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Cresent Moon

Isabella Swan is your average teenager until her mother is killed in a car accident. She is then adopted my a mysterious family and she is shown a new world. Along side her new friends she is out to figure out exactly who the Swans, the Cullen's and the Hales really are.

This story is purely fiction and it is 100% of my imagination if there are any similarities to Twilight or other movie/book franchises that is a coincidence. (copyright 2007 - 2011 Katrina Meade)

2. Starting New

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The town was quiet so early in the morning. The sky was gray, the sun no having risen yet. Alec was pulling up a long dirt driveway towards a two and a half story nacre house. Sitting in front of the house were three cars. A Chevy Cobalt XFE, yellow and black two door; a Pontiac Solstice, yellow two door; and a Mercury Milan, black. I stared open mouthed at the cars.

Riley laughed. “Wow Ger, you really out did yourself.”

“Yeah, I thought we might as well give ourselves treats if we’re here.”

“Which one’s mine?” Riley asked walking out of the car.

Alec chuckled and climbed out with Elizabeth and myself. “Yours is the Cobalt.”

Riley’s face fell a little. “And Isabella’s?”

Alec sighed. “Isabella’s is the Solstice, and Elizabeth can have the Milan or the BMW.”

Riley muttered incoherently all the way to the house. He walked in and Elizabeth followed shortly. Alec looked at me and assessed my expression. After a minute he spoke.

“Isabella I know this must be hard for you but believe me I will find a way to rid you of all the pain and suffering.” His tone was harsh but gentle.

“Thank you Alec. It’s always good to look at the other options,” I said just as soft.

A strange look flooded his eyes but I couldn’t decipher it. His face was kind and sad. “You should get inside, I think Elizabeth wants to go shopping.”

“Okay,” I said, confused by his expression and tone.

That night I went into town with Elizabeth and we bought clothes and other necessities. Tomorrow we started at the local high school so we bought the basic school supplies. When we got home Riley was sitting in my room at the window seat.

“Hey Riley what’s up?”

He sighed. “Nothing, I’m just a little scared about going to school.”

“Oh you’ll get over it, won’t you,” I teased. “I mean you did stalk me for an entire week.”

Riley laughed. “Yeah, it’s probably just foolish. You should get some sleep. I’ll wake you in the morning.”

“Okay, night,” I yawned.

“Yeah, good night,” Riley laughed. He was out of my room, and closed my door before I even made a move. That night I had a hard time sleeping. I tossed and turned dreaming over and over again about what happened the past few days. Around midnight my dreams changed, turned darker. In the dream I’m running and running down a dark corridor to get at the light. I’m running from the shadows stalking me but I can’t get away. The closer I get the longer it takes. I open my mouth to scream but nothing happens. A silver flash ended the dream and I woke to Riley walking in my room.

“Good mor– Oh god Isabella what’s wrong?” Riley dashed to my side. He placed a cold hand on my face. “You’re pale and sweating.”

I gasped for air. “It’s nothing, just a bad dream.”

“Are you sure?” Riley didn’t seem to believe me.

“Yeah. Can you excuse me so I can change?” I asked politely.

“Of course.” He walked out of the room, eyes focused on me.

By the time I left my room Riley was already waiting by the front door. He had his backpack and mine. When I reached him he held out the keys to me. “I thought you could drive today.”

“Oh thanks Riley.” We walked out of the house and climbed into my Solstice. I raced down the driveway and headed towards the school. There were about sixty cars in the parking lot and about 600 students in the high school. I could see that this wasn’t going to be a big deal at all. I pulled into a parking spot and walked up to the school with Riley. I paused; there were three buildings. I looked for some distinction, but there was none.

Riley chuckled. “This way silly.”

We walked to the middle building. We went to a room with two all glass walls. Riley walked up to the counter where a short woman sat with her frizzy brown hair sticking out in every direction.

“Excuse me.” Riley spoke in a polite tone.

The woman looked up and answered with an incredibly strong southern accent. “Yes? What can I do fer ya?”

“We’re new,” Riley explained motioning to his self and me.

“Oh sure thing darlin’. What’s yer name?”

“I’m Riley Swan, and this is Isabella Swan.”

“One sec.” She held up a stubby finger and walked over to a filing cabinet.

As she sifted through the cabinet, I turned to Riley. “Why’d you say I’m Isabella Swan?”

Riley chuckled. “You can’t be Isabella Dwyer can you.”

“Oh yeah, huh.” I didn’t say anymore for the woman returned.

“Here ya go darlin’s.” She handed us a small map, a class schedule, and a supplies list. “Now if yer in need of any help at all come in and see me.”

“Thanks for your generos-” I stopped mid-sentence as a chill ran up my spine when the door opened. Riley looked at me curiously and then looked at who walked in. He groaned quietly. I finished my sentence quickly. “Thank you for your generosity, I’m sure we’ll see you soon.”

