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Cresent Moon

Isabella Swan is your average teenager until her mother is killed in a car accident. She is then adopted my a mysterious family and she is shown a new world. Along side her new friends she is out to figure out exactly who the Swans, the Cullen's and the Hales really are.

This story is purely fiction and it is 100% of my imagination if there are any similarities to Twilight or other movie/book franchises that is a coincidence. (copyright 2007 - 2011 Katrina Meade)

3. All Over

Rating 3/5   Word Count 1840   Review this Chapter

Lindsay’s POV

I climbed awkwardly out of the back seat of my dad’s black pick-up. Margaret Garabedian, my mother, and Stephani were coming up later. Two weeks ago my mom’s best friend died in a car accident and she decided that big city life wasn’t for “us girls” as she put it. But I felt perfectly sane, sometimes. David Garabedian, my father, chose Grand Marais because he grew up here as a little boy and it was a few minutes away from Duluth where he had been staying in a little flat near the college where he had been working. He said life would be interesting enough. It would take us time to settle so my mom said we didn’t have to start school for two weeks. That pleased me.

“Dad, why is the house so small?” I stared at the cabin David chose.

“Because that’s the way a cabin is supposed to be.” He chuckled as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. “Welcome home.”

“Home is back in the cities, this is a freaking horror film waiting to happen.” I grumbled.

“Linds, you’ve got an overactive imagination,” he laughed. We then proceeded to bring our few bags into the “house”. Everything else would arrive when Margaret and Stephani arrived.

I put my one suitcase of clothes, shoes and other necessities on my bed; while the suitcase filled with my books and laptop went on the wooden desk under the window. I went to my dad when I saw we had no food. “Can I have the keys?”

David looked up curiously. “What for?”

“We need food, dishes, and toilet paper. I’m going to town to get everything for a few weeks without Mom and Steph.” I held out my hand.

“Okay, and can you grab some new towels. I seem to have left the others at home.” He placed the keys in my waiting hand. “Have fun.”

I drove past a lot of small novelty shops. I made note that I would stop there. I then drove straight to the grocery store. The building was a story and a half; the lower half was a creamy stone, the top half was a green metal. There were two small doors on either side of a large automatic door. I was climbing out of the truck when I saw them. They were two boys and a girl. Out of the two boys, one looked rather dark and sinister. He was tall and bulky with long, shaggy black hair. The other was tall and slightly less muscular than the other but just as handsome. While the other two looked to be in their twenties, the girl looked my age. She had elbow length chocolate color hair, pale skin. She was about medium build, or at least I guessed as she was hidden beneath layers of baggy clothes. They were laughing.

As I closed the door the black-haired one looked up. At the same time so did the others. The lankier of the two boys spoke in a deep, quiet voice. “Did you just move here?”

I looked around me. “Are you talking to me?”

They all laughed again. “Yeah, I mean you,” he chuckled.

They had stopped in front of my truck. “Yeah I just moved here. Are you locals?”

The boys laughed, the girl however looked sympathetic. “I’m Isabella Swan, and yeah we’re locals. These two are Riley Swan and Phoenix Hale.”

“I’m Lindsay Garabedian.” I took the boy with his arm around Isabella’s waist to be Phoenix, unless Riley was her husband but that didn’t seem likely. I was still staring when they spoke again.

“So why’d you move here?” Isabella asked.

I looked away. “My mom made us move here because two weeks ago her best friend, Renee Dwyer died.”

Phoenix nodded with a sorrowful expression. The person’s reaction that shocked me was Isabella. As soon as I said Renee’s name Isabella’s eyes glazed over and she fell backwards, passing out. Riley caught her and laid her gently on the ground.

“What’s wrong with her?” I gasped.

Riley shook his head. “Nothing, she’ll come around.”

We sat still for several minutes. Riley kept checking Isabella’s pulse on her neck. Phoenix was quite while he held her hand and stared at her frozen serene face. As we waited I noticed a few things about Isabella. She was incredibly pale, paler than Riley and Phoenix. She had dark bags under her eyes. On her eyelids the pulsing blue veins shone bright. She was very beautiful.

Then she stirred, her eyelids fluttered. She gasped for air and slowly opened her eyes. Instantly they locked onto Phoenix’s, after a brief look at Riley.

“Are you okay?” Phoenix’s voice was held back.

Isabella nodded.

Riley looked between Phoenix and me. “Nix take Isabella home, I’ll stay with Lindsay.”

I looked shocked. Phoenix nodded. He scooped Isabella into his arms and walked away. Riley turned to me.

“What was it you came here for?” His eyes dazzling.

“I just need a few things we don’t have,” I answered reluctantly.

Riley chuckled. “C’mon I’ll help you.”

