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vicious and volnerable

a romantic short story of love and self control



Rating 0/5   Word Count 300   Review this Chapter

I suppose that the horrible truth in my mind registered as some form or combination of curiosity and or relief in Drew’s mind. Because he didn’t react at all the way I had expected him to when I told him that I was what I am. He only had the strangest look on his face (one that was unusual to me because I had memorized every one of his faces) when he said, “scarlet, I love you. And there is not one thing, or discreet thing I could hardly comprehend for that matter that will put a shadow of a doubt on my eternal decision.” And at that moment I felt the exact same way for him. He leaned in to kiss my neck. And I soon felt like the victim of the seduction for once. I thought about this irony. And I found that this feeling had pleased me in a way I never thought possible. I wanted more of it. So I kissed him back on the lips. The feeling was growing stronger by the second, I couldn’t get enough. Too soon I wanted more than kissing, I wanted a bite. Just one, I thought in the corner of my mind, I wouldn’t even kill him. My lips slowly slipped down to his neck. I stopped kissing. My mouth opened and my fangs were out. Drew must have noticed this because he reluctantly pushed me away with wide eyes. I instinctively raged with anger at the loss of my prey. My eyes glowed red and I hissed. He shouted at me, “SCARLET STOP!”I heard the words but they seemed so distant from me. Didn’t he want me? I couldn’t think strait. I fell right into his arms. I was no longer the villain, I was vulnerable.