“Yer very welcome.” She smiled at us then turned to talk to the person who just walked in. “An’ what can I do fer ya sonny?”

“Yes, I’d like to get my schedule, again.”

I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation because Riley pulled me swiftly from the room. He handed me my schedule.

“We have lunch together so expect me to come and get you.” He spoke swiftly. He was about to say more but the door to the office opened and then there were three of us.

“Well, you must be ne…” The deep, male voice trailed off, then he laughed. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Riley Swan, I see you are still around.” His voice was entrancing. I turned and the face that belonged to the voice was just as beautiful, and slightly familiar.

“Yes Edward, I’m still around and I’m not going anywhere.” Riley’s voice was black and frightening. “Come on Isabella, you shouldn’t be late to class.”

The boy watched as Riley walked me all the way to first hour, which was English. How strange that my schedule was the same as it was in St. Paul. I waved to Riley and walked in to the class. I went up to Mr. Pene, a tall, skinny balding man. “Hello my name is Isabella Swan, is this English Eleven World Lit?”

“Yes it is. We’re glad to have you here. Please sit there my dear.” He pointed to a desk in the middle of the class.

As I sat down, the bell rang. Mr. Pene started to speak and the door opened. Everyone turned in his or her seat to find a tall, muscular boy standing in the door. There he was, the boy from the office, Edward. He was beautiful. His reddish-brown hair was cropped short in back and came forward at the front into long bangs that hung over the left side of his face. His dark gray-blue eyes hid beneath his furrowed brow. His pale skin was smoother and creamier than the whitest alabaster. His pale pink lips were turned down at the edges in a small frown. His face was angular and symmetrical; he was perfect. His beautiful skin flowed down his neck to hide behind his black tee shirt. The collar of his dark leather jacket was turned up. His pants were long and baggy. Around his neck was a thin black leather strap pulled almost into a choker. On the strap was a silver charm. I wondered what it was. He came forward as the teacher scowled at him.

Mr. Pene cleared his throat and everyone turned back around. “Mr. Cullen you are late, again, please have a seat?”

“Sure, sure. Right after I hand you my pass, you know saying I’m not late.” Edward smiled.

Mr. Pene sighed, accepted the pass and sent Edward to his seat. I soon learned that he sat behind me. “Pssst.”

I turned and Edward was leaning towards me. “Yeah,” I whispered.

“Do you have an extra pen or pencil?” he asked quietly.

“Here.” I handed him the pen in my hand. When I turned back towards the front I grabbed a new pen. I finally recognized him upon hearing his voice. He was the boy from my dream, the one who was in the forest, talking to me. I paid close attention to Mr. Pene’s lecture on the novel we would start.

“Okay, class, I want you all to go out and find a copy of The Kite Runner and The House of the Spirits,” Mr. Pene announced. “You can read Persepolis in your own time, do not watch the movies of any of these, I will know if you did. You must write a one page essay about each chapter you read. Everything will be due at the end of the semester.”

In no time the bell was ringing dismissing class. As I walked out the door someone grabbed my arm. It was Riley. “Hey Riley, what’s up?”

“Was that Edward Cullen?” he asked, exasperated.

“Yeah, why?” I stared at his wide, now gray eyes.

“He’s trouble, don’t get to know him.” His eyes were full of concern and loathing.

I frowned but nodded. “Okay Riley, now if you don’t mind I’ve got to get to class.”

He nodded and walked me to class. I had U.S. History with Mr. Gill, and when I walked into that class I was greeted yet again by Edward. I went and introduced myself to Mr. Gill, a wizened old man with a bald spot in the middle of his pearly white hair. Class was dull as the old Mr. Gill spoke slowly, so slow it took five minutes to say one sentence. Edward yet again leaned in towards me.

“So Isabella is it?” he whispered in a silky voice.

“Yeah, what’s it to you?” I snapped.

“Oh, what’s with you? You were so generous an hour ago.” He smiled, and I could see he was enjoying my sudden mood swing.

I muttered under my breath and ignored the beautiful boy next to me. Just as I was about to write down the assignment on the board, a folded sheet of paper was pushed onto my notebook.


Meet me after class.


I sighed and wrote quickly on the bottom of the note.


I’m afraid I can’t do that. It’s hard to explain but…I just can’t.



I gave the paper back to Edward and walked out of the class as the bell rang. There to meet me was Riley, but I told him to just get to class. He complied with a dark look. Just as I was about to walk into my math class Edward caught up with me.

“What’s wrong? Why won’t you talk to me?” Edward practically whispered.

I turned away from him; I couldn’t look at him.

He put a cold hand on my cheek and made me look at him. “Is this because of your brother? If it is, that’s stupid.”

The bell rang and that gave me the perfect thing to say. “I’m late for class. I’ve got to go.”

