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Cornelia: A Tale of Twilight

“This is my story. I should probably start at the very beginning, so you may understand the better: my father was a vampire; my mother was a human. It’s been quite a few centuries since I was born, so I have decided to make a record of my life… as I may not have much longer to live. I have seen death and love; despair and hope; tragedy and miracles. I regret little, as everything I have done has been right in my own eyes. My motivations were purposeful, and my memories are pure. My name is Cornelia.” Follow the life of a hybrid through the Twilight universe from her birth in 1778, through love, loss, and friendship. Drifts in and out of canon. Main pairings: CarlislexOC, JasperxOC.

I wrote the majority of this before Breaking Dawn was published, so this was my version of "hybrids." My reasoning is that Cornelia is a "venom-producing" female hybrid, whereas all the girls in the books are non-venomous. Enjoy reading! More published on FanFiction.net, under the same screen name. -Scarlet

1. Beginnings

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*~ Part 1: Carlisle ~*

Chapter 1: Beginnings

December 5, 1778

Boston, Massachusetts colony

I remember being born. I remember seeing my mother's eyes for the first and last time. I remember my father murdering her in front of my newborn eyes. I remember crying in fear when he held me in his cold arms. I remember being abandoned in a snowy forest that very day of my birth.

No one bothered to grant me a name, so I named myself.

I am a hybrid: a one in a million chance of human/vampire procreation. My birth occurred on the 5th day of December, the year 1778, in an English colony called Massachusetts. The War for Independence between Britain and her New World colonies had just began there.

To my knowledge, my mother was an 18-year-old girl from Boston, who, in an attempt to flee the chaos that the fighting provoked, was raped by a passing vampire. In all the frenzy of the War, no one seemed to notice that the girl had gone missing during my time in her womb.

I don't know why my father allowed my mother to give birth; this has always been a mystery to me.

As if fighting for dominance over my immortal half, my human hormones gave me a great burst of growth in my early life. Resulting, I aged much faster than human children did. The midwife who'd taken me in told me I had a terrible illness, and raised me with care and compassion for this very reason. However, there was a massive outbreak of smallpox in my hometown during that time, and my new mother soon took ill and perished.

I lost my humanity in the year 1785, when I had reached human maturity at the age of seven. Vampire venom flooded my system, changing me into what I truly am. The pain stayed for hours… perhaps a full day, though the memory is not clear to me. I do know that I found refuge in a grass clearing in the forest, near dusk on a cool September evening. But the weather didn't matter to me then; the fire was all-pervasive.

I have been told, since that time, that the experience was equivalent to what humans undergo during the transformation into a vampire. You see, I favor my father. When I stopped ageing, my body began producing vampire venom. Human blood still flows through my veins, but the venom also sustains my life. It is as though life and death were crammed into one body.

My heartbeat slowed immensely that day. The venom made me incredibly strong – even stronger than pure-blood vampires. I had so much energy, I felt the need to sleep only once a week. My scenes where heightened, like my strength. Due to my slowed heartbeat, my skin was slightly cooler than a human's, but not as stone cold as vampires. My skin was only half as solid as a vampire's, and shimmered faintly in the sunlight. Also, my speed was not as great – favoring my mother.

As I said, life and death in one body.

I suppose I had fallen asleep sometime during the night on that September evening, after the pain stopped, for it was daybreak by the time I awoke. The bright light on my eyelids caused me to open them. What I beheld was something I'd never experienced before… Colors and lights danced before my new eyes, blinding me with their intense spectrum; hundreds of thousands of sounds buzzed in my ears, and fragrances assaulted my nose.

What's happened to me?

As far as I knew at the time, I'd been completely normal. Other than my rapid growth, I was otherwise completely human. I had yet to encounter any sort of supernatural at that point, so this experience was strange and new to me.

Nevertheless, I stood slowly to inspect the new abilities of my body. I heard the heartbeats and breathing of animals in the woods distinctly – a few squirrels, a herd of deer, and many different birds. I took a deep breath, startled by the hundreds of scents around me… fresh grass, honeyed lilacs, spicy oaks…

However, one scent stood out to me in particular. I followed my nose and discovered it was a small red fox, pawing at the ground. My instincts told me to drink. Without thought, I pounced, snapped its neck, and licked at the red liquid that dripped from the fresh wound. It tasted sweet and refreshing, and it filled every one of my senses until I could take no more. I pulled away once I'd satisfied myself, and stood over the corpse.

Suddenly, I came back to myself. I gasped and stepped away from the broken body and blood stained grass. I felt nauseous… I stumbled back to the clearing, disgusted with myself. No, no, no. I raked my memory for guidance, and came up with a single event.

