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Once Upon A Picture

This is an outtake from chapter 11 "The Stranger" in my story "Painting On The Wall". It tells the Frankenstein tale of one of my own original characters, and how she came be in the world of vampires. I'll be working on this full time until completion as the main story shouldn't go on without this beautiful tale of tragic love, rejection and family.

Please remember to read and review, its my audience that keeps me going strong.

2. Companionship

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Under the cover of a calm moon-lit night, beknownst only to the stars above a man and his son set out across the short expanse of ocean that lie between their small, otherwise vacant island and the mainland of Peru. "Son," Joham asked, "are you happy?", the boy replied "Yes father, I am. why would you ask such a question?" The man smiled as the boy obviously misinterpreted the question. "What I mean Henry is, do you feel complete? Is your life fulfilling enough for you to be happy?" After pondering his fathers questions the young man replied, "Yes father, I do believe I am happy. I am content with our simple life on our simple island away from others. I feel no other need than for your company and the knowledge you share and the time we spend together, be it in the lab, or hunting or planning our next experiment." Joham nodded in agreement with his sons happiness as they continued across the waters. "However father, I must ask the same of you. Your question must have spawned from somewhere rooting so deeply in your mind. What say you?", Henry asked of the man along side of him. "Are you happy father? Have I grown to be all you wanted of me? Do I please you as you have pleased me?" The couple went silent for a moment continueing their jouney when the boys father finally replied, "Son, you have been a most exellent treasure to me, growing from the infant you were when your mother died into the young man you are today, you do make me happy every time you succeed at your tasks and when you don't, I am right there with you to catch you when you fall. You have been a worthy schollar and apprentice that I have had nothing but the most gracious of honors in training. However son, something is still missing from my life that neither you or our work can fill." Joham explained as a crease grew across his brow. The mood went quiet as the couple reached the mainland.

A gentle breeze swept across the faces of the two men as they left the water. The smell of the sea-salt with a mixture of heavy humitidy held by the canopy of the tall green jungle they now ventured into. Creatures in the darkness ran, hid and lay under cover as the couple ran past at great speeds. A short distance up the jungle covered mountain, they came to a village scattered with huts and long since abandoned fires as the night grew late and the residence were long since retired for the evening. Joham and Henry stayed together as they hunted the natives, each taking only one victim. With a quick break of their meals necks, not a word of pain left their mouths. Hauling the native couple from their beds and into the thickness of the jungle, the demons sank their razor-like teeth into the broken necks and drank the bodies dry leaving the remains for the animals to clean up. With their thirst quenched for the time being, father and son made their way back to the small desolate island they called their home.

Back in the familiarity of their laboratory the duo worked over crystal vials and tubes that were boiling over small burners while connected together by a variety of hoses and glass pipes. The room in which they worked smelled terribly of chemical while a thin cloud of gasious vapor hung in the air. Long counters ran the length of the room against the two longer walls while a table occupied the center. As Henry spoke to his father with a mixture of numbers and scientific terms, Joham was busily writing down the formula to the chemical equasions on the chalk board. Henry recorded the results of the experiment in his journal compairing the product to that of his thesis,when suddenly the computer at the far end of the counter jingled indicating a message from one of Johams other children, the only people in the outside world that they kept intouch with. It was his daughter Jennifer, youngest of Johams three girls. Slightly annoyed by the interruption of his work Joham let the message sit until the nights assignment had come to a close.

As dawn arrived, master and apprentice came to a completion of Henry's lession for the evening. Joham made his way over to his computer to see what was so important that his daughter felt the need to interupt his teachings.



I write you bareing the most horrible of news. Your son Nahuel and his aunt Huilen have been murdered. Turned to ash and I fear the same destiny awaits myself and my fair sisters, Serena and Maysun.

A sinister man and his brutes came looking for you father, but I told them nothing of you. They stole our family away to Volterra, Italy, and left in request that I find you and have you meet them there in the castle's tower.

Father please help us, they come to destroy us all if you don't go to them and seek what they ask of you.



And with this message, Joham spend much time and consideration coversing with his son wondering what mystery lie behind the Volturi's actions. What purpose could Joham serve to them that would provoke the Volturi to go to such extremes as murder. They were supposed to be the just ones, but by what law did Joham fault that warrented killing his lost son Nahuel and his aunt? Why would they keep Serena and Maysun as tools to barter? There was no broken laws and to his knowledge, nothing to gain from Joham.

Joham considered these facts and concluded that his daughters were in no immediate danger as the italians needed to hold them safely to use as tools of persuasion. With this Joham wrote back;


Dearest Jennifer,

Fear not for yourself or your sisters. I know not of what these italians want of me but if they are going to want my cooperation then they know that they will need to keep you and your sisters safe.

Be well, I hope to see you again. I'm going to get your brother and his aunt back before it is too late. Please send me a location of where you left them last.



Almost immediatly after Joham hit "send" he got a reply.


Father please see what they want, I don't want to have to live in fear.

Last I knew, Nahuel and Huilen were in the Araucania region of southern Argentina. But I do not understand, they're gone from us now and can not be put back together. I am calling on a friend to stay with until this is dealt with.

Goodbye father, Jennifer.