I walked into class and left him standing there. For the rest of the day he didn’t speak to me though he did look a lot. His expression was always the same. Sad, resentful...and something else. It was strange. When the final bell rang Edward held the door to our Film Studies class, and let me go. Riley waited for me again and this time he insisted on driving. I let him because there’s a lot on my mind.

As Riley was pulling out I saw Edward. He glanced at me glumly. There was something about Edward that made me feel strange. I didn’t know what it was but he reminded me of something. He reminded me so much of someone, someone who held some strange importance, yet I did not know who or what. I did, however, think that it was hilarious how Edward, even though I barely knew him, was terribly similar to Riley.

That night Riley and Edward took over my dreams. In my dream Riley and Edward were fighting. I ran down the hall to them but it seemed as if I could never reach them. The lockers transformed into trees and I was in a dark forest, running for my life. I tried to scream but no sound came out. Then I was backed against some mountains with dark predators coming out of the woods that surrounded me then...a bright flash of silver.

I sat upright when I woke. It was 5:30 in the morning. There was a cold sweat dewing on the back of my neck, and my hands and face were like ice. I climbed out of bed and got dressed. After I was already, I sat on the bench in the window to watch the sun rise on the horizon. I stared at the light glittering off the lake. Then all too soon it disappeared behind the clouds. Right on schedule Riley walked in.

“You ready?” he asked quietly.

I nodded.

In school it was a school thing to do partner work and that meant everyone. I don’t know if it was coincidence or if Edward bribed the teachers but in every class I was paired with him. Even in math the one class without him. Third-hour Analysis and third-hour Math Studies combined, because of small numbers. So in every class I worked with Edward now, and I had no idea how to break it to Riley. Throughout the day I battled with myself internally, it sucked. In Film Studies, I still couldn’t come up with anything.

Edward came to sit by me, according the newly posted seating charts. He looked over at me and smiled. “So what movie shall we do our project on?’

I looked down at the paper our teacher handed us. Listed were several genres and movies. “What genre?”

“Hmmmm...Sci-Fi or Horror,” he mused.

I looked up those genres; there was no listing for Sci-Fi. Only a few movies were listed under the Horror category.


The Messengers

The Hills Have Eyes

The Ring

Nightmare on Elm Street

30 Days of Night

I handed Edward the list. “Here are our choices.”

He scanned the list. “Obviously we have to do a Horror, unless that’s too scary for you.” He smirked, but behind that there was something else.

I took the list back to find he crossed out 30 Days of Night. “Let’s watch The Messengers, I’ve seen The Ring too many times.”

“Okay.” Edward smiled in earnest.

The bell rang and I was beyond relief, it was excruciating. But unlike everyday my relief and excitement wasn’t for the end of the day. It was for Edward, we were going to be together for a while, and I was ecstatic.

I stood up and right before I walked towards the door Mr. Sheldon spoke. “Just to let you know, in order to pass the class you must do some sort of extra credit and on this assignment all you have to do is choose two or three other movies for your projects. Good luck.”

I walked to the door and Edward was there. “So what other movies would you like?” I asked quietly.

He thought about it. “Well I suppose we can do The Hills Have Eyes or Nightmare On Elm Street.”

I laughed at the reluctance in his voice. “Why not both? It’s too hard to choose between all good movies.”

“Sure. Whatever you want,” he said quietly, still reluctant.

“Okay, that sounds go–” I stopped as we walked right into Riley. His face was livid, jaw clenched, nostrils flaring. I could’ve sworn that his lips looked swollen.

“What do you think you are doing with him?” he asked, his tone as icy as his glare.

“Riley stop, I’m just talking to him,” I mumbled.

Riley turned on Edward. “Stay away from her.”

Edward chuckled unperturbed. “Can’t, as it is we are partners.”

Riley growled and before he did anything rash I pulled him down the hall. I looked over my shoulder at Edward, and shouted. “I’ll see you later.”

He smiled at that. Then all too soon we rounded the corner and Edward disappeared. When we were in a deserted hall I turned on Riley. It was all too déjà vu, it was just like Riley in St. Paul.

“What the hell was that?”

Riley shrugged. “There are things about Edward that I have to protect you from.”

I glared. “Riley, you don’t have to do anything. I’m not in danger, and Edward is just my partner…in every class.”

Riley laughed. “Oh you don’t think so...for now.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean, ‘for now’?” I snapped.

“He’s...you’re...oh never mind. Let’s get home.” He muttered under his breath all the way home. Inside he went straight upstairs and slammed the door to show his aggravation. I heard a chuckle from the living room. I turned and found Elizabeth sitting on the couch opposite Edward, who was sitting on a chair.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, surprised by his appearance.

He looked up at me and smiled. “I’m here for our projects.”

I looked back at the stairs and sighed. “This explains the mood.”

“Excuse me?” Edward asked politely.

