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Painting On The Wall

A story about the Volturi doing what they can to pick up the pieces after their encounter with the Cullens (post - Breaking Dawn). Once the pieces are taken care of, do they have it in them to put it all back together, or will Aro's hobbie for collecting gifts become his own undoing? Follow the Volturi and the Cullens in this multi-POV story as they journey across the world discovering new allies while the loom of fate spins their threads. Who's lifeline gets cut short and who will remain victorious? Only your reviews will tell which ending I release.

All Chapters are subject to editing as the final out come of this story relys on you, the reader / reviewer. It is likely that in time I will have a companion piece to this with the alternate ending for sake of keeping the stories flow fluid. Please remember to R+R.

3. The Painting

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"Are you okay to finish up here Carlisle?"

"Ya, I'm good Edward, just a few books and a desk lamp and I'll be out of your way. Go ahead and give her the histories of our family." Just try to keep the gory details to a minimum, she is only seven after all.

I flashed him my winning smile in agreement to his request while he just rolled his eyes with the shake of his head and continued out the door.

"Well I'll leave you to it, I'm going to go see if the boys need my help outside, Emmett stole a few bucks off me last night that I need to win back anyway." Jacob said walking away with grin and a chuckle in his voice. "Thanks for baby-sittin' pops!"

So I pulled my old study chair out from the corner and faced it towards the paintings on the wall while Sammy came over to get comfortable on my lap. I started with the earlier pieces going through each one descriptly as we continually worked our way through the times. Stories from painting after painting were revealed as her eyes got bigger and her mouth seemed to drop more and more, until we caught up to the large one in the golden frame that she fingered in the beginning.

"Those bad people in black are in this painting too," Samantha noticed, pointing to another large picture on the floor leaning against the wall yet to be hung. "what happened in this one?"

I chuckled slightly as I replied to my grand-daughter. "Well after they left us all alone and stopped trying to take your mommy away from us, we came across them one more time in the mountains of Switzerland. But we have a few stories to tell before we get there."

"What about me?" Renesmee poked her head in the door curiously, spotting us in the chair.

"I was just telling Sammy about my history. She was wondering about the paintings on the wall so I thought that now was as good a time as any to tell her the stories."

"And just what have you told her exactly?" she asked with a raised eyebrow

"I just finished telling her about how Grandma Bella saved us all from the Volturi when they came for you."

"And which one is next?"

"Sammy wanted to know the story of Aro's army when we met him in the Swiss Alps, but I think in order to do that she'll need to find just how we got there."

"I like this one better than the last one Sammy, this time they aren't after mom." she addressed the child with a keen grin. "Mind if I help? I may be able to fill in a few blanks for you." Looking at me now.

"Sure if you think it would help."

"Where are you starting?"

"Well I was thinking about picking up at the phone call we recieved from Amun"

With a smirk Renesmee shook her head in disagreement. "I think maybe I could do one better, let me start this dad. I'll pick up at Aro's order for his guard to head to Tibet."

With a confused and contorted look on my face I let my daughter start the tale. "Umm, sure, be my guest sweetheart."