Joham and his hybrid son, Henry, spent the rest of their day in theory. Joham explained his past to his apprentice and told him that before this life, his practices were for the most part overly eccentric, never being limited by those of conventional science. Informing Henry that he once proposed to create the mythical philosopher's stone, granting him the power to reannimate the dead, but his endeavor was ended when he came upon a strange woman that would change his life forever.

Joham continued his story to the young man, telling him in detail of how he planned to make the stone in his past life by finding the perfect equation for the four elements to co-exist in harmony without destroying each other. In theory Joham had mathematically found the answer to this impossible question but lacked a way to form it into one co-existing mass, that is until now.

"Well father," Henry proceeded to cut off his master from speaking, "I could just as easily mould them together with my gift, we know this now. If I can mould chemicals together to create different elements, then why couldn't I fuse the elements together to join them as one union?"

"No!" Joham replied, "I wont allow it, its far too dangerous for you to do, the risk of failure is too great and the risk to you if you do not succeed could be disastrous. We'll have to work patiently Henry. Electricity is the key to life. I can rig the equipment to hold the elements separately releasing them together equally into a current far more powerful than anything we've used in the past. In doing so we should be able to fuse the elements into one successfully. Without risk to you of course, I won't lose one son trying to save another." And with that Joham sent Henry out in search of the perfect specimens for their next assignment and left him to the small confines of their laboratory to set up for their next endevor.

Upon Henry's return with the earth and water, he found that Joham had arranged the chemistry lab to meet their needs, he had created as self sustaining fire in what looked like a large crystal bowl and was ready to have the water distilled of all impuritied in another. "Henry I'll need you to break that earth appart atomically and get it into the vial to the far right. Same goes for this water once it done and cooled, it can go in the vial to the left. I'll have to feed a consentration of oxygen through the tubes directly to the fusion point and the fire is already in place." With that the boy went to work breaking appart the earth with his gift as he did with the water once it was ready. "I'll have to kill all power in the lab once we do this, I've over-ridden the panel box and transformer outside to give us maximum voltage for the fusion." Joham continued in his instruction.

The scientist's project commenced as they ran the electrical current throught the existing fire and opened the valves to the glass pipes allowing the elemental mixture to take place. The earth and water joined the fire as the oxygen was regulated directly into the fusion point. After a short time the experiment proved to be working as Johams projected outcome was beginning to take form. A small hard mass, dark red and spherical, grew to the size of a small birds egg within the fire and electrical current. As the mass took form and grew bigger it started to glow becoming unstable, blowing up and destroying itself, the chem lab and resulting fatally for Henry who now lay bleeding to death on the floor. "Father," Henry cried out, "Father, help me." But there was no answer. As the young man looked over he seen his father, frantic and dazzed from the explosion that left him without the majority of his left arm, shoulder and most of his face. In a haste Joham was scurrying around the mess of chemicals and blood seeking out his remains to put himself back together. Once Joham put himself right he attended to his hybrid son who now lay bleeding out in his arms. "I will save you son, no matter what length I have to go to, I will keep you alive." Joham sobbed dryly. Joham got up and fled the disastrous scene behind him and swam for the mainland of Peru as fast as he could.

Coming to a small coastal fishing town, a woman of beautiful long black hair and a nice smile caught Joham's eye, she was alone and no one in sight around the pier. In the direct of the daylight he exposed himself to this fantastic woman and immediately had her attention. Without so much as a sound Joham knocked her unconscious and stole the woman away to his island. With a sweep of his arm Joham cleared the table in the middle of the laboratory and lay the female down on her back. No time for markers or razors, Joham sedated the girl and started to cut away the layer of skin atop her head and reached for a saw. He then proceeded to do the same to his son removing his brain and replacing hers with it. Joham replaced the pieces of cranium that he removed from the female and stitched her back up, biting her in as many vital points as possible he started with her neck and worked down her arms and legs finding every major artery. He would let the venom spread and do the rest of the repairs.

As the day passed and Joham mourned the loss of his son, though he found some comfort in saving the young mans mind. He continued to clean the evidence from the scene of the night before as he worked around the body that lay still on the table burning in transformation. Joham noted however that as much as he thought the girl had a lovely face, he didn't care for her unproportionate body. Half a moments consideration was all it took Joham before he was back out the door and headed for Peru in search of a suitable figure for the girls head and the mind of his apprentice. He knew he would have to be quick to beat the transformation process and have the body ready in time. Joham wasted no time as he took to the roof tops of the town peering down on the unsuspecting humans. In a back ally he noticed a female servicing a willing customer when he decended, breaking the man where he stood and carring the woman away after snapping her neck, surely she wouldn't be missed by many. Joham removed the hookers head and went to replace it with that of the black haired woman who lay burning on his table, when he noticed a locket around her neck. He removed the locket and opened it. Inside was a picture of her on one side and her husband and little boy on the other. Joham considered the life of who he had just stolen from his first victim, he removed the picture of her family and replaced it with one of himself. A gorgeous body, a pretty face and the most terrific mind he had ever known. Perhaps this was what he was missing in his life. A companion of his own. Joham continued to operate before replacing the golden locket back around her neck.