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Painting On The Wall

A story about the Volturi doing what they can to pick up the pieces after their encounter with the Cullens (post - Breaking Dawn). Once the pieces are taken care of, do they have it in them to put it all back together, or will Aro's hobbie for collecting gifts become his own undoing? Follow the Volturi and the Cullens in this multi-POV story as they journey across the world discovering new allies while the loom of fate spins their threads. Who's lifeline gets cut short and who will remain victorious? Only your reviews will tell which ending I release.

All Chapters are subject to editing as the final out come of this story relys on you, the reader / reviewer. It is likely that in time I will have a companion piece to this with the alternate ending for sake of keeping the stories flow fluid. Please remember to R+R.

12. The Christening

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Please read and review, this is my first attempt at anything citrusy. I'd love some feed back on this chapter espessially.

Just as I finished cleaning up after the children something caught my attention.

Honey, come for a walk out to the barn, there's something I'd like you to see. Bella's thoughts immediatly entered my mind.

As I made my way across the ranch past the rubble of a few busted down storage sheds under the moon lit night, curiosity struck me. What could she want? I haven't been out here yet to check around the place since we arrived.

The barn door was cracked open a few feet as I approached, just enough to easily slip through without having to move it. Right then she had my complete and undivided attention. Standing against a wooden support beam, Bella was glimmering in the pale moon light wearing nothing but a white, one piece, satin and lace number that hugged her every curve. Her long dark hair curled as it hung past her shoulders and her amber eyes like wildfire, were filled with desire as she wore a devilish smirk across her face.

"Good evening, miss." I said as I walked over to her. "It's kind of late to be out here all alone."

"Would you mind keeping me company then Mr. Cullen?"

With a smirk I replied. "I would be my pleasure to please you ma'am."

She bounced over and wrapped her hands around to my back pulling me in close as she got up on her toes to give me a kiss. I did not deny her as I let my hands travel from her hips up the curves of her body, my right hand wrapped around under her hair to the back of her neck while my left came forward to rest on her chest. She walked us backwards pinning herself between the me and the wooden beam, as I ran my hand back down her body to the back of her knee, lifting her leg up to wrap it around my waist.

Her arms wrapped around the back of my neck, she pulled her self in as close as possible while she kissed me passionatly. My hands traced her body stopping at her chest to cup her breasts, her nipples were hard and now so was I. With a swift swipe, my white button-up was left tattered and fell off my body in pieces to the ground,

Another fluid motion she had my beige khakis undone as they slid down my calves and around my ankles. Bella hoisted herself up wrapping both legs around my hips as I started grinding against her warm core. My hands snaked around her, up and down her back as I pressed myself against her shimmering white body. Her head snapped back allowing me to work my lips down her jaw to her chin and down her neck where I proceeded to kiss her collar bone. I removed her lingerie slowly over her head as I rather liked this piece, leaving her breasts exposed to me. My lips continued down her chest kissing along the way as I stopped to tongue her nipple, flicking at it before taking her into my mouth. My hands were not unoccupied as one grabbed for her chest and the other squeezed her ass, pulling her against my hardened length while I ground her against the post.

Eventually I released my hold on her, kissing down the tight planes of her stomache while she dropped her legs and stood on her own accord, running her hands through my messy hair. My hands found their way up the back of her legs, they met her ass the same time my face came down to her warm, moist entrance. My tongue licked teasingly at her swollen folds as her scent filled my head with a dizzying pleasure. I separated her folds with my tongue and the assistance of two skilled fingers as I rubbed her protruding clit with the bridge and tip of my nose back and forth, while her hands kneaded in my already twisted hair. As my tongue slipped inside of her she let out a soft moan as I flaired it out and ran circles inside of her tasting her warm creamy sex in my mouth. Clutching the back of my head she forced me in deeper as she laid me on my back without breaking connection. Now straddling my face and squeezing her breast with her head thrown back, Bella was working her hips back and forth to the rythym of my tongue as she reached her climax and found her release.

She proceeded to lean down pressing my long hard shank against her now, very hot and very wet core, leaving her breasts to hang above my face. Pinning me to the hay scattered ground by my shoulders she looked into my eyes with lust, longing and a perseverance letting me know it was my turn to be taken care of.

Slowly grinding at my exposed hardened flesh she dropped her tits into my face moving slowly downwards kissing my face, my ear, my neck and my chest as she proceeded to kiss around my hips and the inside of my leg, teasing my prick with only quick little licks. Running her tongue over my boys and up my length, she gripped my shaft carefully with a skilled hand while taking the head into her mouth. Bella hovered over me and quickly went to work while my hands knotted in her hair and my hips thrust and twitched to her every movement. Harder and deeper she worked my cock being sure to relax her neck muscles to take in every inch of me, she bobbed faster as I bumped at the back of her throat.

Near ready to finish off in her mouth she quickly withdrew me from her and got up to impale herself again, this time sliding her hot, wet core slowly over my shaft burying me deep inside of her. Straddling me once more she picked herself up off of me just to impale herself again and again.

Barely able to hold on, I rolled her over into the hay stack piled in the corner and mounted myself on top of her, thrusting myself into her keeping pace with the rythym of her hips as my hands spread out to brace myself against the two walls in the corner of the barn.

The two of us letting out a series of moans, Bella's legs wrapped up around my hips pulling me deeper inside of her, locking me into place as we both found release in each others arms. We laid there in the stack of hay for a short while enjoying the piece and quiet together as the sun broke from over the mountains and light shone through the door and the cracks of the wood in the old barn, shedding light on our corner. Two naked bodies lay there entangled, glimmering, as the sun danced upon our skin.

We got up eventually, I tugged my pants back on and left the scraps of my shredded shirt behind while Bella slipped back into her sexy white lingerie and covered up with a horse blanket that was hanging up by a nail in the wall. Our bodies a mess from the dirt floor while hay riddled our hair, together we walked back towards the house barefoot and hand in hand enjoying the crisp, dewy morning in the valley.