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Eternally alone

Edward Cullens new adopted sister Coral Cullen(Born Coral Thwaites) has caused a stir amongst the marriages of the fellow cullens and hales.But renesmee sees something pure about her new aunt and wants to try and find out what... Could a secret about coral,bring the family close together after discovering the reason of corals mystery behaviour or will it make them break apart forever...

Written in the prespective of long loved heroine renesmee cullen..

1. Being Coral

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She touched his cold lips with hers and pushed against him,instantly he hesitated... her blonde curls and crimson coloured eyes was tempting but it wasn't his dear rose,his dear rosalie! Emmett backed away,slowly pushing the ambitious blonde attracting her away from him. Coral wanted to be closer to him,but as i said before,she wasn't rosalie... Recklessly,corals super speed pushed Emmett to the wall. 'You Newborns always flirtatious at the start ain't ya?' Emmett nervously asked. 'When we want to' The promiscuous blonde sniggered. Eventually her clutches was broken,when rosalie saw what she thought was a passionate clinch between her soul mate and her new sister.. That is when the trouble really started... Mom and Dad Falling out,Auntie rosalie and Uncle Emmett bickering.. but atleast there was abit of mortality still there,between me and my loving Jacob! The Immoral blonde,had some sort of hatred against me,i don't know what it was.Eddie said that she probally hated me because she could never possibly break the passion between me and jake,unlike what she accomplished with everyonelse. She wasn't your everyday evil,she was just coral...sometimes i dont know if she really means half of the things she says and acts,but i know she is a newborn,maybe some sort of maturity will be found soon,i deeply hope...