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The "What If" Series Part 1 of "Bella's fall from Grace"

A variation of particular events in New Moon- Bella & Jacob Leaving off on the last line of pg. 376. Bella heard Edwards voice telling her to “be happy.” Jacob never smelled Alice, waiting for Charlie to come home from the morgue from identifying Bella’s dead body. Alice never had thought nor did she see Bella “jump off a cliff” for Jacob did in fact reach Bella in time to stop her form cliff-diving. There was nothing for Alice to see. Thus, the events of that day took a different course and Bella is made aware of new feelings for Jacob.

This is the first story in what I hope to be a collection of all the "WhatIf" stories that still haven't been told. I take no credit for the characters of the "Twilight" Series by S. Meyer, or credit for the inspiration to write this story. Like all of us who write fanfiction for "Twilight", every idea was already there!


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