebony wolf, whose shoulder stood taller than my head, was charging Victoria. My eyes widened in horror as I scooted away quickly, trying to put as much space between us as possible.

The wolf seemed too concentrated on Victoria to take notice of me, so I continued to slink back into the darkness. I became aware of a familiar burn licking painfully slow throughout my body, sapping my energy. I could no longer see Victoria or the wolf, so I hoped that this was far enough. I collapsed to the ground once more and writhed in pain, forcing myself not to cry out. You wanted to have an immortal life, well, here you go, I laughed bitterly inside my head. It was true, I did want one, but I didn’t want it like this. Nobody could save me from this now.

Rain broke through the barriers of the many leaves, pelting my body as well as the ground around me. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but the pain refused to let me even get a few seconds. An idea suddenly came to mind, and I tried to send Alice images of where I was and what was happening. I didn’t know if it worked like that, and I doubted she could get here in time to save me, but I had to hope. A single tear slid down my cheek, and I wished that Edward was here. If he couldn’t stop the process, then he would’ve at least been able to comfort me. But no, my Edward was no longer my Edward. He no longer cared for me. He had toyed with my emotions and tossed me away like yesterday’s trash.

The pain had now spread from my neck down to my fingertips, and it was now working its way throughout the rest of my torso. How much time had passed? I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I hadn’t been aware of anything other than myself. I wanted so desperately to cry out in pain, but I knew I couldn’t risk anyone hearing me. I didn’t want Charlie, or Jacob, or anybody else who might be looking for me to be around me when the change was complete. A newborn vampire couldn’t control themselves when it came to being around humans. It would take quite a while before I could ever see any of my family again.

The fire was now around the area of my stomach, and crawling unhurriedly towards my legs. Another tear fell from my eye, and I barely stifled a whimper. I needed to control myself if I wanted to remain hidden from whatever may be lurking in the darkness, and whoever may be searching for me. I felt like my whole upper body was a charred briquette, the fire seeming to endlessly feed off of me. I had never imagined that the pain would be this intense. Sure, James had bitten me, and it felt like my hand was on fire, but I’d gladly replace the pain from this with the pain that I had felt in the ballet studio that night. That pain was nothing compared to this, nothing at all. I’d rather have my hand lit on fire a hundred times than to fell this pain now.

Light crept past the branches, leaking to the ground. Had it really already been that long? Only about two more days to go… I remained in the fetal position, because I knew I wasn’t able to move. It would be even more difficult to bury my cries and whimpers. I shut my eyes tightly, hoping it would help keep me from screaming. Somebody, please help me…

The pain had now spread throughout my body, but instead of dulling, it just intensified. My heartbeat ever so slightly gained speed. I focused on the sounds around me, trying to count the seconds that passed by.

Eight-thousand, six-hundred forty-three seconds later, the venom withdrew from my hands and feet, leaving them cool. As it withdrew, however, it began to gather up with the rest of the inferno, the burn escalating. It sluggishly worked its way to my heart, the heat becoming even more unbearable than before. It gathered in my heart, the beats becoming irregular and rapid. My heartbeats then took off like helicopter blades, my chest arching violently. My heart sputtered once, twice, and then silence. The burn was no longer there. The once hard, forest floor now felt like the comfiest of beds. I cautiously opened my eyes, and gasped as I took in my surroundings. Everything was so clear, so much more beautiful, and so many richer shades than before. I uncurled myself and inhaled deeply, grateful that there was no scent that could possibly be human around me. The thought of blood made me realize that there was a burn in my throat, and I jumped up, eager to run far away from here to hunt and escape my worries for a little while.