I shook my head. “Never mind.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Would you care to introduce us?”

“Oh yeah,” I said quickly. “Em this is Edward Cullen. Edward this is Elizabeth Swan, my...” I choked.

Elizabeth stepped in. “I’m her mother.”

Edward shook her hand, then turned to me. “Shall we get started?”

I nodded. “Which class do you want to start with?”

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean which class?”

Edward chuckled, and I answered. “We have all our classes together so we wound up partners for partner projects, in every class.”

Elizabeth laughed with us, though her brow furrowed in worry. “Well I suppose you two should get to work.” Her eyes locked with Edward’s in a meaningful hard expression.

I watched her walk swiftly out of the room and up the stairs. I turned back to Edward. “So.”

Edward was staring out the window. “Yeah, so how ‘bout we start on our History project.”

I nodded and took Elizabeth’s place. “So what’s our project going to be on?”

He shrugged. “You know I change my mind, I really don’t feel like History right now, but we should do Pearl Harbor.”

“What do you feel like?” I asked, wary.

“I think we should do some Film Studies.” He chuckled at my tone and held up a thin movie case. Written in white was The Messengers.

I shuddered at the thought of Riley walking in on us watching a movie. It wouldn’t have bothered me, if not for the image in my head. Edward sitting in my spot and me cuddled up to his side cowering at every scary scene I saw. So I shook my head. “Maybe later. I’m kinda busy right now so I’ll talk to you at school.”

As I pushed him to the door he stared at me curiously. “Is it because of your brother? Or your mother? Cause if it is that’s just foolish,” he said, practically repeating his words from yesterday.

I shrugged. “Maybe, but at least we know that you’re leaving right now. So bye.” And regrettably I slammed the door behind him. I went upstairs to see Riley. I knocked on his door. “Riley open up.”

“He’s gone?” He was startled by my sudden appearance.

I nodded. “Wanna go into town?”

“Sure, I was gonna meet up with my friend Phoenix.” Riley chuckled at my expression. “You can join us if you want.”

“I’d love to.” So we climbed into the Cobalt and drove into town. We went and stood outside of The World’s Best Donuts. A few minutes later a tall, muscular, and leonine young man walked up to us.

“Nix this is Isabella, my sister.” He gestured to me. Then he motioned to Phoenix. “Bella this is Phoenix Hale, he’s my best friend.”

Phoenix flashed a smile at his best friend then he looked at me, and there was something in his eye’s at the sight of me. His face brightened as he took me in. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Isabella.”

The man before me was tall with a round face. His skin was pale, almost as pale as Edward’s. His short brown hair was pressed flat against his forehead. His eyes were the same beautiful gray-blue colour I have seen a lot of recently. His lips were more full on the upper lip. His nose was thin but his nostrils were naturally flared. He had thick brown eyebrows that seemed to be permanently pulled together.

“Hello Phoenix,” I whispered softly.

He held out his arm to me. I glanced at Riley, who nodded, then accepted his arm. I didn’t know how much I liked Phoenix. He was handsome and all but he didn’t compare to Edward, who was always on my mind. Phoenix, however, was terribly interesting.

“So what are your hobbies?” I asked, shyly.

Phoenix seemed to think it through. “Well, I’m an avid hunter. My father takes my brothers and I hunting every month.”

“Wow,” I said, intrigued. “Anything else?”

“I do ride dirt bikes,” he confessed. “I’ve done a few races and have even moved onto motocross. My brother, Tyler, just bought an old Harley and we’re gonna see what we can do with it.”

“Oh,” I gasped. “You’re into mechanics.”

Phoenix nodded.

“My — I knew a mechanic once. His name was Phil Dwyer. He was a great man, but sadly, was murdered on the job.” It took all I had to not cry. My father was one of my best friends. He kept my mother and myself in check whenever we fought. I went into a great depression when he died. For a while I was even put onto medication.

Phoenix bowed his head. “I’m sorry. You sound like you really loved him.”

I nodded, blinking back the tears at the rims of my eyes. “He was my best friend.” I sniffled. “But it was a few years ago.”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. Then Phoenix looked at Riley. “So, Riley, what brings you guys back to the great town of Grand Marais?” His tone was mocking.

Riley chuckled. “You know, the usual. Mostly the blame game, type thing.” He sighed. “It’s strange what can happen in two years?”

I shook my head, having no clue as to what they were saying. “Boys,” I whispered.

We walked aimlessly for quite a while, until I got a little hungry. I looked up at Riley and Phoenix chatting. “Guys,” I muttered. “Can we stop somewhere for something to eat?”

Phoenix looked at Riley. “Grocery,” he said, the corners of his lips pulling up a little.

“You know it,” Riley rejoiced.

“What?” I asked in confusion.

They didn’t answer; Phoenix pulled me quickly in the direction of the grocery store.