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Painting On The Wall

A story about the Volturi doing what they can to pick up the pieces after their encounter with the Cullens (post - Breaking Dawn). Once the pieces are taken care of, do they have it in them to put it all back together, or will Aro's hobbie for collecting gifts become his own undoing? Follow the Volturi and the Cullens in this multi-POV story as they journey across the world discovering new allies while the loom of fate spins their threads. Who's lifeline gets cut short and who will remain victorious? Only your reviews will tell which ending I release.

All Chapters are subject to editing as the final out come of this story relys on you, the reader / reviewer. It is likely that in time I will have a companion piece to this with the alternate ending for sake of keeping the stories flow fluid. Please remember to R+R.

6. Captive

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With Samantha and Claire sharing my study chair near the wall of pictures and myself in Carlisle's, Renesmee perched herself back upon the mahogany desk in the center of the dark wood-finished room and continued to tell the tale of Aro's plans.

"Back in Volterra Aro coversed with Marcus about the relationship binding the egyptians together. Marcus informed him that the bond was indestructable. The relationship formed between Amun and Kebi was ancient and was rooted far too deeply to be broken as was the union between Benjamin and Tia. Marcus knew however that the link between Benjamin and Amun was the weakest as it was more one sided in favor to Amun and his desire to mould Benjamin's gifts was the key factor to what held them together.

"After careful thought and consideration, Aro knew that Benjamin would not join the Volturi guard willingly, yet his gift was something that Aro knew he must have at any cost."

"What did Aro do mommy?" Samantha questioned, worried about her mothers egyptian friends.

Renesmee just continued to tell the story answering the children placing a hand on each of their necks to show them what was to come.

"Aro took leave from Marcus' presence and sought out to claim his prize. With the guard still away in their mission in Tibet, Aro went to Egypt himself and pursued Amun's coven. During the cover of night Aro stalked the vampires waiting until they were hunting and separated. Aro knew the only way to gain Benjamin was by using his own bond with Tia against him as he stole her away back to Volterra under a blanket of darkness."

"He kidnapped the girl?"

"Yes, it wasn't an easy task, but Aro usually gets what he wants, one way or another." I replied knowing full well of the consequences to come of Aro's actions.

"It was about this time that Carlisle recieved a phone call from his distant aquantance, Amun. Amun was requesting a repayment of a favor from a few years back when he and his coven helped us in our time of need. It was back then that Aro discovered Benjamin's abilities and longed to aquire him as a treasure in his guard.

"We abliged Amun's request and went to work making a few pleas of our own. One call was to Carlisle's distant friend Alistair, by all means he wasn't the easiest man to track down. After all, the man never stopped running in fear that the Volturi may be close behind. Carlisle did get a message out to him eventually in hopes that he would atleast make contact with us.

"He did, very reluctantly however, but after hearing of the situation reguarding the egyptians he thought that perhaps he could atleast help track others to help. The phone rang once and in a silent heartbeat, Carlisle answered and this is what he heard."


"Carlisle it's Alistair, I'm done with war, you know this friend. I am sorry to hear about Benjamin and Tia, I truely am, but I am taking a chance at just stopping to make this call."

"I'm sure you are, thankyou for returning my message."

"Carlisle, why do you think I've been running from Aro for so long now?"

"He's been after your gift for a while now, and you know Aro never gives up." Carlisle replied.

"Thats right, he doesnt. But I fear you don't understand his true purpose for this pursuit, what is Aros need of an old tracker like me when hes got Demetri now? Its not my gift he wants, its my life Carlisle."

"What do you mean Alistair, I dont understand."

"I know too much for my own good. And just by telling you this I am putting you and your family in grave danger as well."

The voice on the other end of the phone continued to buzz. "I longed for Didyme but she belonged to Marcus, and they were both very happy to be together. While walking the castle one night a millenia ago I was keeping a minds eye on her like a young romantic in love, when all of a sudden her spark was gone, not dimmed, but completely extinguished. I rushed to where I last felt her and noticed Aro leaving the Marcus' vacant chamber post haste. Carlisle, it was Aro who killed Didyme that night. In an attempt to keep Marcus at his side he killed his own sister so the two would not run off and leave Volterra behind. That was the night I decided to leave Volterra myself, if Aro ever touched my hand again he would know that I knew too much and I would be destroyed and now I fear he knows anyway.

"This is why I flee."

A shocked expression came across Carlisle's face. "Alistair, stay with us. Fight. Win your freedom. We will not let the Volturi back down now, they have gone too far. It is time to bring the corrupt to their own justice. We gather forces from around the globe, say you will join us and help our cause old friend."

"I'm sorry Carlisle, I wont fight, but I will call on a few aquaintances in your favor to see if they would fight in my place. They would be of much better value than I." And with that the line went dead without so much as a goodbye.

"So Alistair knows Aro's darkest secret? Thats why he runs from him?" Claire asked.

Renesmee just answered with a simple nod and continued.

"Now with Tia as captive, it would only be a matter of time before Amun and his followers would arrive to claim her. Aro knew he could not leave the city to tie up one last errand yet, he would have to wait for the return of his guard."