We went inside the dimly lit store.

It was strange being with Riley. He was kind, charming, and inhumanly beautiful. Every so often I would check out of my peripheral vision to make sure he was real.

“So,” I cleared my throat. “How long have you lived in Grand Marais?”

“Hmm.” He sounded distracted. “Oh, I’ve lived here for almost a month. But a long time ago I lived here once before.”

That was interesting. “What made you move?”

“Well, we moved because of an incident,” he said, his tone far from revealing anything.

I sighed and went on shopping. In no time we found ourselves standing outside my truck.

“Well it was good to meet you,” I offered when he said nothing.

“Oh yeah. The pleasure’s all mine. I hope I will see you again.” He walked away.

I climbed silently into the truck. I was driving past the World’s Best Donuts when I saw him climb into a yellow Cobalt. So he had money, no matter how much. Riley made me feel strange. And strangely enough Phoenix did not, even though they were exactly alike. I then controlled my thoughts and then I decided I had better get the groceries home before David got worried.

I unlocked the door. “Dad, I’m home.”

“In the kitchen.” His voice sounded muffled.

I walked into the room and saw his head under the sink. “Dad?”

He pulled out. “The sink broke.”

I laughed. “Have you seen the rest of the house? It’s no big surprise.”

He shook his head. “I don’t know what to do with you Linds.”

“You couldn’t live without me.” We then both broke out laughing.

I put all the dishes away and went into my room. I pulled out my laptop and plugged it in to charge. Then I grabbed my favorite book, Tuck Everlasting. It was my favorite story ever. It also made me cry.

Ever since I read the book I had always imagined Winnie Foster’s life to be my own. I always dreamed of finding that immortal someone with whom I wanted to spend my life. But that was just the books. I got to the part where Winnie just found Jesse Tuck, when David called me.

“Lindsay dinner.”

I rolled off my bed and walked to the kitchen. On the counter was a plate with herb Pasta and Chicken. I grabbed the plate and walked back into my room. I started my computer and logged onto the Internet. I opened up my email and my jaw dropped.

25 new messages.

I opened the first from my friend Ashley Adams.

Hey Lindsay,

I miss you sooooooooo much. I hope the rents will let you visit soon and I mean it. Call me every minute you can. Love you soooo. Pass that on to Steph too.

Ashley A.

The next few were from my best friend Courtney Boyston.


Omg I miss you terribly. Stephani stopped by yesterday to tell me where you had gone. That sucks that you were moved all the way to Grand Marais. If you meet anyone worth keeping tell me and then see if he has an older/younger bro. But remember, keep it within the limit. Omg so much to say. Gotta go talk to you soon.


My Love,

Been a few hours and already got some news. At lunch Megan Berg and Travis Bellamy were caught making out in the photography room. And Sam Arnold your ex got suspended for punching both Brandon Christensen (another ex) and Mr. Farrell. It was awesome! Yet I feel terrible that you couldn’t be here hon. Keep me posted.


I sighed as I read through the other messages. Most of them all the same. The last two however were from an anonymous sender.

Lindsay Garabedian-

You have chosen to place yourself in the situation of a lifetime. Magic meets reality as you begin your journey in Grand Marais...You can grow to love or hate the things that conspire against you. You seem to have chosen a side. But it’s not too late to change. Your choice.


Lindsay Garabedian,

Get out before something happens. Dark beings exist all around and you will soon find yourself in the middle of it if you don’t go. Stay away from Riley Swan and Phoenix Hale they will only cause more trouble than you can manage. Also keep away from Isabella Swan because it’s far too late for her. She ignored the signs when her mother was killed. You’ve been warned and soon, if you don’t leave, you will find yourself wishing you had never come here.


I laughed and thought it was just a joke so I just ignored it and responded to my friends. All of them the basic, just settled, gonna be fine. Type thing. I then set the computer aside and ate dinner. It was good but not as delicious as when my mom makes it. I still didn’t understand anything. If my parents were divorced why were we all moving in together. My dad had decided to buy a bigger house and my mom was now moving us in too.

“Ugh,” I groaned as I flipped down onto the bed. I didn’t really care much about what my parents thought. David and Margaret were awesome but they only knew what was best for Stephani. “Why me?”

“Why you?” whispered a gentle voice.

I sat up straight. “Who’s there?” My voice cracked.

“Why you?” the voice whispered again.

“What the hell?” I jumped out of bed. When I looked at the window there was a shadowy figure staring at me. Glowing eyes. I could only see the white of the eyes through the rain but I thought they were glowing. I screamed and ran to the light. The light flickered on and the shadow was gone. I panted, breathing heavily. “It was just a dream, just a dream.”