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I couldn't really come up with a good name. Sorry. Anyway this is a crossover af the host and twilight. No vampires or werewolves. I also added Miranda, Melanies twin sister. Hope you like it. If someone has a better name for this please tell me.


1. Chapter 1

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Bellas POV

We walked for hours and hours in the desert.

" Look theres a car driving!" Alice pointed out. Everyone looked out in the distance and saw a jeep.

" Do you think they are human?" I asked, holding hands with Edward. Hopefully they werent seekers.

" Im not sure. We cant take our chances." Jasper said. The car was driving toward us. We all froze in place.

" What should we do?" Rosalie whispered into Emmetts chest. Everyone stood in silence as the car kept driving toward us. I was scared to death. Was this my last few minutes with Edward? I shuddered at the thought. Edward pulled me close to him. The car slid to a hault in front of us. The driver rolled down his window and shun a flashlight into our faces. Then he shun the flashlight on to his face. Everybody sighed in relief . They were human.

" Get in." The man insructed. We all piled into the jeep." Im Jared. Who are you guys?" Jared asked.

" I'm Edward this is Bella, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie." Edward introduced us all. I sat on Edwards lap in the front seat.

" I live in hiding with a bunch of other humans. If you want you can stay with us. I dont think Jeb will mind." Jared said.

" Thank you Jared, We are all very grateful for your offer." Edward said. I guess that meant we were staying in hiding.

" We stay in an underground cave system. You'll see when we get there." Jared informed us." We have 3 extra rooms. I don't think that will be a problem." He chuckled to himself. We drove for a mile until we got to an entrance sorta thing. We all climbed out and followed Jared.

" Very interesting." Jasper murmmered. We were lead into a room that had a bright ceiling.

" Jeb! We have some new guest. They are Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie." He introduced to all the people in the huge room. I looked into one girls eye and let out a gasp.

" What is it honey?" Edward asked.

" They have one with them" I choked out of shock. Edward, Emmett and Jasper all growled.

" Dont worry, shes not a danger to anyone. Her name is Wanderer. We call her Wanda." Jared explained. I still stood there starring at her. Next to her was a girl who looked just like her. Must have been the hostes twin. Jared walked over and put an arm around her in a comforting way.

"You didn't tell us." Edward hissed. I held his hand tighter to hold him back.

"I'm sorry I should have told you. So you know Wanda. This is Jeb, Miranda, Jamie, Ian, Kyle, Maggie, Sharon, Doc, Brandt, Aaron, Trudy, Lily, Wes, Walter, Andy, Paige, Geoffrey, Heath, Heidi, Lucina, Isaiha, and Freedom." He introduced all of them. I looked at each person to match their faces with their name.

"Let me show you to your rooms." Jeb said. We all followed him. Edward and I shared a cave together. Alice and Jasper shared one. So did Rosalie and Emmett. I remembered 4th tunnel and 5th room with black screen.

"Thank you very much Jeb." I said. He remided me of my father. My father who has been erased away from this world. We all headed to the kitchen. Rosalie held on to Emmetts arm the whole way.

"How do you get your food?" Emmett asked.

" We take a couple people and go, what we call, raids." The big man, Kyle, explained. Next him was Miranda and Ian. Emmetts eyes got wide and a huge grin came upon his face.

"Sweet" He breathed. The big oaf loved getting things for us. We all ate vegetable soup and bread rolls.

"Everyone go to the game room for Kyles tribunal."Jeb announced." He tried to kill Wanda. I have consquences for that. My house my rules." He explained to us. We got up and followed him to the game room. Most people were sitting by Wanderer. Miranda was sitting next to her.

" Hey!" Jared called from the other side of the tunnel. We all waved and then sat down.

"OK lets get this show on the road." Jeb started." Who is speaking against Kyle?" Miranda and Ian started to stand.

" You can't Ian. He's your brother." Wanda whispered.

" Oh well, He tried to kill you." Ian continued to stand up. I saw that Miranda had her gun in hand. Maybe she wanted to kill Kyle. This was going to be a rough trial.