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So Violets Fade as Dust

Catherine was always with him, even in his second life. This is the past of Demetri Volturi. Set in the late-1700's. Main pairing: DemetrixOC.

This is just the Preface; I hope to continue soon. Please enjoy reading, and don't forget to review. -Scarlet

1. Preface

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*~So Violets Fade as Dust ~*


~August 14, 1798
Florence, Italy~

The jealous bastard had hurt her again. The carpet was covered with the blood that she'd spilt from the wound on her head. Demetri could tell, as he rushed into the room, that the monster – her husband – had pushed her into the rail at the end of the very bed he'd defiled her in. He knelt at her side and whispered her name over and over again, until her light coffee eyes rolled open.

Her breathing came in shallow gasps, and crimson blood trickled from her parted lips. "D-Demetri..."

"Catherine!" Demetri's brown eyes were wide with distraught and terror as he grasped her hand, which became weaker with every passing moment. He touched the sweaty skin of her face with a tender caress. Her dark hair shone midnight blue in the moonlight from a nearby window, and the blood that stained her nightdress appeared as black as pitch. A perfect violet, contrasting with the traumatic situation, was perched behind her ear.

They didn't have much time... the carriage would be there soon. Demetri clutched her hand to his chest, where his heart pounded violently. "Catherine, wherever they take you – wherever they hide you – I promise..." He felt tears well up, blurring the vision of her beautiful face. "I promise to find you!"