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The Cullen Family. 10 and counting...

The Cullen Family is perfect, beautiful, powerful, and Renesme is all grown up and married to Jake. They have officially moved to a rainy town in Michigan for a new start, but when deaths in the woods are happening again during the onset of hunting season...The Cullens need to spring into action before they get accused. Another problem is introducing another person to the world of vampires, a girl who is vapid, loud, and very smiley, and who probably can't keep a secret to save her life. Great.

This is my first try so don't judge me!

1. School's In, again.

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Bella Cullen was feeling strange, she had just finished unpacking into her new room in the home the Cullen family would reside in for the next few years. Her lusterous brown hair was pulled into a loose bun, and she was wearing a tight blue sweaterdress that hugged her every curve. While she put the finishing touches around the room, family pictures, momentos from the past her human life, her husband Edward sat scowling on the couch. Edward had been very broody since Nessie and Jacob had gotten hitched two months before. Bella rolled her topaz eyes at him and flung herself down on the golden bedspread, slightly nervous at the prospect of starting a new highschool, trying her luck to look like a freshman. Alice could do wonders with makeup and clothing choices, so making Bella look younger would still be a challenge, but Not impossible as Alice had put it, so she had decided to try her luck out.

"I can't take it anymore!" yelled Edward suddenly, throwing his angelic face down onto the couch pillows. Bella swiftly got up to comfort him, "What's wrong Edward? What is so bad that you of all people have lost your composure after only 10 minutes of being here?" Edward groaned, and looked at her with his golden eyes, annoyance and sadness obvious there, she could hear his teeth grind, "I hear his thoughts!" he exclaimed finally, Bella looked at him in confusion momentarily, but suddenly realized what he meant. She patted his back and said in a devilish tone, "Wanna know what could get your mind off of it? Maybe, breaking in our new room?" He raised his eyebrow for a moment and shook his head in wonderment. "Bella, do you know what I am hearing? That, that, DOG is, thinking about my little girl, and not in that big brother way he used to!" he exclaimed, disgust in his tone. "Well, she is at the matured age of 18, and just to think, barely 7 years ago she was welcomed into the world!" Bella said with a laugh, trying to make it sound like an angelic birth scene like in the movies, other than an excruciatingly painful, bloody, and totally impossible birth that it really was. "So," she continued, "yah wanna??" He looked incredolous for a second, but by the next they were on the bed, doing activites that are only for married couples.


The next day, Bella was in the most childish outfit that Alice could muster, her hair was in a high ponytail, but she had to admit, she passed for a freshman, barely. Since Bella had the guts to try to be a Freshman, Alice joined in, looking like a pixie in her loose green dress. Nessie still had childish mannerisms, so she obviously passed for a freshman also, meaning they had four years in a place that would supply nice amounts of rain, and cloud coverage. Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper, and Jacob all signed up to be Juniors, but for a Junior Jacob still looked as if he was a 25 year old, especially since he was covered in bulging muscles. Then finally, Edward signed up as a Sophmore, looking much more like a Junior than Bella would have told him. Nessie was bouncing up and down on her heels, looking excitedly up at Jacob who was grinning at her in total and complete love. Bella wondered for a moment what people would think about her family, for when she first saw the Cullens, she new something was up.

When they reached North County Highschool, they all looked at eachother, only Bella, Jacob, and Nessie excited, the rest of them looked bored, as if "let's get this over." The moment that the family stepped into the school, it felt as if a hot burning entered her throat, the smell of humans were everywhere, their hot blood pulsing under thin membranes of skin...but, the smell of Jacob kept her sane. The office woman, was slight with white hair and prim glasses, she looked at the family, sighed and handed over their schedules. This woman seemed to not care, maybe no one else would. Alice, Nessie, and Bella all went to the hallway for Freshman lockers, Jacob, Edward, and Jasper trailing protectively behind. If anyone gave Bella an appreciative stare, which wouldn't make sense considering she was in a loose dress that made her body look flat like wood, Nessie got a few catcalls, which were stopped dead in their tracks by Jacob's goodhumored, but full of threats glare. Of course Alice had a natural grace and beauty about her that seemed to make eyes follow her, mostly eyes of envious girls.

Nessie stopped at her locker and gave Jacob a meaningful look and he leaned down, over 8 inches, and kissed her full on the lips, earning a scowl from Edward, and a couple of hoots along the hallway. Alice whispered in Jasper's ear and Bella heard, "You'll do fine, you have gotten much stronger, I love you." She quickly pecked him on the cheek, and he gave her a small serious smile. Finally Bella looked at Edward, "Bye Bells, don't get hurt this year, or get asked to the dance by multiple boys okay?" Bella knew if she could blush, she would have, so she just nodded and kissed his cheek, causing Nessie to make a fake gagging noise as she stuck her finger down her throat. Alice smirked slightly at Nessie, and winked at Bella, causing her to feel uncomfortable, there would never be a right time to tell her that she made out with Jake years ago. Alice clapped her hands together, and looked at the two girls with a wide, blinding smile, "You ladies ready? First period is History!" she giggled, her voice like a wind chime. The girls walked down the hall, boys glancing at their perfect beauty, and girls who looked annoyed at their obvious grace. Bella had snatches of their conversations, "Oh my god, look at them," or "Who did their makeup?" or "Did you see her kiss that guy, I thought they were all like, related!"

During first period of school, Bella learned, that school was boring, especially when you knew what to do. So she goofed off the whole time, passing notes to Alice, who just looked at her in amusement. Nessie would touch her hand and let her know what she was thinking, causing Bella to laugh out loud once. The whole class turned to her, and her eyes widened. The teacher, a boring Mr. Donmyer, looked at the seating chart and then back at her, "Miss, Isabella Cullen is it?" he asked, his voice unusually nasal for a man. "Yeah," she said uncertainly, he replied with, "Well I would appreciate if you would be quiet, I don't know the rules at your old school, but here, we stay quiet during class." Bella quickly shut her mouth, embarassed to have attracted attention on the first day.

By the time it was lunch, everyone was ready to be together again, all getting full trays of lunch, ready to hand over to Jacob when they sat down, they chose a table in the corner, with 8 seats and claimed the table. Jacob automatically began to scarf down his food, mostly inhaling it. Rosalie looked at him in disgust, and turned her attention to Nessie, asking her to talk about her day, which she did readily. Bella turned expectantly to Edward, "So, what does the school think of us all?" he grinned at her and began to fill her in. "Well, most of the thoughts on Rosalie are vulgar, and if Emmet knew, he would kill them, Nessie has been considered pretty, and may become the object of a few poor boys affections, you, aren't really though of, sorry, Alice seems to be considered pretty too, Jacob is scary, as is Emmet, I, of course am a dreamboat," he said with a chuckle. "They think our family is strange considering Nessie's kiss to her so called adopted brother this morning, but wait til we all get older!" Bella looked at him and asked, "What do they think of Jasper, you never said." Edward was now trying in vain to keep himself from smiling smugly, and Jasper dropped his head to Alice's shoulder, moaning something along the lines of, "Edwards. Please, do not say..." But Edward opened his mouth and caused the table to all laugh, including Jacob by saying, "Oh, they all decided that he is the new school hottie."