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Painting On The Wall

A story about the Volturi doing what they can to pick up the pieces after their encounter with the Cullens (post - Breaking Dawn). Once the pieces are taken care of, do they have it in them to put it all back together, or will Aro's hobbie for collecting gifts become his own undoing? Follow the Volturi and the Cullens in this multi-POV story as they journey across the world discovering new allies while the loom of fate spins their threads. Who's lifeline gets cut short and who will remain victorious? Only your reviews will tell which ending I release.

All Chapters are subject to editing as the final out come of this story relys on you, the reader / reviewer. It is likely that in time I will have a companion piece to this with the alternate ending for sake of keeping the stories flow fluid. Please remember to R+R.

10. Training Day

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"As the three others joined Bella at the fountain, Bella had curiosity spread across her face that mirrored Benjamin's and Rosalie's."

"Now Benjamin I want you to stand on this side of the fountain across from Bella and Rose."

"Okay.. Do you mind telling me what we're doing?" Benjamin questioned Zafrina wondering just how this could be any sort of training.

"One moment Benjamin. Now Rose, you stand here." Zafrina grabbed the beautiful blond by the shoulders and placed her just so. "Bella please stand just a few feet behind Rose.. Perfect."

"What are we doing Zafrina?" Rosalie starting to question just what all this was about.

"Let your hair down Rose."

"HUH?" Rosalie gasped "I dont think so, I just fixed it after fourteen hours on a plane and almost four more in a hot, stuffy car."

"Rose, Benjamin is going to give a gentle breeze, we need to see if your hair moves, Bella's goin -"

"Of course it's going to move in a breeze, whos hair doesn't?" Rosalie exclaimed, hardly able to fathom Zafrina's request to mess up her hair.

"Bella is going to try to shield you so it doesn't move Rose, calm down."

Rosalie looked over her shoulder at Bella while she let her hair down. "You better not screw up." She scowled.

Bella looked at Rosalie with a worried look in her eyes. Concentrating on her shield even harder now.

"Bella, Maybe remove it from yourself totally. Give Rose everything you have."


And with that Benjamin worked up a small breeze on Zafrina's signal. Rosalie's hair remained untouched.

"More Benjamin." Zafrina ordered.

Benjamin picked it up a little turning it into a gust of wind, yet Rosalies hair still remained in place.


Benjamin pushed harder until the sand from the drive behind the girls was blowing around in the air, again Rosalie's hair was left hanging loosely off her shoulders in large curls.

"Good Bella, very good." Zafrina said pleased with her.

"Thankyou Bella." Rosalie smiled at her sister over her shoulder.

"Next test. Lets get physical. Benjamin, I want you to take the water from this fountain and lightly shower over Rose. Bella you might want to back up a little, you still dont have a shield on you."

Rosalie peered back to Bella again hoping that this was going to be alright. "Don't you mess up Bella." She warned.

"Go ahead Benjamin." Zafrina gave the order to commence.

Benjamin twisted the water from the fountain high in the air and curved it over Rosalie's head and let it spring light drops to the ground. With no penatration to Bella's shield, Rosalie remained dry. Zafrina nodded to Benjamin again as he let it start to rain down harder. Bella's shield was now totally visible as the water droplets beaded and ran over it down to the ground.

"Again Benjamin, Let it all go."

As Benjamin let it rain down like a hurricane Rosalie remained dry.

"Hey honey, what are you doing?" I asked as I wondered over and gave Bella a kiss on the soft spot behind her ear breaking her concentration, leaving Rosalie soaking wet as the shield clung back to Bella.

"ARRGH!" Rosalie screamed as her long blond hair riddled with large curls suddenly went flat against her dripping wet body.

"I ran like hell while your Aunt Rose chased me down, I tell you Its a good thing I'm the fastest in the family. Unfortunatly I was turned into the guinea pig once I came back, I guess Auntie Rose has to go shower and do her hair again."

Sammy and Claire couldn't stop laughing at the sight of their Aunt that Renesmee was projecting to them.

"Okay enough for today. Bella keep trying to work on that for the day. Just push it out completely from yourself and try to feel the same tenor that you felt while it was raining over your shield." Zafrina requested. "And as for you Benjamin, it seems to me that you are experiencing a bit more intensity now from the last time we met."

"I am actually, I just have to learn to mould fire better. I had a near miss playing with it one day and nearly hurt Kebi. I just try to stay away from that one." Benjamin made a weak attempt to chuckle.

"The days passed as training commenced and we got to learn something about the newcomers." I continued.

"The Mayan's", Kachiri explained in translation to the Tikal's language of tongue-clicks, lip-pops and throat noises, "have been around for over twenty-five hundred years. This is Lady Macaw, or The Mask, she is a blind woman who had her eyes removed before she was turned back around 500 B.C. thats why she wears her silk blindfold. The tattoos that cover the full length of her arms are ancient incantations, her abilitys I don't know if you have noticed yet, but when she throws the others she doesn't really use her hands. She is a Telekinetic. Also when you do see her using her hands its alot more like what your Bella does, or even Renata. But instead of absorbing like Bella or confusing an approaching enemy like Renata, Lady Macaw deflects the attack away but it's physical only, so it really doesn't help against vampires like Jane or Alec." Kachiri went on to explain the basic talents of the mysterious strangers.

"Wait a second, she's blind. How does she see?" I questioned finding this particular female quite interesting.

"Her husband Lord Chitaam, the medicine man, has a theory on that. The venom couldn't fix her eyesight because her eyes were removed. Instead now she sees blackness and light signatures unique to each person."

"This is her husband, Jasaw Kawil, or Great Jaguar." She continued, talking to the couple through a series of pops and clicks. "He's got himself the ability to virtually teleport to anywhere within his direct view. Back before he was turned he discovered a way to enter the first level of the sub plane, now as a vampire he is able to send a vibration through his body at over seventy three billion vibrations per second granting him the deepest level of sub plane known as the etheric plane or etheric field. This makes him nearly impossible to physically catch unless you can disable him completely.

"That over there," Kachiri pointed across the estate to the man I recognized immediately as the one who crashed into the fountain upon our arrival. "is Lord Chitaam, the Jaguar Priest, and the man across from him in the snake skin robes is Yikin Kawil, The Double-Headed Serpant and Jasaw's father. I'm sure you have noticed by now that they are far more than different than the others."

"They're the ghosts?" I guessed, questioning them with a puzzled expression.

"A bit more than ghosts really. As you can tell they still maintain a celestial being. A body for their spirits if you will, more like a physical spirit actually. Its spectral. They can willingly step out of their shells and do their bidding in this form, however this leaves their bodies udderly and completely vulnerable to attacks. They are the offencive warriors as is Jasaw, and Lady Macaw is the defensive of their group. This is why they have survived for so long and have never been over thrown by another Mayan colony or anyone else in over two and a half millenia." Kachiri concluded.

"Simply amazing." I smiled at the couple and bowed my head in thanks for their story.

"Moments later a Limousine pulled up the drive. Exiting the long vehicle were our friends Peter and Charlotte who managed to grab another flight out. Behind them was a shorter man of tan complexion and long hair pulled back into many braids. Jennifer came running and embraced him, I could only assume it was her father Joham who had finally made it, with him was a taller woman of slender build, simillar skin tone and a beautiful face framed by long flowing black hair. No one seemed to know who she was, including Jennifer."