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Painting On The Wall

A story about the Volturi doing what they can to pick up the pieces after their encounter with the Cullens (post - Breaking Dawn). Once the pieces are taken care of, do they have it in them to put it all back together, or will Aro's hobbie for collecting gifts become his own undoing? Follow the Volturi and the Cullens in this multi-POV story as they journey across the world discovering new allies while the loom of fate spins their threads. Who's lifeline gets cut short and who will remain victorious? Only your reviews will tell which ending I release.

All Chapters are subject to editing as the final out come of this story relys on you, the reader / reviewer. It is likely that in time I will have a companion piece to this with the alternate ending for sake of keeping the stories flow fluid. Please remember to R+R.

1. Prelude

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Authors Note: Only going to say this once, Most all things Twilight are property of S. Meyer, I own nothing, I just borrow her toys and play.

Hope you enjoy. Please Read and Review, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

~ No one can conceive the anguish I suffered the remainder of the night, which I spent, cold and wet, in the open air. But I did not feel the inconvenience of the weather; my imagination busy in scenes of evil and despair. I considered the being whom I had cast among mankind, and endowed with the will and power to effect purposes of horror, such as the deed which he had now done, nearly in the light of my own vampire, my own spirit let lose from the grave, and forced to destroy all that was dear to me. ~

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein


Prelude (Damage Control)

"Dimetri," Aro shouted. "head out and see if you can pick up Alistair's trail, I know he was here. While you're at it, keep tabs on this Nahuel character, perhaps he can lead us to his creator, Joham, I would like to have a meeting with him. Jane my dear," his tone much softer now as he addressed the child-like creature. "would you and your brother accompany myself to track the others."

"Yes Master." The twins replied in unison.

"Caius, find those who last escaped the clearing and bring them to me! Take Felix with you. Marcus, dear brother, take our women home they don't need to see this."

And with that, the shattered remains of the Volturi divided in pursuit of those that bear witness to the humiliating display of ill tempered violence that had just moments ago taken place on the battlefield. The order was to join, or be reduced to ashes upon the breeze.