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Eternally alone

Edward Cullens new adopted sister Coral Cullen(Born Coral Thwaites) has caused a stir amongst the marriages of the fellow cullens and hales.But renesmee sees something pure about her new aunt and wants to try and find out what... Could a secret about coral,bring the family close together after discovering the reason of corals mystery behaviour or will it make them break apart forever...

Written in the prespective of long loved heroine renesmee cullen..

3. Feeling the love.

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Coral's ability was surprising,she was a skillfull hunter:one of a kind! She didn't lure for blood,like a everyday newborn...something that stunned us all. Jake nicknamed her 'blondie number 2',Rosalie being the first 'blondie',if only she was always like this,i mean her ability and looks was flawless,but not her personality,there was something dark about her,she was darker than the night sky,Eddie was wiery of her,so was carlise but she had that enchanting sweetness about her,Aro once said... ''Vampire so,concieved as human,pale as white...probally a descendant of a vampire or something'' Coral always said that when she was a human,she always lured for abit of blood,before her mother died,her mother used to skin a chicken,cook the chicken but leave abit of blood on the plate for coral to feast on... 'She's kidding ness,ofcourse she didnt''Eddie reassured,but coral had so much truth when she told me that,there was something special about her,yet something pure!