It was soon after my birth. My father yanked me away from my mother and I looked back, crying, to see his head near her neck. She screamed as the color drained from her face.

I closed my eyes and violently shook my head to clear the grotesque image.

"Why?" I gasped. Even my voice sounded strange and different. I felt a tear slide down my cheek and I fell to my knees. "Why!" I yelled, and my strange voice echoed through the trees.

Looking at my hands, I gasped when I saw them stained red. I then found that the front of my dress had been dyed crimson with the fox's blood that I'd spilt. Tears building, I ran toward the sound of water, which happened to be a small brook. Once my clothes were as clean as they could be, I drank some water to clear my mouth of the taste of blood. It was delectable and tempting, but also sickening to me. I looked into the gently rippling water and saw my reflection.

My face had changed as well. My small cheekbones were more defined than before, and my pink lips were darker. My dainty chin was sharper, and my nose didn't appear too small for my face anymore. My skin was pale, as though I had been very ill. The only thing that stayed the same was my dark gold hair, waist-length and wavy. Then, I saw my eyes.

My eyes? The hazel irises suddenly changed... around the pupils, gold poured into them like liquid topaz, tiny specks forming immediately. I looked closer in amazement, my brow furrowing in confusion.

Before I could ponder my changed eye color any longer, my sensitive smelling picked up a strange scent. As I followed it, I hoped I wouldn't attack anything again. The scent took me back to the clearing where I had laid in misery for all those days. I stopped just inside the trees and observed three figures looming about in the bright grass. Sun reflected off their pale skin like glass, sending rays of light glimmering throughout the clearing. A gasp escaped me, and three pairs of red eyes flashed around to me. My instincts screamed for me to flee as those eyes faded to a bottomless black.

They ran over to me in unison, faster than anything I'd ever seen before.

"Wh-What are you?" I managed, stumbling back in fear.

They circled me menacingly, as if I were an animal. I swallowed dryly and looked from each sinister one to the other. The tall one snarled and hissed, and the two others crouched as if to attack me.

I let instinct guide me as I braced my feet against the ground, and I surprised myself when a hiss ripped through my throat. Then, suddenly, the tall one sprang at me. Immediately, I put my hands over my head and screamed. But instead of feeling an impact, I felt a cool tingle in the palm of my hand, and heard a whooshing sound… then what sounded like a rock hitting the ground.

When I looked up, I saw a light mist in front and above me, then, slowly, as I gazed about myself, it formed all around me. The man who had attacked me was now on the ground, looking rather confused. The two others slowly approached the mist. I put my hands down and crouched for attack or defense. As I did so, the mist disappeared and the two men stumbled forward as if they had been… leaning on it…?

Then, the third sprang at me, knocking me down easily and pinning me to the ground. I found I was very much stronger than he was, so I shoved him off, feet across the grass. I jumped to my feet, but the other two grabbed me by the arms and held me so I couldn't escape. I jerked my arms and screamed, but they just glared with their black eyes. The third came back, standing closely in front of me and inhaling. His scent was sweet and spicy, and he towered above my small stature.

He breathed a single word in a strange language, then curled one chilly hand around the back of my neck. His breath was cool on my face as he leaned down, as if to kiss me…

Suddenly, I heard hurried feet trample the forest floor and several heartbeats approaching. The man jumped back and sniffed the air, scowling. A wolf howled. The other two stepped away from me as panic flashed in their eyes. They ran. I smelt the air too; the scent was cherry wood and earth. Very strange, if not pleasant. I stumbled back from the remaining man, and looked curiously in every direction.

What horrible thing could possibly make them run like that? Should I be scared too?

The vampire then grabbed me and held me firmly by the shoulders. I struggled and yelled for him to stop, but he probably wouldn't have stopped, even if he understood me. Growls and snarls lashed out behind me, and the man was suddenly ripped away from me by a brown… bear? I struggled to stay standing, and looked around to see where the man had been taken off to. I gasped when I found that it was not a bear but –

"A-A wolf?" My voice spoke the truth, but even my eyes wouldn't believe it. The large… no, giant brown wolf clamped its jaws around the man's shoulder, and a horrible screech filled my ears as it took off the man's arm and half his torso in one motion. I held the sides of my head – it felt as though it would explode. A darker brown wolf appeared as well, its teeth barred as it growled ferociously. I covered my eyes and whimpered.

As the tears, growls, and screams continued, I felt the terror and horror build up inside me, threatening to conquer me. I sunk to the ground and covered my head with my arms, clenching my teeth together and squeezing my eyes shut. Please, stop! Stop!

Then, quiet.

New voices spoke to me with words I couldn't understand, and I whimpered again as the presence grew closer.

It's over as soon as it began, my mind screamed, I'm going to die now!