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It's time for the Cullen-family to move again,everyone is thrilled to start this new phase in thier lifes that's all but Bella.Bella is still a newborn vampire and is having trouble with leaving Charlie and the place that she grow up in and the hole idea of not seeing Charlie.

This story is not finshed yet.

1. Chaper1-NewLife & Trouble being a newborn

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It was time for us as a family to move, I did not want to leave the town of Forks or Charlie for that matter.

I hated to leave him, this time might be the last time I would see him. Carlisle had promised me that I could stay in touch with him but only through phone calls and e-mail, since I was still a newborn vampire I still needed to learn to control my thirst for human blood and no one wanted Charlie to get hurt.

I had learned how to be careful around Renesmee, but it was hard for me to keep total control around Charlie. The state we were moving to was called Sundown, County. Carlisle found the place through an old friend, he said that it rained there all the time and it was mostly like Alaska because it stayed dark there almost all the time. Alice would not be going back to high school this time, she had started her own fashion company called Pixie Twix.Rose,Emmett and Edward, Jasper were going to enroll in college, Carlisle thought it was best for me not to be in school right now, there was plenty for me to do besides going to school.

I wanted to see Charlie one more time before we left, we were set to leave as soon as Emmett and Rosalie got back from their third honeymoon. That only gave me about three days.

I wanted Charlie to see Renesmee one more time, Renesmee was growing at a fast rate and I did not want Charlie to miss seeing her. I walked into the nursery that Esme helped paint a light shade of yellow with some pink thrown in, Esme had always loved those two colors. I found my daughter sleeping soundly in the little bed that was kept over by the monter so that either I or Edward could hear her if something happened. Her light brown curly hair swept her face saw she slept. I leaned down to kiss her forehead. I would let Renesmee sleep for a little while longer. Renesmee was only four years old but she looked more like a seven year old and as much as she was growing it was hard for me to keep up with the fast pace that she was learning.

As I walked down the hallway I could hear Alice talking to Esme about a girl she knew that was going to work with her at Pixie Twix. ‘’It’s going to be a blast working with Natta! She loves fashion as much as I do!’’ I heard Alice say as her voice sounded like music. I walked around the corner as Alice caught my eye as I sat in the brown chair in the living room ‘’Bella, you will have to come see the store that I picked out when we move. You will love it!’’ Alice said as she winked at me. I did not want to think about moving to other city where I would be away from Charlie.
I knew that the Cullen’s could not stay in one place for long but I loved living in Forks. I got up out of the chair and went to the back room of the house, this room was the main study hall but Esme turned it into a game room for the boys. I turned on the light switch and walked over next to the soafa that was placed over by the wall I sat down on the floor. How could I leave Charlie like this? Yes the Cullen’s had moved before but that was before I was changed. I knew that Alice had seen me as a newborn vampire in one of the visions that she had,I had wanted to be changed so that I would be with Edward forever but I never knew how much emotional pain it would be to bare to lose Charlie like this. I had never regeted my choice that I was changed but it hurt to think about that I was hurting Charlie and Renee.

I sat in the floor untill I saw Alice coming toward the door with Renesmee. I knew I could not let Renesmee see me like this. I quickly got to my feet and walked out to the hallway to meet Alice ‘’Nessie just got up, She was looking for you.’’ Alice said as Nessie jumped out of Alice’s arms and jumped into my arms.

Nessie touched my cheeck, as she done this Nessie showed me what she had dreamed about. I saw images of Nessie and Jacob playing when Nessie was born. ‘’Mommy, see I had a dream about Jake.’’ Renesmee said as she took her hands off my face, She liked talking with her hands but she knew as she got older that she would not be able to do that as much. ‘’Ness, I see that you did.’’ I said as I smiled at my daughter. Nessie loved Jacob with all her heart and soul. ‘’Ness, do you want to see Jake today?’’ Alice asked as she helped Renesmee get down from my arms. ‘’Yes!’’ Renesmee squealed as she jumped up and down on the floor. I looked down at Nessie to see her gem with excitement. ‘’Ness, I will take you to see Jake. Bella needs to go hunting.’’ Alice said as she looked at my eyes, they were bright red with dark circles under them. I still had not learned how to hunt by myself, Alice usually went with me but she was going to take Renesmee to see Jake, I would have to learn sometime other.

Renesmee squeezed my hand and looked at me ‘’Mommy I love you.’’ she said as she hugged me. Alice looked at me then at Renesmee ‘’Bella, we will be back later.’’ Alice said as she grabbed up Renesmee and headed out to the car.

I peeked at myself in the bathroom, I could feel the burning in my throat as I looked in the mirror. The burning got stronger as I rushed out of the bathroom. I ran out of the house without anyone seeing me leave.

The burring got stronger so strong that I could not control the burning it was making running very difficult for me. I saw a path cut out that led to the woods, I ran to the path. I could smell the blood of different animals, The smell was taking my body over, I have never wanted anything more in my life.

I followed some foot tracks that looked like bear tracks, I was no where near strong eoungh to kill a bear. I saw some small deer in the field laying down, I looked to see witch one would be an easy kill…that one over by the big tree.

I got down low on the grass trying not to make any sounds to scare off the prey. The deer never knew I was there in the grass, I started making my way slowly to the deer laying by the tree. I waited untill I was sure that he would not run off or get scared. I ran faster and grabbed the deer by the hip, the deer tried to kick but I caught the leg before the deer could kick my arm. I got the deer on the ground, first off I wanted to make sure I did this right…after all I did not want this to end up in a mess.
I gently laid the deer’s neck on the ground, He stopped struggling after I did this..I guess he knew what was coming next. I bit the deer’s neck, I saw the blood coming from the small wound that I had made. I let the warm blood fell my dry mouth, I had been thirsty for so long that I had forgotten how fresh blood taste. I picked up the deer’s dead body to hide it deep under the tree. There was more burring in my throat, I had no way of controlling it. I quickly found aother deer and chased it down, soon enough the blood entered my mouth. I moved the body where I put the first deer’s body.

I knew if Alice found out that I went hunting by myself she would not be happy, I had to make it back home before Alice came back. I ran faster to get out of the woods to the path that would led to the Cullen’s house. I made sure that I had no trace of blood on me.

I made it back to the huge yard before i knew it, I knew that everyone would not be home for a while, I ran back inside the house ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I looked into the mirror to see my eye color change from blood shot red to amber golden color, I unlocked the door and ran to the chair that was sitting by the big couch.